Clomid after 4 weeks of MAG10

Hey everyone, I am about to finish my 4 week cycle of MAG10,went great, and have this question. How long should I use clomid for? My guess is that 2 weeks will be enough since 4AD and A1E do not inhibit natural T that much. Any input?

to tell you the truth you shouldnt even need clomid. A good tribulus with alot of protodioscin for a couple of weeks should work fine. Clomid would probably be a waste of money for a prohoromone cycle. Just what kind of gains did you notice after your cycle?

I happen to have clomid lying around and I bought cheap!!!I have gained a bit more than an inch on my arms and I have lost 1.5 inches on my waist(i dieted for 2 weeks). Strength is up also.

shouldn’t need clomid