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Clockin' A Grip


4-8 Legs

Anderson Squat with SSB
Do some
305 x 1

Inverse Curl
5’s working down to 105 x 5
5 sets Chest Supported Rows x10+ between sets

4 sets of abs (x20 sit ups, x 10 sidebends)
4 sets of hip thrust x10 left, 10 right, 10 together
4 sets of reverse hypers x 30

4 sets seated calf raise x15
2 sets standing calf raise x25

Bottom position squats with SSB were way less hassle than I expected. Dumb, easy, problem free. Every rep was a PR and I stopped before I started to Good Morning them.


I’ve got to go back and see what the rouge shrug is again



Cuban rotations, face down on incline bench. Change angle each set x12
Shoulder center drill, twice each arm
3 times

Close Grip Bench
4’s going up
215 x 6

Cuban Rotation on incline bench x15-12 (change angle)
Dip Machine x 20 -15
Rogue Shrug x 15
3 loops

Bradford Press x 20-15
Monster Mini Band then Mini Band Push down Dropset x 100-75
Lean a little forward Rogue Shrug x 15
3 loops

Ball Sit ups x 15
Sidebend x 15
Psoas Eccentric x 15
2 loops

Super pumped up after all the shrugs and pushdowns.


4 -12 Legs

Clamshell x 8, reverse clam x 8, laying adductor x 8, psoas eccentric x 5, McGill curl up x 5
Do 1 side, then the other, twice

Dimmel Deadlift
x20 x 4 sets
Paired with Step Ups
x10 x 4 sets

Neck Harness Extension
x20 x 4 sets
Paired with Semi Supinated Pulldowns
x15 or 12 for the heavy stuff x 4 sets

Band thru Belt Walk
Monster Mini x 80 steps x 3 times

I did a few seated psoas raises, sitting on a box, right after the neck harness stuff. Standing up after that were like the best squats I’ve done. Neck posture!

Good workout. Kind of an easy one. Steak night to follow.


Part 5 of Johnnie Jackson deadlifting with Josh Bryant. So far these have been pretty cool. No huge crazy lifts and no pre workout drink intro scene. Just a dude training steady. It was interesting to hear Jackson talk about being nervous/intimidated by deadifts at the beginning. Also about how he was afraid to be seen lifting the light weights at the beginning of the cycle. The same meat head hang ups that normal gym rats have.

So far the lifts haven’t been Ball-busters and Johnnie has been more optimistic and stronger each week. Kind of sticking to a workload you could do on your worst day, and killing it on a good day. Like Prilliprins chart style. Versus making bigger jumps and going harder or doing more like Juggernaut Robot style.

I just watched this one. Not many details or much excitement. Still cool to see the process.


More fun video. I’m doing some kind of triceps tomorrow. I should try out those iso presses. As my right shoulder and elbow have improved I’ve noticed the very bottom of my tricep, right above my elbow is lacking. (also the “middle” of my right leg.) I’ve really been aware of this since starting that athlean x shoulder centration/elbow tendonitis move. Maybe I’m actually straightening my arm now? It feels like my arm moves funny during the bench press to cover up for that spot.

I can make those spots burn doing high rep bamboo bar stuff but it hasn’t carried over to heavier work. It just feels that that stuff just doesn’t get involved. I love isometrics for everything else, I guess I should take the plunge.


4-15 Push

Cuban rotation, face down on low incline bench x 10
Rear delt on reverse Pec deck x12

Cuban rotations on low low incline bench x10
Cable tricep x 20

Bench Press Isometric, Right at Top
3 count push into pins x 3 reps
JM Press
x 12
3 pairs

Bench Iso, slightly lower
x 3
Bradford Press
x 20 or 15
3 pairs

Bench isometric, just above half way
x 3
Pec Deck, hands on elbow pads
3 pairs

Rope Tricep x 20
Rolling Tricep on Decline Bench x12
Chest Supported T Bar x12
3 loops

Cable Curl x 15
Decline Dumbbell Curl x 12ish
Face Pull x 15

Leg Raise off Bench x 20
Sit ups on Ball x 20
Suitcase Walk
Twice around

Bench isos were cool. Push into the pins, then adjust wrist, elbow or shoulders to push harder. Max strain, weight and reps irrelevant. Lots of jokers crowding the dumbbells today and I had to do a couple sets of rolling tris with kettlebells. Super tension!


Bench video.


4-17 Legs

Stretch hamstring, glute, hip. x 2
Clamshell, reverse clam, laying adduction, curl up, psoas eccentric. 8 each x twice

Stiff Leg Sumo Deadlift on Blocks
A few sets ascending
375 x 1

Seated calfs x 15 x 5 sets between sets

Ass Blast x 8 left, 8 right, 8 together
Seated DB Shrug x 20 or 15
Standing Hamstring Curl x 6 left, 6 right, 6 left, 6 right
3 loops

Standing Calf x 25
Reverse Hyper x 30
Stir the Pot x enough

Stiff leg sumo was cool. My back felt strong and not rounded, I was really getting good lockout with shoulders back. I can’t really watch myself in the mirror during a lift, but I was aware of how much my chest was puffing out with Thoracic Extension at the top. The newest stuff I’ve been doing is the neck harness and tons of cuban rotations. Also months of incline DB shrugs and rows. Mid and low traps are Finally catching up.


strong couple of sessions


Thanks man. I’m thinking about a Huge z-press from the rack PR for later today.


4-19 Fantastic Friday

Stretch arm in band, stretch trap, arm circles against wall, face down cuban rotations. Run through that twice.

Rack Z Press at Eyebrows
Do some
135 x 1 ! 5 pound PR!

Meadows lat activation
Single Arm Leverage Pull down x12
Shoulder centration move
Close Grip Bench, stop and pause 2 inches off chest x12
4 times through

Rogue Shrug x 15
Chin Up x 4 then another grip x 4
Rope Pushdowns x15 then rope overhead extension x15
3 times around

Rack Z Press is a big PR. I missed that lift at least 5 months in a row and then put it away for a year. Today I got it with room to spare. What a stupid lift!

I also got a PR on pulldowns, cool but who cares really. Close grip bench was like a PR for even bar path and shoulder stability.

My woman finished her intership and almost all her school work for her Masters Degree in Nutrition/Dietetics. Here’s her (left) and her friend after they arranged a themed meal for the veterans at the local VA hospital.


First time I heard of these…less leg contribution and more hip hinge I’m guessing?


Yeah, less pushing from the thighs, more hamstring hip extending and driving feet out from glutes.

It’s a pretty cool move, leverage is bad, even with the bar right up against your shins. My butt is struck out the back and shoulders are way over the bar, out in front at the beginning. You have to do all the right stuff (drive the hips towards the bar, squeeze the lats to pull the bar close and drive your knees out to get out of the path of the bar) to do the lift. Good practice.


Here’s a solid video from a little nerdy dude. Except I think this is a great move for conventional deadlift too.

Anyway, everyone in these videos is short. I have a more statuesque build, so to get a similar leverage/motion I put the plates on blocks to elevate the bar a little.

A couple strong stocky dudes at my gym do these standing on the blocks, for a deficit (longer pull). I’m not there yet.


I see I see. Candito puts out good stuff. Too bad he’s not too active on youtube anymore

Btw, I know it’s been asked if you can train Conventional and Sumo together on 5/3/1, to which the answer is use one for a couple of cycles and then use the other next. I was wondering though if you could use the other for assistance? Like in my case Conventional for 5/3/1 and then Sumo as assistance? Doesn’t really fall under any of the push, pull, single leg/core though so I’m not sure if it’s going to be a good idea


It’s a great idea. You can 100% do that. Lots of great coaches/lifters have used that kind of approach. Specifically for deadlifting. And more generally, like doing close grip bench after bench press or front squat after squat.

In the first 5/3/1 book Wendler lays out a template (Simpliest Strength Template) that uses these “Big Assistance lifts” in the spot were you are doing First Set Last.

Last spring I did like conventional deads for many sets of 2 reps with moderate weights. Then 3 high rep sets of stiff leg sumos. Over the course of 10 weeks I put 40 pounds on the working weight I used for stiffies, and kept the conventional deadlift weights moderate. That 10 week cycle added 50 pounds to my conventional deadlift.


Didn’t realize I could use Sumo there. Got mentally stuck under the pairings Jim Wendler provided in the book. Thanks Flats! We’ll see how it goes. Been wanting to play a bit with sumo. Will maybe do sets of 8 to 10 reps as assistance


No problem. Don’t go crazy at first. No excessively wide stance and no dramatic toe-flaring. Just get a little outside your shoulders to feel the different action. Also remember your pigeon stretching and stuff you did to get your hips limber before. Take care of your hips because wide stance can beat them up.


Got it. Thanks flats!