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Clockin' A Grip


Some kind of raisin-nut loaf or dry pound cake would probably irritate me.

Sadly, it was the cook’s day off and there was no cake around.


Matt Wenning on slowing moves down. At the end he does some Tricep cable stuff with slow negatives. I love those get elbows ready and to “set up” the right speed for dumbbell tricep stuff or PJR pullovers. Or more sparingly barbell type extensions.

Mark Bell showing some extensions with reverse bands, or chains to underload the bottom. I like that reverse band idea, to slow the bar and really load up the muscles. I’ve been thinking/talking about doing more of that for months, but I’ve been trying to limit barbell use.

High tension moves, lighter with Bamboo Bar.


Paul Carter showing some dumbbell RDLs, from the bottom to the knees. It reminded me of some kind of Sheiko deficit deadlift to the knees move. Only without the hassle of the deficit or the barbell. And easier to keep the bar really close.

He also shows some cable bend over moves that looked new and strange. But I guess the arm/hip angle is like back raises with a barbell. Only safe for your fingers.


3-27 Legs

Get loose.

Sit ups/Single Leg Curls
4 sets to get moving

Sumo Deadlift Isometric, Pin 3 x 3 pulls
Bottoms Up Dumbbell RDL x12
4 pairs

Sumo Iso, Pin 2 x 3
45 Back Raise, Hug Ball x10
4 pairs

Sumo Iso, Pin 1 x 3
Step Ups x10
4 pairs

Neck Harness, Extension x20
Single Leg Reverse Hyper x15
4 pairs

Some leg raises off the bench.

Good workout. Bottoms up RDLs were cool. They felt way more Up and Down than Front to Back like barbell RDLs. Hugging the medicine ball helped bracing and getting pressure in my abs not chest during the iso pull. Step Ups helped me get great leg drive in during the iso pull. That shit had me breathing heavy and sweating.

Single leg reverse hypers are Legit! Great contraction, total ass-blast. Just be careful not to smash the shin on your non working leg.


Cake always helps


From Thibadeau, about the overhead press.

I’ve done tons of isolation stuff for rear/side delts and serratus/mid back, I can make them work and not impinge my shoulders. I guess it’s now time for Cuban presses, bradford press and DB clean and presses to build a less shitty press motion. So one day my bench press doesn’t die 2/3 up.



3-29 Push

Get loose.

Trap circuit, 35 DB

Scarecrow/ Y Raise
Trap circuit, 40 DB, only 10 reps per exercise

Slight Incline DB Bench
Ascend in 7’s
85 x 8

Cuban Rotation with Dumbbells x20
Bradford Press (with band, then stick then small bar) x20
5 times

Single Arm Cable Pushdown, Slow Eccentric x15
Rolling DB Tricep Extension x15 ish
PJR Pullover x12 ish
Rear Delt on Reverse Pec Deck x15
4 loops

Arm circles with band, 30 in, 30 out per arm. Do that twice.

Good workout. I’m running out of steam on the dumbbell trap circuit. That’s cool because I want to do this hype new move anyway.


DB clean and presses are a man’s exercise. Hard as they come.

Love them.



Fixing elbow issues by “centrating” the shoulder joint. 2 weeks ago I didn’t know that word existed now it’s popping up everywhere. This drill looks too easy to execute and fast to set up not to try it.

Rotator cuff stuff

Maybe you can visualise externally rotating the humerus and “centrating” the ball in the socket. Maybe you can also visualise using this external rotation of the humerus to keep the groove in that bone lined up underneath the bicep tendon. And how if the humerus internally rotated the groove could “slide out” from underneath the bicep tendon.


I was just talking about this in my log as well!

I am failing my bench press 2/3 from the top, so I went ahead and assumed this was a triceps weakness. After really hammering them for the last 8 weeks, my bench has not moved, and sticking point remains the same.

It seems to be that point where my pecs are just starting to transfer weight to my triceps, but triceps haven’t taken over enough to keep the weight moving. It is also the point where I’m trying to rotate the weight back up towards my face to finish the press.

I also identified this weakness during some seated shrug into clean and presses (I was only able to use 25lb dumbbells, while other, newer lifters were using 20lbs…). Lots of external shoulder rotator exercises on the menu for the next few weeks. I’m also going to work in some isometric work at this point as well.

I feel as though my bench will skyrocket if I’m able to strengthen this sticking point.


I saw that post in your log, then that Thib’s chart. Fate!

When I was using the conjugate one of my max efforts was a Z-Press from the pins in the rack, at eye level. I could never get it to improve! I also made tricep/lockout gains on other moves, but my bench didn’t go up.

Maybe these will be the answer.




4-1 Pull

Get loose. Shoulder center drill.

Pull Down, Semi Supinated MAG Grip
220 x8, 4, 3 rest/pause

shoulder move or abs between sets

Chest Supported T Bar
145 x6, 130 x8, 115 x10 drop set

More abs between sets

Dumbbell Shrug
Go up
105 x10 mTor reps

Chins, 4/4/4/4

Standing Calf x15 x 4 sets
Donkey Calf x 25 x 4 sets

Cable Curl, slow “down” x15 x 3 sets
Alt DB Curl x12 x 3 sets
Band curl/uppercut x 50 x 2 sets

Good workout. New grip for cable pulldowns. Chest Supported T-Bar rows back “in” and seated chest supported rows back “out.” Shrugs feel stronger every week.


I did that style AthleanX elbow/shoulder hang a bunch on Moday, before rows and pulldowns. Monday night my elbow was throbbing and painful. I thought I fucked up, like I tore something going too heavy with the semi supinated MAG grip pulldowns. I was cussing Mark Dugdale.

I don’t know what happened in the night but I woke up Tuesday feeling completely fine and my arm was like 100% better. Now Wednesday it still feels Good.

I’ve weighed in at 102kg a few times during the last couple days. I’m cultivating mass!

Big leg day later. Maybe isometric DLs, or maybe hip thrusting and inverse curls. Such exciting anticipation, It feels like Christmas Eve!


I might that shoulder thing now you’ve had a crack


4-3 Legs

A few stretches, clams, reverse clams and laying adductors
Go through that twice

Sumo Iso, Pin 3
3 pulls x 3 count each
45 back raise
x10, hugging increasingly heavy medicine balls
4 pairs

Sumo Iso, Pin 2
3 x 3 count
Step Up
x10, hugging increasingly heavy balls
4 pairs

Sumo Iso, Pin 1
3 x 3 count
Bottom Half Dumbbell RDL
x10, dumbbells up to 65s for last 2 sets
4 pairs

Neck Harness Extension x25
Standing Leg Curl x 10 left, 10 right, 10 more left, 10 more right
Reverse Hyper x 25
4 times around

Good one. Isometric stuff makes me breath hard.


Give it a try. It’s been 3 days and my arm hasn’t fallen off. I guess Friday when I do some pressing will be a good test.


Cool Matt Wenning deadlift video.

-often quads are ahead of posterior chain.
-if the bar stops at your knees your glutes and hips are behind.
-if you get rounded over or grip too close the upper back is behind.

-sumo is good for glutes and hip mobility.
-Wenning says he would have done more defecit sumo if he were to do it over again.


4-5 Pushes

Y-Raises x8 then Rogue Shrugs x15, 4 times each to get going.

Seated DB Press
4 sets working up, athleanX shoulder centration move between these sets
55 x 5 x 5. Snuck in a bonus 6th rep on the last set

Bradford Press x 20 or like 15ish
Cuban Rotation x20 or close
4 pairs

Pec Deck, hands on elbow pad x 20+
Cable Rear Delt x15+
Rope Push Down x20+

Switch To
Pec Deck, elbows on pads x20
Side Delts on Cable x20
Underhand Straight Bar Pushdowns x25

Those Rogue Shrugs are legit. It was super easy to get right at the traps. The parallel handle and arc on the barbell/landmine setup works Real smooth. If your gym has one of those weird looking handles give it a try.

Pec Deck and rear/side delts were also adduction and abduction of shoulders. That shit felt smooth smooth by the last couple sets.

For easy, light stuff this short workout felt super focused and effective.