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Clockin' A Grip


Well the walking is actually hiking with my dog that’s pretty awesome. The boring stuff is so I can keep doing the the fun stuff (lifting things up and putting them back down).


Haha. Sadly, once you accumulate a certain number or a certain type of injuries, that shit goes from super boring to super needed real quick :frowning: glad your back is fine @jwlake06


Lol yeah true story. So far I’ve been lucky injury wise but I don’t train that heavy these days. I am going to make mobility more of a priority besides just a couple light warm up sets. But yeah it’s pretty boring and sometimes I’m pressed for time so I just wanna get to the “important” stuff. Guess my priorities will continue to shift lol.


If real core work bores you (and by core I really mean core, not just abs), well surprise! They really do help a lot injury-wise. Planks and side planks for sets of three among other stuff. BBB. boring but beneficial lol


Core Doesn’t bore me at all I do loaded carries and ab stuff. A big problem is my flexibility is crap. Probably don’t have as good form as I thought I did on certain lifts and I have to work on my bracing more. Basically I’ve gotten older and have let stuff go as well as gotten lazy. So I’ve got to work harder on some things.


I was lurking around and saw that you’re using Thib’s 2A routine. Any thoughts on it specifically or training by neurotype in general?


3-8 Push

Trap Circuit to get going.
30 dbs x 2 circuits

Rear Delts on Pec Deck

Side Delts, Dumbbells, Seated

Good, easy MMC and effective work for rear/side delts. No special holds or eccentrics. Pretty nice!

Seated DB Press with Fat Grips
20 x10
30 x10
40 x10
45 x 4 x 7 sets, 10 breaths between sets. All reps fatigued but straight/smooth or “fast.”

Single Arm Cable Pushdown x15
Bamboo Bar Tricep Extensions x12
Bamboo Bar Bench Press x25 (narrow, medium and extra medium grips)
3 rounds. Reps approximate.

Meadows Rear Delt Swings x25
1 more set of bamboo bar bench x25
Meadows Rear Delt Swings x25

Arm circles with band for shoulders traction.
20 circles inward/outward per arm, twice.

55 minutes, great workout.


I like that setup. Pressing last after everything’s warm and ready to roll.


It’s been working for awhile so I’m going to keep it up. Every time I press it feels like less shoulder pinch than last time.


I just got this one from jmaier. It looks so good I don’t want to forget it. It looks way more effective than played out hip hikes. I love isometrics.


great solid sessions you had the last two workouts. I remember watching Mark bells podcast when they first started up so I know what you mean by listening to them in the background since they are long sometimes


Thanks man. I feel like I’m starting to pick up a little steam.


Hey @FlatsFarmer just saw this. Well it’s 3x4-week blocks. I just finished the first block today. I like it so far. I def need to follow a program for the progression aspect. As in when to add weight, as opposed to using the same weight for a block and going up (or down) in reps or sets. So that’s really been helpful for me. The excersizes sometimes aren’t my default go-to selections so it’s helping me mix it up a bit. Also CT puts a lot of thought into the intensity techniques so that’s all planned out for you as well.

I actually didn’t take his Neurotype test although I will one day, I just feel I’m pretty clearly a 2A since everything tends to work for me for a little while but I get attracted to the “shiny new” program quite easily.

After this next 8 weeks I’m gonna jump into some 5/3/1. I’m learning about it now and got the forever book. I may need to get one of the earlier books too just to understand it better as suggested by @T3hPwnisher.

But yeah so far so good. I’d say the best way to find out if you like it is just get one and try it. Then you’ll know if you should spend the money next time or not. But I’ve been doing CT’s free stuff off and on since I started lifting so I figured why not support some of his paid content. I also got his power building program which I didn’t give a real run at (work got crazy and I missed too many workouts). So I just did something else. And I bought the abs add on program that’s decent but I think awesome abs 1-4 series by Ian King is actually better. But now I have both and will rotate them.


Why is my post in such a weird format?

Lol I fixed it


You can get a pretty good idea of the original plan here.

There are lots of 5/3/1 templates for free right here and you’ll probably figure out the lingo through those and Jim’s forum.


I’m pretty convinced the original is still the best. FSL is probably the only thing I really like from Beyond. Combined with either Triumvirate or Periodisation Bible I don’t think its gets much better.


Much appreciated


I know what you mean about not needing the Neuro type test. There’s no doubt I’m a 2A. And if I wasn’t, I wouldn’t care because that’s how I’ve always trained. All the strength guys I’ve followed over the years have recommended that kind of strategy.

Also all the coaches/authors that I’ve been into are just a step or two away from Russian/Conjugate stuff. Mixing things up is cool.


Also 5/3/1 should be good after the Thib’s plan. Wendler Also uses “blocks” and 5/3/1 teaches you loading/progression in a simple way that you can use to run any other program in the future.


Yeah I’m looking forward to it. Lifting super heavy for me back in my 20’s burned me out for a little while on powerlifting. But now with CT’s programs doing clusters and stuff off of pins and iso holds and what not, I’m like can’t I just do some straight sets of the basics lol!