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Clockin' A Grip



This is so much cooler than the Conan’s Wheel event. Also a cooler event than deadlifts.


3-1 Push

Dumbbell Incline row x15
Bushnell incline bench x15
Dumbbell bent row x15
Dumbbell Shrug x15
Dumbbell RDL x15
Twice through circuit, 25 then 30 dumbbells.

Cable Rear Delts, Face pulley x8 then sideways x8
3 sets

Cable Side Delts, leaning away
3 x12-10

Slight Incline Dumbbell Press
5’s up to 85 x6

Close Grip Incline Bench to Chin x8 (right arm doesn’t like this, very light)
Dumbbell Tricep Extensions x12 (different incline/decline/flat each set)
Plate Loaded Dip Machine x15 (constant tension style)
3 times

Spider Curl x10
Incline Dumbbell Curl x10
Cable Curl, mid range constant tension style x12
3 times

Arm circles in band for shoulder traction at the end. Pretty cool!


Great session!!! And that wheel video looks coll as hell


Late last week my scale spontaneously changed to kilos. It’s cool, kilos are much steadier than pounds.

Friday evening my girl brought home some donuts from a work thing.

Coincidence or fate?


Lol! I legit laughed at this. Only you would state this FACT Flats.


No need to feel as guilty with the weight going up by a little bit when it’s in kilos lol


Also donut “holes” are zero calories, guilt free if you eat those!


3-4 Pull

Chest Supported Rows
A couple to get ready
3 plates + 35 x8, 4, 3 rest/pause

Seated Calf raises, 4 x15ish between sets

Barbell Shrug
2 going up
235 x6, 215 x8, 195 x10 drop set

Iso Pulldowns
2 regular sets
2 plates + 25 x 7 mTor reps

Donkey Calf Raise with Dip Belt
4 x 20
Chins, 3/3/3/2 between sets

Driven by donuts.


Flats good session


Definitely part of my high school workout soundtrack.


Louie Simmons and Dan Green. How exciting!

Coincidentally, (as fate would have it?) today is leg day. This should be great motivation for my step ups hugging a medicine ball and 100 pound Dimmel deadlifts.


I’m amazed at how you can sit through a long podcast like that. I’ve tried to watch a few where I can see the guys talking and recording their podcast and was never able to last a couple of minutes. Lol


It’s more fun to listen to them in the background while I’m doing other stuff. Mostly walking the dogs, meal prep or doing yard work. Like a book on tape.


I really suck at multi-tasking, then. Haha


3-6 Legs

Stretch ham/glute/quad twice each

45 Back Raise
5 x10 reps
Sit ups or sidebends between sets

Glute Thrustings
2 going up
60 x7 left, 7 right, 7 together x 3 sets

Paired with Step Ups
2 to get going
40 med ball x 10 steps each leg x 3 sets

Seated Upper Back GM with SSB
85 x25
115 x25 x 3 sets

Paired with Dimmel Deads
Barbell + Mini bands x25
100 + mini bands x25 x 3 sets

Band Thru Belt Walk
mini band x 50 steps
monster mini x 65 steps x 3 goes

Nice day in the gym!


How is your back feeling? Hopefully back to normal by now.


Quality work…


My hunch back was burning like that dude from 300!


Pretty good now. There’s actually a Chiro and occupational therapist and masseuse in the retro fitness up by my parents house that’s cheap to use. I’ve been going there the past week and have had three visits. Back feels much better. The chiro said the lower two thirds of my back is super tight and my hamstrings and hips are really tight as well. So I’m just trying to walk more, do some mobility stuff, and stretch post workout. But yeah it wasn’t anything more then a strain that woke me up to my shitty mobility.


I’m glad to hear you’re alright.

Walking, laying on the floor and stretching? That shit sounds super boring!