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Clockin' A Grip


It was just on Wednesday so just taking a few days rest and seeing how it feels.


Sorry for the late response but @IronOne is pretty bang on. I more or less just got lucky. Went to the first guy that everyone recommended and he didn’t listen to a thing I said then did some pain relief techniques and sent me out the door telling me to come back in a week.

Went to the next guy and it was night and day difference. Listened to everything, understood what I wanted and where I wanted to go, did a super thorough exam, and gave me a bunch of exercises to improve my weak points.

Basically looking for someone who listens and understands your goals is the big thing. I can’t give much else advice because again it was chance that I happened to stumble upon the guy I did. Hope that helps


Yeah, hopefully it’s something that will go away on its own


I listened to the Winning Strength Podcast, Episode 14 with Matt and Greg Panora. They were two young, strong dudes who bro-ed out while training together at Westside, got REAL big and strong and now coach. It was part story time about the past and part critique/update of the conjugate style. Like how it was, and how they made adjustments on their own.

Lots of talk about not over training and not blowing yourself up.

It’s pretty cool to read old Tate articles about how he messed up, and what he might do differently ( don’t go till death on max effort. Do more high rep stuff for small muscles). Then Wendler talk about messing up and then making changes(no heavy GMs, less Tricep extensions), and seeing them in his programming. And to listen to Matt Wennings critique of Westside with the Juggernaut podcast(more Raw work, less crazy intensity), and this one with Pandora. Or to see Louie go from not much deadlifts to copying Shieko and doing almost as many deads as squats. Or talking about getting tons of traction for low back in your training.

Then to see it come out in Mark, sleeper and Hog’s training now. Tons of high rep stuff with bands. Lots of bodyweight and light assistance work. Rolling tricep stuff instead of extensions with fixed elbows. Good mornings with little mini bands. Tons of variety with a focus on reps and tough, dense workouts instead of chasing progression on a few, heavy exercises. Deloads.


Great information.

Louie had a great group that he used as a mad scientist and found the breaking point of the human capicity. He literally broke a bunch of elite athletes and discovered the formula for huge numbers.

Seems now he is finding the balance to reach the peak and not break the athletes.

As I move foward I plan to do main lift, supplemental lift and accessory movements using time as much as anything to say enough.

Glad to hear deadlifts need to be done more frequently. That is something in my training I think needs to be done more. We used Goodmornings as a supplemental lift, heavy high rep.

I’m still trying to figure out how to best push volume and when to pull back…

Conjugate is a teacher and exposes weakness. That is what I enjoy about it most.


Yes, doing different moves with different stances/angles/grips definitely gives you great feedback.

Talking about pulling back; I was doing OK with M.E., but then I got too greedy. Stuff like taking a 4th attempt to get 1 extra PR, or trying to make big 20 pound PR jumps was fun for awhile. Then it caught up with me messed me up. I should have been more patient.

Also doing too many reps of the same Supplemental lifts for too long. Board presses, spoto presses and stiff leg sumo deadlifts were all cool, effective lifts that carried over and I could Feel working. Big tension/leverage I guess. Also they were new and went up fast, so it kept doing them over and over, progressing them. But doing those exaggerated moves week after week beat up my joints and overworked me and derailed my whole shit. Looking back I should have sprinkled them in instead of laying them on so thick.


Currently I’m rotating accessories every three weeks and trying to figure out a rotation from heavier barbell type moves to easier band type moves.

I.e. from Dave Tate’s free ebook

2-weeks JM press
2-weeks Db rollovers
2- machine extensions
2- chains
2- bands

Rotating from hard to easier on the joints and recovery as well as changing angles and stress should be healthier.

I’m trying to figure out do I rotate all accessories or find accessories that rotate “off center” so only one muscle group is getting barbell pounded per wave.


Strong sess, just keep grinding an it will pay off


One more talk with Ed Coan. Dude’s enthusiasm is great. Highlights include Ed talking about scripting his lifts months in advance and never missing or jumping ahead of the plan. Don’t sweat progression, just run the cycle, get the work in. After that, add a few pounds and run the cycle again. Never miss, stick to the plan.

Then using assistance lifts like high bar pause squats, so he didn’t have to worry about weight/ego and could just focus on the Muscles he was trying to work. He also said he came up with “Power Building” because he wanted to be strong and look good.

Right about 30 minutes in Ed and Josh talk about routines that use only low reps on the main lifts. Ed says that people can get strong on these routines for a short time, but then they develop their “strengths” while ignoring their “weaknesses.” Eventually the difference between the strengths and weaknesses gets too big, progress stops and injuries start.

Later he mentioned the 10 second rep, a slow slow squat to feel your problems/lack of tightness/weaknesses.


2-25 Back

Seated Calf Raise
x12 x4 sets
Paired with Leg Raises off Bench
10 legs together, 15 one leg at a time x4

Chest Supported Row
3 plates + 25 x8, 5, 3 Rest/Pause
Paired with sidebends
x8 x 3 sets

Barbell Shrug with band pulling hips sideways
225 x6, 205 x8, 185 x10 drop set

Iso Pulldown
2 plates + 2 tens x 7 mTor reps

2, 2, 3, 3
Paired with standing calf raise
4 x15

No curls tonight. Ribeye for dinner and Samoas for desert.


Yes please


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I did hear about that. Brilliant marketing.


I only had 4 Khal Drogos last night.


Hey flats. Thought you might be interested


That’s great news! Thanks for the update.


solid training sessions and amazing to see the top lifters giving back!!!


2-27 Legs

Get loose

Inverse Curl
125 x8 x 3 sets. Sit Ups on ball between sets.

Step Ups, Hug Medicine Ball
20 x12
25 x12
40 x10, 10

Dimmel Deadlift, plus double mini bands
Bar x25
95 x25 x 3 sets

Seated Upper Back GM with SSB
x25 x 4 sets
Paired with Reverse Hyper
140 x25 x4 sets



Looks like training is coming back to something resembling a strong dude…


Thanks man.