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Clockin' A Grip


Amazing work, keep it going!! and love the McGill stuff also


Oh man! Thanks for the heads up! Just in time for weekend yard work. I’ll definitely check it out.


Merci beaucoup! It will just get better from here.


2-15 Pushing

Rear Delt Swings x12/ Pulldown x12
3 times

Close Grip Bench, band on leg
Bar/95/135 x messing around
165 x5
190 x5
205 x5

Rear Delt Rows on Incline Bench/Side Delt Raises
4 sets, start at 20 reps, add weight drop reps each set

Dumbbell Tricep Extension then dumbbell pullover then neutral dumbbell press
10 reps each. 20s, 25s and 30s with Fat Grips on dumbbells. 35s with no fat gripz. Had to do a little rest/pause in the middle of neutral grip Dumbbell Bench press in the last go-round.

Band around leg: inspired by jmaier I rigged up a little band to pull “out” on my right knee as I bench pressed. Right side lacks internal hip rotation and I find myself wobbly on the bench with “loose” shoulders. The band gave me something to work against and helped me to feel stable and square on the bench. To keep my right shoulder down on the bench and elbow under wrist instead of moving around. I’ll do this again.


Nice bench session, and particular program you are following?


No particular program right now. Honestly, it’s kind of a mess.

Before I was doing a 4-way body part split, avoiding barbells and big lifts. I wanted to focus on Mind Muscle Connection, feeling the muscles working and really Training single joint stuff vs just going through the motions on assistance work.

Right now I’m doing Push/Pull/Legs and just starting to try to work compound lifts and barbells back in. In the near future I want to get back on a Westside/Conjugate plan. So I’m kinda half way between programs.


2-17 Pull

Abs/adductors/abductors on floor x 3 loops

Chest Supported Row
2 going up
3 plates +15 x8, 4, 4 Rest Pause

Barbell Shrug, with band pulling hips sideways
2 going up
215 x6, 195 x8, 175 x10 drop set

Close Grip Pulldowns on Cable
2 going up
180 x8 mTor reps

Chin up x2
Spider Curl x10ish
Dumbbell Incline Curl x10ish
Cable Curl, constant tension in mid range x10
3 loops, then 3 more chin ups.

Seated Calf Raise x15
Leg Raise off bench x20
3 pairs

Standing Calf x20
Sit ups on Stability Ball x12
3 pairs

The rest/pause, drop set and mTor sets (eccentric/negative focus) are from Thib’s “Best Damn Workout” plan. 1 single top set to strictly control volume, “intensity techniques” to make that 1 set bust ass more. The eccentric focus is pretty cool for pulldowns.


Sounds like you’re more scheduled than me.

I walk into the garage and figure it out during my warmup :slight_smile:


If I went in without some idea of what to do, I’d just end up doing squats, squatting or another squat workout. Too much squat. We can’t have that!


2-20 Legs

Inverse Curl
135x8, 3 sets

Psoas eccentrics x8 between sets

Single Leg Hip Thrust
20/30/40/50 x8 left 8 right 8 together

Sit ups on Stability Ball x12 between sets

Power Squat Machine
Band around knees, 5 count eccentric 180 x 4 x 5 sets

Neck Harness Flexion (30)x20
Reverse Hyper (140)x25
3 pairs

Band Thru Belt Walk
Mini Band x100 steps x 3 goes


Weightlifting Olympic gold medalist Tommy Kono back in 1956.

"My program consisted of many basic exercises such as the Press, Bench Press, Upright Rowing Motion, Dead Lifts, Squats, Curls, etc., performing them from 2-3 series (sets) of 8-10 repetitions with the heaviest weights I could handle.

I “specialized” in these basic exercises because I learned early in my training life that it is through the strength developed by the basic exercises plus the coordination of the movements that one is able to elevate heavy poundages. Therefore, it is my belief that all aspiring lifters should go through preliminary training where they devote many hours to developing their all-around bodily strength before ever going into the sport of weightlifting.

At present (1956) I work out from 60 to 90 minutes, 3 to 4 times a week. I either train exclusively on the three lifts plus one or two supplementary movements or perform 5 to 6 exercises paralleling the Olympic lifts.

I consider boredom in training as one of the chief causes of stagnation in lifting. For this reason I rearrange my training methods and program about every three weeks. I fear that if I spend too much time on a single course my interest in the sport would diminish. I also time my workouts and exercises so I do not get absentminded and devote too much time to any one particular exercise. I believe time is an important factor in training so I govern my workouts by it."

Strength plus technique, special moves that parallel the competition lifts, frequent exercise rotation, Kicking it with Russians! Sounds vaguely conjugate.


Hey brother @FlatsFarmer have you ever gotten a postural assessment or recommendations for all these mobility/therapy things you work on?

I kinda jacked up my back doing some jumps or squatting and I’m wondering who I should go see to get evaluated.

So what kind of doc should I visit or is there any physical therapist/trainer type I should seek out that would be geared towards lifters?


I’m sorry about your back. Where in the country are you in?

I’ve never been looked at by a professional. For assement I kinda follwed Chris Duffin. You do single arm/leg stuff that tests your ROM, stability and control. Things like lunging or 1 Arm bottoms up kettlebell presses or single leg RDLs. Then look for one side having problems.

Or Louie. Do a bunch of focused lifts and assistance work and try to find specific stuff you struggle with.

Lemme try to reach out…

@BReddy, what kind of therapist/trainer should a lifter see for his back?

@IronOne, you’ve made some progress with mobility/therapy. What do the people who have helped you call themselves? Physio therapists? Do they have a network nation wide?


Dr Andreo Spina is the guy who does the arm circles against the wall and talks about training at the end of your limited Ranges of Motion to build your capacity.

His site is functional anatomy seminars (all one word). He has info about finding providers there. I don’t know much about the specifics and how good every linked up with him is, but his system definitely makes sense to me.


@Kamel, hey man, last month we talked about some stuff your physio therapist had you do for hip shift. Squeezing the roller really lit up my adductors and the 5 count eccentric squats got my glutes going. Thanks for the tip!

Anyway, you mentioned the first therapist not being a good fit, and having to go to a second guy. Do you have any recommendations about what kind of specialists lifters should seek out, and how to know if they are a good match for you?


I’m in NJ. I’ve been on the road for like three months working and was really looking forward to being off and hitting it hard but now it’s looking my like rehab. I did not feel anything specific as in a shooting pain but I realized I was shifting or twisting slightly on some of my vertical jumps. I was doing a circuit with super slow eccentric front squats and it just felt strained in my mid back but just on one side. Called it quits and moved onto bench and couldn’t brace for my heavier working sets. So called that quits. Then rolled my back out on a pvc tube and did some hangs to decompress. Iced it for like 20 mins and took a hot shower. It feels bruised or tender now even over my spine which concerns me but might be from the rather painful rolling sesh. So either way it would be great to take this time to get checked out by a lifting minded professional and get some guidance and a plan to lift heavy and stay healthy.

Also thank you very much for the genuine concern and above and beyond response as well as reaching out to other trusted members, really really awesome of you! And exactly why asked you :wink:



First, look on clinical athlete and see if there is a PT near you. These folks are generally the best of the best for people like us. Just Google the clinical athlete and you should find the site.

I wouldn’t say looking for a specifically titled rehab specialist is the correct path. You just have to find someone in the field that is doing it right, which is fking hard. 95%+ of PTs are absolute garbage for people like us. You need one that treats athletes and is progressive in their practice and philosophy. It took me 2 years to find such a person. However, had I just looked on clinical athlete, I would have found my guy (Zach Long, Charlotte, NC).

If there is not one near you, you need to look for a practice that specializes in sport athletes. I would have made progress with any of their chiros, and did before I found Zach, PT, simply due to their progressive sport nature and understanding of newer methodologies regarding rehab.

Good luck!


Hey thanks for taking the time to reply and offer advice. I’ll be checking out clinical athlete and going from there. Hopefully nothing major but if it’s worse then I’m thinking I’ll start a thread lol.


Clinical athlete, excellent!

Maybe we should just get hypnotized to not care about squats/deads.

Repeat 10 times; Step ups are hardcore…

2-22, Pushes, also my bodyweight.

To get started
Stretch with wrist in band
Trap circuit
Arm circles against wall

Rear Delts on Reverse Pec Deck

Side Delts, Dumbbells, Sitiing on steep incline bench

Seated DB Press
20 x30
30 x20
40 x10
50 x5 x5

Dumbbell Bench Press, 3 count eccentric x15
Pec Deck, 3 count eccentric x15
PJR Pullover, slow lowering x15
Thrice. Pecs were dying.

Single Arm Cable Pushdown, no handle, 3 count eccentric x15
Straight Bar Push down x20
Dumbbell Rear Delt Destroyers x25
3 time around.

Cool Trap circuit to make them burn like an STD, thanks kd!
Dumbbell Row on incline bench x15
Dumbbell Shrug on Incline bench x15
Dumbbell Row Standing x15
Dumbbell Shrug standing x15
Dumbbell RDL x15

Great workout. DB lateral raises, db presses and pec deck have given my trouble in the past and were all OK for the shoulders last night.


@jwlake06 yeah, try to get diagnosed by a Rehab Medicine doctor or a physical therapist first. Knowing what the problem is should point you towards a good direction. Some doctors still consider chiropractors as “fake” doctors, but just think of it this way: there’s a lot of high level teams and athletes, even UFC athletes who have dedicated chiropractors. If rehab seems to be doing nothing for you, you could give it a shot. How long has it been since you hurt your back?