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Clockin' A Grip


2-4 Shoulder & Arms

Arm circles and sit ups on bench with medicine ball under back.

Rear Delts Sideways to stack then turn to face stack x8, 8
Side Delts on Cable x 12
3 times through

Seated Dumbbell Press with Fat Gripz
2 going up
40 x6, 6, 6, 12

Barbell Spider Curl x 10ish
Dumbbell Incline Curl x 12 or so
3 doubles

Mini Band push down x 30
Rolling DB Tri Extension x15 -12
DB PJR Pullover x15 -10
3 times


I don’t think Greg has one. If he did one with Swede that would be awesome.


I googled and found a few episodes were somebody hosting had Pandora on their podcast. 1 with Chad from Juggernaut and a couple from guys I’ve never heard of. Maybe I should just start my own podcast and talk to strong people myself.

I listened to Bryant and Pacifico. Mostly Larry talking about the old days. Pacifico did say that way back when he skull crushered like 365. Today his elbows are all to hell and if he had it to do again he’d avoid skullcrushers. +1 for JM Presses, rolling DB Tri extensions and PJR Pullover, I guess.

He also said former bench world record holder Doug Young was “always a little high on something. Usually marijuana.” Pacifico also said he preferred to train on steroids because of the feeling of well being and lack of injuries. He mentioned that just about everyone juiced in his era.


Wasn’t Doug Young the guy who ended up in his gym with some buddies after they’d been at the bar and refused to let anyone leave until he’d benched five hundred pounds?


That definitely sounds right for some rowdy Texas dudes in the 70s.

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2-6 Back

Sit ups with medicine ball behind back/seated calf raises x 4 sets

Chest Supported Rows
2 x8
2.75 plates x 8, 6, 5 rest/pause

Barbell Shrug
2 x8
195 x6, 175 x8, 155 x10 drop set

Iso Pulldown Machine
2 x8
1.75 plates x 8, 5 count eccentric and 2 count stretch at top

Standing Calf Raise x20
Wrist Roller x backwards and forwards
Band Face pull x25
3 loops

Some sit ups, side planks and Y-Raises or prone trap raises worked in there.


2-8 Legs

Stretch hamstring, glute, quad/hip flexors x2

Psoas Eccentric x6/clamshell x8/ leg adduction x10
McGill Curl Up x6/ Bird dog x6 /Side planks

Inverse Leg Curl
135 x8
125 x8
115 x5
105 x5

Power Squat Machine, short mini band around knees, 5 count eccentric
3 going up
160 x5 x5

Crunch x5 oblique cruch x5,5 on stability ball with band behind ankles
45 Degree Back raise x10
Step Ups x10 left, 10 right
3 loops

Reverse Hypers x20
Neck Harness Extensions x20
3 loops

Band thru belt walk
Mini Band x 80, 60, 60 steps

Really good and pleasant workout. There are a few conjugate guys to copy now so I didn’t have to think much. Gym wasn’t crowded on Friday evening. Reverse hyper and neck harness was a cool pairing. Working both ends of the spine, like deadlifting but in reverse.


Neversate gym on the morning cable news show.


I just saw the same Neversate clip on SportsCenter’s Top 10 plays of the week.


Heeey nice! I don’t think this has been uploaded by Brian on YouTube yet though. Has it?


Hey Flats you what to know something crazy?

So I took 2 weeks off completely after my procedure, and you know what happened?

All pain subsided, and my mobility got much better!

All this lifting keeps us chronically shortened, without a doubt.

I’m trying to figure out some better balance between volume, frequency and variety. I’m getting closer but here’s what I’m thinking:

-3-4 days of lifting (40-50 min cap, density) variety!!
-2-3 days conditioning with bodyweight work added in.
-Daily mobility, but not too much!!! Too much mobility, and too aggressive mobility will do the opposite. Cause inflammation and shorten target areas.


I’m not sure. It’s possible that the clip is weeks/months old. There’s no telling how long it took for it to make the rounds and get on TV.


Density and variety seem pretty important. Heavy straight sets with plenty of rest and consistent progression just smash me.

Lighter weights, better contractions and varying grips and angles makes me feel better.

I think you’re right, even doing the same mobility stuff over and over feels like it works in reverse.

What’s your conditioning going to be like? Still running and sprinting? I thought out jump rope and kettlebell swings last week and never made it past the thinking stage.


This is me with GPP or conditioning work :joy::joy:


Trust your programming! DE lower is super good conditioning. If you’re a true powerlifter, glute/hams rows and pulldowns and anything over like 4 reps is GPP.


I’m starting the track work back this week. But there will be a lot of variety here too:

-Some days sprint work.
-Some days walking.
-Some days 1-2 mile runs.
-Some days bodyweight work for instance 20 lunges, 10 pushups, 2 mins walking quickly, then repeat for 10 or so rounds.
-Will bring back Simple and Sinister. So Swings and TGUs.

Goal will be 3-4 days lifting, 2 days track work.


2-10 Rare Sunday brunch Push workout

Band Facepulls, Sit ups on bench with medicine ball behind back.

Cable Rear Delts
Perpendicular to stack x8 facing stack x8 x 3 sets. Face pulls between sets

Cable Side Delt Raise
x12 x3 sets. Medicine ball Sit ups between sets.

Seated DB Press with Fat Grips
3 going up
45 x3 x 9 sets

Band Y Raise x 10
1 Arm Cable Tricep Pushdown, 3 count eccentric x12
Dumbbell Tate Press x 15 or so
Band Push down drop set x 50 total reps
4 times through

Good workout. Band Push down drop sets ( monster mini band till killed then finish the 50 reps on mini band) were from Canada and pretty cool. Triceps were burstin’ ! It’s fun to have somebody conjugated to copy.


2-11 Back

No funny stuff, right to lifting today.

Chest Supported Row
2 going up
3 plates x 8, 5, 4 Rest/Pause

Barbell Shrug, Squeeze at Top
2 up
205 x6, 185 x8, 165 x10 drop set

Iso Pulldown
2 up
2 plates x 8 myo reps

Seated Calf Raise x15 or 12
Leg Raise of Bench x15
4 pairs

Donkey Calf Raise x20
Dumbbell Suitcase Walk x down, switch hands, back
4 times

I also did some trendy subscapular reach-arounds. It was easy to get straight and cramp up my left side but the right was a little stubborn/tricky. Once I got that going I did 2 Real Nice chinups and repeated that 5 times.


Hip circles. Arm circles and psoas eccentrics worked pretty well. I’ll give these a try for awhile.


2-13 Leg Meat

Get loose, McGill 3.

Inverse Curl
120 x6, 5
110 x5
100 x3

Ed Coan 1 hand barbell action between sets

Dumbbell Hip Thrust
20 x 8 right 8 left 5 together
30 x8,8,5
40 x8,8,5
50 x8,8,5

Oblique crunches on stability ball between sets

Band Y Raise x20
Neck Harness Extension x25
Band GM x20
Reverse Hyper x25
3 times around.

Band Thru Belt Walk
Mini Band x 84, 84, 84

0% Squats. Glorious!


Just FYI Greg did a podcast with Matt Wenning a few days ago.