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Clockin' A Grip


When things are good we do the cool stuff and forget about the little things. When things are bad it’s easy to major in the minors and miss the cool stuff. Hopefully someday we’ll be able to do a little of the minors with a lot of the majors (aka fun stuff) and remain healthy.

Lately my workouts seem to have more warm up and rehab than actual training. I don’t like it.


I’m supposed to be learning how to stay healthy and use the repetition or “body building” style better now. Like experiemting! When I get back on the conjugate/Westside plan I think this little traction/rehab stuff is going to be 50% of the assistance work.

Thinking of it as part of the bigger scheme helps with my attitude, but some days it feels like I’m just laying on the floor, rolling around in the pubic hairs.


Just keep your head up. No one likes pubes in the mouth.


Not where I thought that was going lol


1-4 Shoulders/Triceps


Some muscle cleans and presses and muscle clean then presses. Only 95 pounds but pain free.

Cable Rear Delt Fly, 10 across body, 10 facing weight stack x4 times

  • this was some kind of rear delt mechanical drop set, from a Nick Tumminello tip but I can’t find it to link the video. It was cool, I’ll do it again.

After that rear felt/tricep kickbacks with a hold at the top, laying face down on incline bench. Really trying to depress my shoulders, use mid back not traps, and not twist at the waist.


Single Arm Cable Pushdowns x20
Rolling DB Tri Extension x15
PJR Pullover x15
4 loops

Between sets I did lots of lat stretches with a band, kneeling upper back thoracic extension/twist stretch, trap stretch and hip Pails/Rails.

Stretching lats and upper back twists between sets worked great for rows and pulldowns the other day and shoulders today.


I’ll take a video of a small exercise I learned from a guy this week. It will hit the middle back you are taking about.

Seated row position. Arms out front and straight, lean over from the middle back and let the lats stretch out. Sit back up y’all and pull the shoulder blades together at the top. It doesn’t take much weight and you really have to focus on not using the lats. It smoked my middle back.

Never mind. Here is the guy who taught me doing it

And another for rear delts


Thanks! Those both look really good.

Where is that dude’s neck?


Jealous huh. He is about 5’6-5’8”. But an awesome dude. I wish I lived closer to his gym just to let him teach me more.


Yeah dude, super jealous! I thought I was doing OK with the neck and traps. Then I got my beard trimmed up and revealed a scrawny chicken neck. I had to do some cleans before I had a panic attack.



Lacrosse ball around hip joint and down along quad.

Psoas Eccentric x3
Laying Band leg curl x35
Band leg extension x35/45/50
3 loops

Earlier today I went around the yard with the Toe Cutters and chopped every low hanging branch I could reach. Now I have to go back out and drag all those pile away. I think I understand why people have kids now.



First roll out lats and upper back and shoulders. And stretch upper body with arm/Band stretch.

Arm rotations against band outward, then inward x25/35

Band 1 Arm pullover x25/35

Band uppercut x25

Mini Band Pushdowns x55/75
2 loops


1-7 Back

Seated Cable Upper Back Move. Hip Pails/Rails between sets.
6 x12-15, feeling it out

Chest Supported Row Machine. Kneeling upper back twist between sets.

Charles Glass Dumbbell Row. Lat Activation move between sets.
5 x12

45 Degree Back Raise. Psoas eccentrics and side plank between sets.
4 x13

Good workout. The lifts and junk between sets went together really well today. My girl was doing rowing machine then barbell thrusters then repeating for awhile. It looked terrible.


1-8 Chest /Biceps

Low Incline Dumbbell Bench
5 x10

Barbell Incline Bench
135 x 5 x 5

Dip Machine
4 x12

Chinese Row, Cambered Bar x10
Dumbbell Shrug x 8 left, 8 right, 8 together
Seated Dumbbell Clean x15
3 times around

Biceps neglected!



Warm up
Some stretches and shin rotation and hip rotations sitting on box.

Hamstring Curls
6 reps then 6 reps with hold in contracted position x 4 sets. Hip Pails/Rails between sets.

Power Squat Machine
3 sets working up, then 3 x10. Psoas eccentrics x5 per leg between sets.

Barbell Shrug x12 then T Bar Row x10
4 paired sets. I did John Meadows lat activation drill before some sets. It worked great to set up shrugs too.

45 back raise x12 then seated calf raise x12
4 pairs

Band thru belt walk x 50 steps then donkey calf raise x25
3 pairs

Another good one. I was ending sets because I was tired instead of from joint pain or from getting too twisted or leaning to one side.


Big win! Stamps can stay in the closet…


1-11 Shoulders/Triceps

Rear Delts Laying on side on incline bench.
4 x12. It was hard to get my right rear delt working. I wanted to do that Tumminello cable Rear delt drop set thing, but cables taken.

Lean Away Side Delts
4 x10. These were pretty cool.

Seated DB Press
3 going up
50 x6, 8, 11

Alternating kettlebell bottom up clean and press
3 x10 each arm. Killed my obliques.

Doube D Handle Tricep Extensions x12
Barbell JM Press x10
Overhead Cable Extension, Long Rope Handle x12
3 loops. Blew up my tris. Cable exercise before JMs worked well to practice good tension/right pace for lowering the barbell.

Overhead stuff is still the hardest to keep shoulders level and squared up on. Decent workout anyway. I got my girl a FitBit for Christmas and she’s been constantly monitoring her heart rate and steps. She hit a new Peak heart rate today jumping on this silly little trampoline at the gym.


I forgot about doing this exercise x15 before kettlebell presses.

It was pretty good for upper upper back and rear delts. Now that I can kind of control my shoulder position/posture I can keep my elbows out and keep the tension where it’s supposed to be.

I’ll keep these in the rotation. Thanks for the tip, hog.


You are welcome! This dude payed some knowledge down on me in one day that I am still working through. I wish I had been able to remember all he was saying about training and days on/off etc. what he was telling me was so different than anything I’ve done, seen, etc., that I dismissed most of it because I had nothing to relate to based on what he was saying.


It sounds like you will have to go back again!

Unrelated: My legs are still sore from those machine squats 3 days ago. I haven’t been able to hit those quad sweep muscles in forever. I’m intrepreting this as Results and will keep up the band quad stuff for a few more weeks.


1-14 Skipped Gym

1-15 Back

Psoas Eccentric x 5 per leg then Flutter Kick x20
x 4 sets

Wide Overhand Pulldowns
Started with 100 x20 with hold at bottom
Up to 200 x10 with Regular execution

Band lat stretch or upper back thoracic twist between sets.

Mid Back Dumbbell Shrug on Incline Bench
x15 x 4 sets

Ed Coan sidebend hold brace move between sets

Chest Supported T Bar Row
x12 x 4 sets

Donnie Thompson shoulder internal/external rotation in band between sets.

Charles Glass Dumbbell Row
x20 x 2sets

Meadows lat activation before each arm/set.