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Clockin' A Grip



Merry Christmas :christmas_tree:


Monet painting or my driveway?

Well aerated lawn

12-24 Back

Chinese Rows
Dumbbell Shrugs Over Incline Bench
1 Arm Pulldowns
1 Arm Dumbbell Rows

Sit on plyo box and mess with hip rotation between sets.

12-25 Chest/Bicep

Standing Y Raise with ripped mini band x10
Dip Machine x20
Dumbbell Bench Press x go until 2 reps from failure
McGill Curl Up, leg low x3 leg middle x3, leg high x3
4 rounds

1 Arm Band Striaght arm Pullover x10
Dumbbell Squeeze Press x20
Incline Bench Machine x until 2 reps left
Standing Kettlebell Ab Twist x6
3 rounds

Reverse Curl with Skinny Barbell x15
Barbell Curl x8 Barbell Cheat Curl x4
Single Arm Band Curl, Band low and behind x12
3 rounds

Great workout. All that junk in 48 minutes.

Seated Calf Raise x15 x 4 sets

Donkey Calf x25 reps x 2 sets

Arbitrary 1 hour goal reached.

12-26 Turned 39.


Oh no! Monet never have pig snouts in his driveway!


Happy birthday!


Happy Birthday!

I turned 36 on 12-23. Christmas babies!



Happy birthday Flats


Happy birthday brother


Happy Birthday Flats, hope you had a great holiday!


Happy birthday!


Thanks everyone, I appreciate it!

Christmas and Birthday were great. My girlfriend is finishing up her Master’s degree, doing her internship at the Veteran’s Administration Hospital during the week and bartending over the weekends. She’s been going 7 days a week since August and finally got some time off. It was great to have her at home for awhile.


happy belated bday bro


12-27 Legs

Sit on Plyo Box and rotate shin bones at knee. Then thigh bone at hip. Then hang leg off the side of the box and do some internall hip rotations that way. Last, work on the pigeon stretch position or pails/rails, front leg below hips on bench.

I could feel my glutes working to rotate my shins, and internal hip rotation didn’t hurt.

Hanging my legs off the box lets me almost get into that 90/90 hip position to sorta work on those Pails/Rails for hips. Last time it was kinda tight on the front of my hips (tfl) and lower back (ql) was kind of confused and twitchy. Today I could really feel my glutes and groin muscles trying to work together instead of the tight pulling sensation in tfl and ql s.

Enough progress to keep messing around with this stuff. While doing that I also did

Stir The Pot x 3 good stirs
Standing Leg Curl x 8 x 3 sets
Reverse Hypers x20 x 3 sets
Barbell Rows, Hold at top, no bounce! x15 x4 sets


Sled Drag, power walk forward, reverse drag back
1.5 plates x 2 trips
2.5 plates x 1 trip
3.5 plates x 4 trips

Really focusing on driving hips, staying upright and not using my tfl as my abs. Then upright scaps, good posture and full leg extension on backwards drags.


Happy belated birthday!


12-28 Shoulders/Triceps

Stretch upper body with wrist in band. Stretch trap. Arm circle against wall. x2


Cable Rear Delt Extension x12
Cable Rear Delt Fly x12
Scarecrow isometric hold face down on bench
3 times

Cable Side Delts

Rear Delt Destroyer x20
Standing 1 Arm kettlebell press x10
4 pairs


Single Arm Cable Pushdown x20
Rolling DB Tricep Extension x12
DB PJR Pullover x15
3 loops

Stretch arm with band
Serratus band twist with hold
Mini Band Tricep Pushdown (200 total reps)
3 loops

Cable Pushdowns right before Rolling Tricep Extensions work great. It’s like practicing the right speed/tension for the lowering and rolling. 20 pound dbs were killing me.


What’s the rear delt extension movement? I’m picturing a single arm straight arm pull down but finishing with the arm as far back as you can go.


Yeah, you got it. I try to keep my shoulder packed and stand tall. It’s kind of a “feel” move and usually the ROM gets shorter and tighter during the set.

I stole it from eyedentist back in the spring. Now that I’ve been doing it for months I like to do like 12-15 extensions then turn my hips and go right into rear delt flies.


12-31 Back

Warm Up
Sit on ploy box and rotate shins at knee x3 x 2 sets. Rotate thigh at hip x 3 x 2 sets. Hang 1 leg off box and internally rotate leg x3 x 2 sets. Also some scarecrow holds face down on bench.

Close, Neutral Pulldowns

Stretch lat with overhead band between sets.

Seated Chest Supported Iso rows

Stir The Pot between sets.

Dumbbell Shrugs
12 right arm, 12 left arm then 12 together x 4 sets

Ed Coan grip/brace move between sets.

1 Arm Seated Cable Rows
x12 x 4 sets

Kneeling upper back twist/extension stretch between sets.

45 Degree Back Raise
x12 x 4 sets

Pails/Rails for hips, sitting up on box between sets.


1-1-19 Chest/ Biceps

Warm Up.
Arm circles against wall. Stretch traps, lats, pecs by leaning on stuff. Arm circles again. x2

Flat Dumbbell Bench x15
Blast Strap Y-RAISE action (focus on scap tilt)
6 paired sets

Pushup, hands elevated x12
Chinese Row x8, then Hold at bottom
5 paired sets. Again focusing on scaps and “twisting” serratus action.

Incline Bench, Just Barbell x15
Blast Strap “row” really squeezing handles and pulling apart, thinking about getting tight and stretching the bar for incline.
5 paired sets.

Blast Strap using curl motion to move body x8
Barbell curls x12
3 pairs

Blast Strap Curl x6
Dumbbell Curl x15
3 pairs

I was really aware of my mid-back and serratus and not using my traps or hunching or shrugging my shoulders. It still took concentration and was the weak link on all these exercises. Like I tried to stop when I lost position.

I could also feel my whack pelvis. I’ve been more conscious of keeping my right hip “tight” and using my Glute and abs not tfl (like that smart, hot blonde showed in the Psoas eccentric video). That was a weakness and took concentration too, but at least I was aware of it. A few times I tried to stand on just the right leg doing junk on the blast straps to practice. Also squeezing the bench between my legs on incline bench seemed to work.

I would have liked to do some more hip pails/rails but my groin was slightly tight and i didnt want to push it.

Later, at home I did mini band leg extensions laying on the ground, 1 set of 40, 1 set of 60 for quad tendons.


1-3 Legs

Raining today, so no sled drags.

Laying Leg Curls
4 x12 reps

Sideways Step Up
4 x10

Band Thru Belt Walk
4 x80 steps

Reverse Hypers
4 x20 reps

I did sets 4-6 psoas eccentrics between a bunch of the sets. I need to do some more of those because there were lots of Clunks.

This stuff is getting pretty boring. I missed dragging the sled today. I was really tempted to do some more hardcore stuff but I want to give these quad band extensions a chance to work on my theoretical quad tendonitis.