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Clockin' A Grip


This is like the seated piriformis stretch in the Limber 11. The pigeon stretch in yoga is brutal (the girl with the arched back).

I’m going to the Stretch & Roll class at the Y tomorrow. It’s a half hour of foam rolling and a little bit of stretching. My chiro went to work on my adductor and shoulder today. The adductor stuff hurt. I was gritting my teeth during parts of it.


How long do you think its been all tight like that?

Its crazy how desensitized you can get after stuff is messed up for awhile.


I have no idea. I guess I just neglected my adductors for awhile. I’ve done some adduction work since my surgery but I never really stretched them out or did any foam rolling in that area. We don’t roll the adductors in the foam rolling class; I guess it’s just not as common as the IT band.

On the plus side, my chiro said it didn’t feel as tight as last week so maybe I’m making some progress.



Sit on Box, rotate front lower leg back and forth
McGill Curl Up x4
Dead Bug Leg Drop with Curl Up Hold x4
4 times

Sit on Box, rotate back lower leg
Clamshell x8
Adduction x8
45 Degree Hypers x12
4 loops

Sit on Box, Try to get both legs rotating opposite of eachother
Bird Dog x5
Stir The Pot x5 (5 what?)
Reverse Hypers x15
4 loops

Sled Drag, Power Walk Forward going down, Backwards Drag coming back.
2 plates x 1 trip
3 plates x 1 trip
4 plates x3 trips

The idea was to get hip joints moving. Then anti extension abs before hip extension moves, to maintain good tilt while moving.

Then sled drags, trying to keep the good tilt and move at the hips and stay upright. Trying to make the legs do the work.

Best part of this workout was the weather.


The day after those sled drags my legs are kinda stiff, but I’m really feeling it in my traps. Specifically my mid traps, which is a new sensation. I guess from trying to keep back straight on the backwards drags.

Bonus Yoke!


@FlatsFarmer what do you do for a tight upper back? My traps and other muscles in that area feel super tight.


Lay on side and roll lats and all those little, short muscles under your arm.

This twisting move is good. Its always surprises me how much I suck at this one.

Trap stretch. I do it standing, sometimes I hold a 25 pound plate in the down hand to help the stretch.

For lats. I usually do this standing, with elbows on a barbell, in the rack at squat height.

All of that stuff is good to know, but 90% of the time I hang a band from overhead, put my wrist through the end and just kinda move and stretch.


It takes like 30 seconds per arm.


I like to teach back and grab the chair with my relaxed arm. It seems to help stretch from both directions. I’m guessing the plate hold feels similar.

Here is some foam rolling, @duketheslaya. Grab a mouthpiece for the part at the 0:40 mark. Rolling back and forth over the shoulder blade hurts!


Good video. Dude did a good job of twisting and turning his body to really dig in there. Also moving and rotating the arm while rolling is good.


Thankyou @JMaier31 @FlatsFarmer! Also, i was having some shoulder pain in my left shoulder and something in my chest/delt felt super tight. I found some chest stretches from athleanx (pec minor/major) and the pain instantly disappeared. I have never stretched that before so it will definitely be in my toolbox.


Also @FlatsFarmer just did that trap stretch and my posture immediately improved


Pain or no pain, we all need to work on our shoulder mobility and strength.

My wife was talking to her sister last night and she has all sorts of pain and problems in her body. She recently had shoulder surgery. She does absolutely zero exercise and works at a bank. She doesn’t understand that the body needs to be used to stay healthy.

She’s skinny-fat, frail, and weak. She doesn’t get it. She also talks in a condescending manner to my wife about her running. She thinks exercise is bad for you. It’s astounding how ignorant she is.


Exercise is good. Using your body is good. Physical activity made into sport often over uses some motions and muscles and under uses others.

The more focused and repetitive your sport, the more overuse/underuse problems you get. This makes everything besides your competition exercises (your general physical preparedness) more and more important.


12-18 Some Back, Chest, Biceps

Charles Glass Dumbbell Row
10, 10, 8, 8
Curl Up x4 Curl Up with leg up in air x4
4 pairs

Medium Grip Pulldowns
12, 12, 10, 10
Band Straight Arm Pulldowns x10 ( focused on slow arm raise and scap motion)
4 pairs

Seated Plate Loaded Iso Row
12, 12, 10, 10
Seated Psoas Raise
x4 with 4 count hold
4 pairs

Dumbbell Squeeze Press
Seated (horizontal) Bench Press Machine
Pallof Press with mini band
4 loops

Reverse Curl with Skinny Barbell x20
Barbell Curl x20 or 15
Band Curl, band anchored low and behind for bicep stretch x12
3 loops


It’s kind of sad really


I agree! life is alot better if your mobile. Since I’ve started doing some hip mobility and stretching a couple of times a day my movement has improved and i even started to sleep better. Now im learning/Fixing my rounded shoulders and upper body posture. Honestly @FlatsFarmer saved my lifting career from the information he’s posted. I didnt realise how bad my body is but years of video games+ some dumb stuff in the gym previously, led to crappy hips and shoulders.


Awesome! So glad to to see this. Learning this early is so benificial


Well can’t achieve my goals if I get injured lol

I agree. Since i cannot handle not being able to train, if i kept going and injured myself my quality of life would be terrible


I did band triceps extensions and it helped my tricep and elbow. I did band uppercuts and it helped my shoulder and I guess bicep tendonitis. I did band circles for shoulders. Band leg curls for hamstring/adductors.

Stan Efferding said to do high rep band legs presses for quad tendinitis (or is it tendonitis?), but I didn’t really listen. If bad shoulder posture makes the bicep do extra, then get inflamed and shortened, is bad hip posture making my quad tendon shortened and tight (tendonitis) and then that tight quad is continuously pulling me into bad tilt. Like first the quad inflammation was a symptom of bad pelvis, then quad tightness is locking that shit in. Now it’s morphed from a symptom to like, part of the cause?

Theoretically I should be able to lay on my back, get my hip ball and socket lined up, and straighten or extend or press my leg out straight, into a band for resistance. 100-150-200 “reps” twice a week seemed to work for every other tendonitis like issue. This should be more Regressed than the leg press, laying on the ground there should be less hip flexion and it should be easier to keep lower back neutral.


We got busy and missed the gym for a day or two and then just skipped Friday and Saturday. 5 days off is a deload, that’s real convenient.

Saturday night (last night) I played on the lacrosse ball upper back style for awhile then did 2 x50 laying leg pushes into a mini band.

This morning
Stretch with wrist in band
Band uppercut
Band Arm Rotations in and out
Band Tricep pushdowns

My yard has been taking Hell this week. Heavy rain overwhelmed my neighbors drainage culvert, flooded the street and washed out one of the gravel driveways. From there it swept into the duck pond. That shit looked like a good place to fish for trout. Then my neighbors pigs came around an rooted up my grass and compost pile with their damned pig-snouts. Fat fucks.