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Clockin' A Grip


I know you probably read this, but man it’s good.


The move isn’t in there lemme try to get some pics.

That Thrall video is pretty good. Those exercises are cool. I do that band stretch and Ys face down on a bench all the time. Also scarecrows, which are similar to the Ys, only with more attention to supinating the forearm and externally rotating the upper arm with hellacious serratus activation. If you’re reading/watching Duke, did you see how the hips and shoulders are connected? Work on your hips and think about the shoulder stuff Thrall mentioned.

JL Holdsworth is awesome. He was one of the dudes that really got me started thinking about this stuff. He had the the 4th highest total ever, super early in his PL career. He had the same APT/excessive lower back issue lots of us are dealing with. He was strong as fuck, despite his issue so he wasn’t going to listen to anyone about something as trivial as pelvic tilt and bracing. Then he had a terrible back injury that’s taken years to overcome, and he’s still not all the way back.


Another good video.


Ok, first thing first. This set up Is Not Useful, Effective or Realistic. It won’t work if you rig it up like this. This band isn’t even at shoulder height. Its also not stretched tight.

What you can see is a band streched horizontal, with the handle also horizontal.

This next picute sucks to. The handle should be at shoulder height, and off to my side at arms length. Instead it’s down and in front. What you can see is me grabbing it, knuckles up.

From there, I straighten my arm and try to turn my thumb up. Or supinate my forearm. Also externally rotating my upper arm. While also engaging my serratus to pull my scapula into good tilt. All the details are in this discussion.

It just looks like a simple twist of the wrist. But it’s not! It’s a complex motion involving 3 joints and probably 50 muscles.

The wrist and elbow stay “straight” while the arm “turns over” or external rotates, supinates and extends. As the serratus “locks down,” and the shoulder locks into a good position. Not to mention all the posture muscles and hip muscles that turn on and lock in.

With a little imagination, you could think of the Fat Gripz handle like the handle of a dumbbell. Then you could set up that “handle” at the “top” of any dumbbell exercises. Like you could sit on a bench with the handle overhead, like the top of a seated dumbbell press. Then you could reach up, grab it, and make the same external rotation, thumbs up, posture lock down, handle twist motion with your arm. And develop perfect tightness and setup for the dumbbell press.



amazing that you did some pics, fully appreciate that!

i can imagine it’s like the thumbs up drill you showed me x 1000.

since you started this path to fixing your mechanics, do you notice your serratus muscles, as in visually?

ps sweet christmas tree :slight_smile:


I’m not super lean, so its not like I have that awesome serratus like fingers over your ribs effect. But I can see a lump under my lats and running down my ribs.

I tried to get some dogs in the picture, but they weren’t cooperating.


At least you have something tangible to go with it, since i started doing the move i can definitely feel the muscle there as opposed to believing i didn’t have serratus before. i tried doing an overhead press with a broom stick this morning with the emphasis on serrated activated, ribs down, glutes strong & it felt like a whole new movement.

shame you didn’t get the dogs in pic too haha that would of been the perfect trifecta


Awesome. Thanks.

If you haven’t, check out some of SuperD’s shoulder protocols.

The second one fires up the serratus.


Great stuff. Jesus, Super D is strong! Also a cool guy.

That 2nd move is convenient and cool. I’ve been doing “band serratus pushes” but I didn’t figure out the external rotation part. That’s easy and awesome.



Thats the great part about nailing down this little BS stuff. When you do figure out what’s missing and how to fix it, Everything can improve.

Its like when you fix the alignment on your car, instead of simply replacing the tire that keeps getting warm out. The whole machine drives smoother.


@FlatsFarmer dude feel free to post this kind of help on my log anytime. Super quality stuff and since my shoulder issue I’m learning this is an integral part of training!


Sure man, will do. I figured your see it here though. You’re one of my 3 most loyal readers!


100%!! love that.

is there anyway i can subscribe to your training journal? so i can get email notifications of posts like i do on the forum posts? i don’t really log onto the website much


Click the Tracking button at the bottom of the screen and change your setting.


JMaier! you a legend for that, thankyou!

yo flats post 997… i wish you could go back to the future to hand my 18yr old self & beat me over the head with it!

Understanding now, that every injury i’ve ever had could of been prevented if i had this sort of knowledge prior!

looking forward to following this one. hope you having a good weekend fellas


One day Flats, one day… I’ll have the time to watch your videos.
I wish I’ve paid more attention to your log 6 month ago. Well better late than never. Thanks again.


Friday I raked some leaves and listened to a Louie podcast. He was talking about how jumping off a hard surface would train more ligaments/tendons and “bounciness.” And a softer surface would take longer to jump off of, and this “slowness”(like, not bounciness) would work more muscle.

Sled dragging in sand would be slower and more muscley. Sled dragging on pavement would be faster, more bouncy, and would use more ligament/tendon.

If you box squatted to a foam cushion the foam would slow you down, making more muscle work and less tendon/ligament “bouncing” work.

It snowed Saturday night and into Sunday, and after walking through the loose, fluffy snow for 2 days, my leg muscles were a light tight and almost vaguely sore Monday. Now I want to get one of those cool box squat cushions. And maybe a 60 yard “Sand Track” for sled drags. Also I want to do a lot of Reverse Band Squats and reverse band Romanian/Dimmel deadlifts.

12-10 Monday Legs

Stretch upper body with band. Stretch hamstring, hip flexor, Glute and hip.


McGill Curl Up x4
Clamshell x4
Isometric Zercher Squat, Bar at pin 10 x3
5 sets of curl ups/clams. 3 sets of iso-searcher. Focus on glutes and low and for pelvic tilt, Iso hold is “high.”

Seated Psoas Lift x4
Standing Hamstring Curl x8
Iso Zercher, Pin 9 x3
5 sets psoas hold and hamstring curls, 3 sets isos. Pelvis is good, now ab/hamstring moves. Iso hold is slightly lower. Really trying to keep good pelvic tilt and get hips lower instead of leaning forward.

Hip Hike x4
Sideways Step Up with Band Through Belt Set Up
Zercher Iso, Pin 8 x3
3 sets of everything. Focus on keeping hips “extended” or tall, and level side to side. Iso hold is a little lower. Really working on getting lower without leaning forward or twisting/leaning over one leg.

Only 3 sets. Those sideways step ups were Blowing Up the front of my right hip. The “bad” one. I wasn’t sure if it was a good burn and crazy pump or if I was ripping it apart. Today, the next day, I feel good, so it must have been a good pump.

Band Serratus Twist Exercise
Chinese Row x12
5 sets each


Weak upper back, external rotators and arm supinators. This girl can’t use her Serratus to “pull” her elbows forward, under the wrists.

Pulldowns this way. Dudes lats are pulling his elbows back, but no Serratus/upper back to rotate/pull the elbows under the bar.

Good position. Flat back, wrists over elbows, vertical forearms. Good Serratus and external rotation.

Good Pulldowns. Vertical forearms.

Now, lay on the bench with a barbell in your hands. Poor Serratus/scap control/ lack of external rotation. Nothing is “pulling” the elbow under the bar. Forearms is not vertical. Tricep is not in a good position to lock out arm.

Good external rotation and serratus. Good forearm angle. Elbow under wrist/bar.

Now, what if one side is better or worse than the other?


1 arm is cool. But one side shifts under the barbell. The elbow might move around or shift position at the bottom. When it’s not under the barbell properly, the tricep can’t work properly. So you get a sore elbow and can’t lock out bench presses.


I’m the chick on the right…how do I fix it?


Start here.