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Clockin' A Grip


11-2 Glutes/Low Back

Clam Shell
Side Laying Adductors
McGill Curl Up
3 times around

Seated SSB Good Morning
5 sets, feeling move out

Power Squat Machine
5 x 8 or so

Band Thru Belt Walk, Step sideways on to short step
20 each side x 2 sets

Reverse Hypers
3 x20

My girl’s back has been giving her some trouble this week. She tried to squat last night but couldn’t. As a result this was a short workout, but pretty good. Seated Goodmornings were basically bracing real tight and then leaning forward, to the “Edge” of where I could stay braced like that with glutes tight and not rounding or extending back. Short ROM. Probably looks pretty silly. Good practice, standing up after a set of those was like a perfect squat.

I’ll probably add one more hip drive, glute thrusty move and do this for squat/leg day for awhile.


Here’s a boring video of some dude showing you his gym.

Dude is not a body builder or powerlifter, but he likes muscles and deadlifted 600. He talks about his equipment and through that you can kinda feel his general approach. One thing that stuck out to me was the band pegs/band anchors everywhere. Dude used bands not to be hard core, or for speed, but to get Peak Resistance or Tension at the “top” of lifts. Or at the end of the move where the joint is in the strongest position/alignment. True accomodating resistance, like on a safe machine.


11-5 Mixed Shoulders/Triceps

Prone Trap Raise + 6 Count hold x8
Dumbbell Incline Shrug, Face Down on bench x20
Straight Bar Pulldowns, forearms vertical at bottom x15
Twice around

Close Grip Bench Press, Pause just off Chest + 34 Chains
45 x20
95 x15
135 x12
145 x10

Seated Dumbbell Press
20 x20
35 x12
40/45/50 x6
30 x12

Rear Delt Destroyers
20/25/30 x25 reps

Close Grip Decline
135 x15
155 x13
165 x8

Tricep Pushdowns on Cable
5 x20, used different grips

Hanging Leg Raise x12
Plate Twist x8 each side
Decline Sit up x20
Twice around

Every week the day after shoulder day hurts less and less. Today I feel looser through the shoulders and upper back than I did before lifting.

Figuring out scap tilt and the shoulder rotations are working. There must be a good way to rotate the hip in a circle. Probably laying on my back with legs up like a baby.


11-7 Solo Back

Y-Raise or Trap Raise with dumbbells
4 x8 with holds at top
Paired with Dumbbell Shrugs on Incline Bench
4 x12

Lat Activation drill, then
Charles Glass Dumbbell Row
1 light feeler x15
3 x12. Up to 75s

Single Arm Pulldowns on Machine
3 x12

1 arm dumbbell shrug, standing
4 x15. Up to 85s

Chinese Row
95 x15 - whoa, these feel different.
135 x15 - felt weightless.
165 x15 -easy, and I’m hype because I’m super strong now.
185 x10 - back to reality, suddenly super heavy

Cable Pulldowns, Medium Width, Semi Supinated Grip
4 x12

Pretty legit.


Last few post here are solid. Looks like you are back in the swing of things.


Thanks man. I feel like I’m pretty close. I’m trying to embrace my 2A-ness.

Everyone’s injuries or progress lately have given me a lot to think about while I rake up the leaves outside.


Why do people rake leaves? I’ve never understood it.

Mulch those bad boys or bag your cut.


Extensive landscaping with large beds of mulch, stone walkways, walls and and steps. Long U-shaped gravel driveway. 2 creeks and a duck pond. Privacy fence, wire duck fence, fenced in dog pen. Basically, my yard is like a bird sanctuary, inside a zen garden, with a strong, strong House of Elrond aesthetic. The lawn mower can’t get everywhere.


11-9 Solo Legs

A couple stretches. Hip flexor and side-ass.

Clam Shell x12/Adductor Raise x12/Let Raise-McGill Curl Up/Standing hamstring curl
Twice for each side

Seated GM with SSB
A couple working up to feel it
3 x12

Power Squat Machine
3 going up
3 x8

Smith Machine RDL
3 x6 going up
3 x8 with 1.5 plates

Sideways step up
35 x12
Reverse Hypers
100 x22
3 pairs


11-11 ARMistice Day, Pecs/Biceps/Delts

Prone Trap Raise x8/ Incline Dumbbell Shrug x20/Rear Delt x15

Incline Press Machine
4 x15. Last 2 with plate per side.

Dumbbell Bench
4 x15. Work up to 55s.

Dip Machine
4 x15.

Dumbbell Y-Raise x10
Dumbbell Side Delt Raise x12
Dumbbell Front Delt Raise x6
4 series

Spider Curl with Barbell x12 (extended top range)
Incline Dumbbell Curl x12 (extended bottom range)
Straight Bar Cable Curls x12 ( constant tension through mid range)
3 series. This killed my biceps. It was awesome. All my bros should try this.


11-12. Back Day, or gpp day, or deadlift building day

Lacrosse ball on side-ass.
Clam Shell/adductor leg lift/McGill curl up
x twice each

Reverse Hypers x20 and standing leg curls x8

Sled Drag
90 pounds x 400 meters

Hamstring Stretch ( actually really using hamstring to stretch Glute)
Glute stretch
Dimmel Deadlift x20
Repeat 3 times

Serratus activation drill
Single Arm Straight Arm Pulldowns with band
Snatch Grip Shrugs, hold at Top x20
Repeat 3 times

Loosen up ass, to relax out of ATP and allow hamstrings to load up. Then exercise, thinking about keeping pelvis level. Not driving hips or pushing glutes, but actively using my hamstrings and abs to keep my lower back neutral. By like not squeezing that tight area I’m calling my Glute medius.

Then practice keeping the bar close by a shrugging, with the lats pulling the bar close. With good scap tilt, which I focused on during serratus activation and straight arm pulldowns.

Shoulda got the “keep the bar close” stuff done after Glute/hamstring stuff, but before dimmel deadlifts. Build the pattern, then finish with the lift you want to remember. The perfect one, with all parts working correctly.


11-14 Shoulders

Warm up
Some band stretches to get shoulders loose and posture tall. Then prone trap raise kinda upward rotation moves Focusing on Scapula Tilt.

Cable Rear Delts
Pull across, like rear delt fly x12 then pull down, like rear delt extension x12
3 times

Close Grip Bench, Pause above chest
A couple Warm ups then 2 sets. Really fatigued, these were tough so I went light.

Seated Dumbbell Press
4 x12. Used light weights which were still tough.

Decline Close Grip Bench
3 x12.

Cable Face Pulls with long rope handle
Paired with Cable Tricep extensions with long rope
Back and forth for a bunch of reps

Good workout, but my poor muscles were tired. I did some different lifts Sunday, during my other upper body session. Being this tired out days later tells me those new lifts are “effective” and “good.” And if doing the same old lifts heavier, left me Less fatigued last week, I must be pretty well “adapted” to that old workout.

Doing it again would be more about doing heavier sets of 12 on the same lifts. Not about Using the lifts to build more muscles.