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Clockin' A Grip


9-16 Football Workout

Roll out Hips.

Band Shoulders.

Neck Flexion 3 x20
Neck Extension 3 x20
Side Necks 2 x20

Mini Band Pushdown x100, 50
Mini Band Leg Curl x50, 50

Not very fun, in the traditional sense.


9-17 Quad/Legs

SSB Box Squat
115 x10
155 x10
205 x5
215 x5 x5

Front Squat, to the Box
95 x10
115 x10
125 x10

Single Leg Deadlift with Kettlebells
15s x6
20s x6, 6
30s x6, 5

Standing Calves
4 x16
Seated Calf
3 x20

My hips were a little tight and achey this past week. I think I went a little deeper than I was ready for front squatting last week. It was feeling so nice at the time. This week I tried to keep my glutes and hips tight tight for everything and front squatted on the box to limit the hip flexion.

Also, this short workout has been taking forever. I guess I wasn’t paying attention to how long I was waiting around between sets. Last night I was able to go through everything with 15 breaths between sets pretty easily, so I’ve been slacking and I need to cut those rests down.


9-18 Bonus Back Day

Chest Supported Iso Rows
10 scap shrugs then 10 rows x4 sets

1 Arm Pulldowns on Leverage Machine
4 x12

Reverse Hypers
90 x15, 20, 25, 30
Sidebends Between Sets
55 kettlebell x12 x4 sets

Single Arm Dumbbell Shrug
4 x15 Pause at top.

Stir the Pot
3 stirs

No hip pain on Reverse Hypers but a nice lower back pump to go with the rest of the back pump.


9-19 Chest/Biceps in the Morning

Bench Press
45 x115
95 x15
135 x10
155 x10
165 x10

Incline Dumbbell Press + Mini Band
35 x12
50 x10
55 x10

Pec Deck
3 x12

Front Barbell Raise, EZ Curl Bar
+20 x10
+30 x10, 8, 8

Barbell Curls
75 x12
85 x12
85 x11
75 x12

Incline Dumbbell Curls
3 x10


Adding mass?


Yeah man, I’m trying to grow some muscles. Some dude said I “looked fit” at the gym the other night. So I gotta get way more swole.

Anyway, recovery is good on this bodypart kinda split. With the workouts more targeted, and less overlap something is always ready to go.

Also I keep hearing that 4th week deloads are good for gaining muscle. Adding then dropping extra stuff felt like a good fit for the deload plan.


I concur on the 4th week deload, keeps you fresh and your joints fresh as well. I always feel stronger after a light week or even a week off.


A few years ago, with 5/3/1, I messed around with week 4 deloads and week 8s off. It was like the beginning of not getting beat up by training.

Speaking of joints, I was kicking around the idea of using the bamboo bar during deload week. That thing is pretty fun.


9-20 Back/ Hams

Stiff Leg Deadlift
185 x10
225 x10
215 x10
195 x10

I went down till the plates hit 25 bumpers on the floor.

Conventional Deadlifts
245 x2reps x4 sets

Dumbbell Row
70 x15
80 x12
90 x8, 8

Sternum Chin Up
x2, 4, 5, 4, 3

Wide Grip Barbell Shrug
95 x12
145 x12
165 x12
185 x12
145 x15

Sidebends worked in with seated and standing calf raises.

I felt some fatigue this workout. Pizza for dinner! I did neck junk watching football after to burn those extra calories.


9-21 Shoulders/Triceps

Close Bench, Pause off Chest
45 x15
95 x15
135 x12
155 x10
165 x10

Seated Press Machine
2 x10
45 x5 x5

Paired up with Cable Face Pulls x15

Close Grip Decline Bench
135 x12
145 x12
155 x12

Cable Pushdowns
3 x20
Mini Band Pushdowns
2 x40

Reverse Hypers (90) x30 x4 sets
Stir the Pot x3 stirs, between hypers

A few jerk-off sets for rear delts.

I think I got a little overzealous on pause close grip and decline close grip. On a couple sets I could feel my chest drop, shoulders hunch up and in, and elbows drop. Basically losing tightness and upper back arch and internally rotating shoulders. Just asking to use front delts and impinge those poor guys. I gotta remember not to rush.


Cantakerous Chris recommended this one. One guy says do more sets and reps. Another guy says do the same volume but increase intensity. Then they talk it over. Kinda interesting.

Followed up with this one, Borge talking about myo reps, rest pause, continuous tension and occlusion training. Basically, how to get into the hypertrophy zone at do reps there. All about the same principles as C.T.'s “Best Damn” Workout article. If reps are good for growth, and the last reps are the good ones, how can we make all the reps like the last ones?

It reminded me off jmaier doing seated cable rows in the “21” style (7 bottom half/7 top half/7 full reps). Then new school Josh Bryant using this old school Chuck Sipes method for arms.



Arm Circles against wall.
Band stuff for shoulders.

Neck stuff.


9-24 Deload, Legs

Box Squat, Cambered Bar
135 x10
175 x5x5

Box Front Squat
95 x10 x2 sets

Single Leg Deadlifts
20 kb x6 x4

Reverse Hypers (110) x20 x3 sets
Paired with Seated Calf Raises 3 x15

Sidebends and Plate Twists (2 x12 for each side, each move)
Paired with standing calves (2 x20 feet narrow, 2 x20 feet wide)


9-25 Chest Deload

Bamboo Bar Bench Press
50 x20
100 x15 x3 sets

Mini Band Front Delt Raise
x20 x2 sets

Bamboo Bar Curls
30 x20 x2 sets
Mini Band Reverse Grip Curls
x20 x2 sets
Mini Band Pullapartz
3 x35

Planks Series x2

All that junk pumped me up and burned right away, from the first set. A deep burn. It felt so good, I had to remind myself not to do a bunch.


9-27 Back/Hams

Stiff Leg Deads
5 x10

Dumbbell Rows
-right side felt off

-right side pulling with arm instead of lat

-still cool

Next week I’ll make some adjustments. Different rows and chins.

9-28 Shoulders/Tri’s

Close Grip Bench, Pause off Chest + 44 Chains
Bar x15
95 x12
115 x10
135 x10

Seated Dumbbell Press instead of Machine Press
20 x5
25 x5
30 x5
35 x5, 5

Shrugs Face Down on Incline Bench instead of Face pulls
3 x15

Floor Press instead of Decline Close Grip
3 x12

PJR Pullover
3 x15
Mini Band Pushdowns
x75 x2 sets

Some stuff felt off, so I swapped in other stuff. I’ve been feeling crooked, with a tight groin, flat foot and rolled forward shoulder on the right side. This month I’ll switch in a few exercises to get after glutes and lats. I still like this split and it will be easy to stay organised sticking with it.


One thing you may want to consider as assistance is walking lunges. No weight even. Just reps, lots of reps. I think me being consistent with them has evened some stuff out in my lower body, plus it’s a wonderful mobility exercise. The high reps really does something special. Just a thought.

Or…TGUs :slight_smile:


I’ll give it a shot and consider it some Conditioning.

Unweighted is a good idea. I was doing some single leg deadlifts, but I think I used to much weight and just executed them crookedly.


Yeah, really focus on having everything lined up and stacked. Vary long strides, short strides etc.


BIG Day in East Tennessee.

My girl starts her internship at the Veterans Administration hospital.

President Trump is coming to town for a rally.

I’m doing a couples workout with the gf tonight. We usually go to the gym together, like at the same time but it’s been a few years since we partnered up. Vicious & Delicious! Teamwork!
Hopefully there will be no tears.


10-1 Mixed Doubles, Legs

Legs Curls
4 x8
I got some bird-dogs in there too

Box Squat, Barbell
3 sets up
205 x5, 5, 5, 5, 10

45 Back Raise, Band Around Knees
25 plate 3 x12

Single Leg Press
A couple sets to feel it out
4 x12

Dumbbell Stiff Leg Deadlift
3 x10

Bodyweight Walking Lunges
12 steps down and 12 steps back
Then Standing Calf Raises
Repeat 3 times

First time squatting with a barbell in awhile. When I can get my arms back there the straight bar is like the easiest bar. No belt, no power panties.

Leg Press was a nice change. I tried for some non lock out, not all the way down constant quad tension action. It saved me from having to load a lot of plates.

A cool cue for calves(from Erin Stern) is to think about pushing your heels forward instead of up.

There is some room to improve my lunges.