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Clockin' A Grip


9-16 Football Workout

Roll out Hips.

Band Shoulders.

Neck Flexion 3 x20
Neck Extension 3 x20
Side Necks 2 x20

Mini Band Pushdown x100, 50
Mini Band Leg Curl x50, 50

Not very fun, in the traditional sense.


9-17 Quad/Legs

SSB Box Squat
115 x10
155 x10
205 x5
215 x5 x5

Front Squat, to the Box
95 x10
115 x10
125 x10

Single Leg Deadlift with Kettlebells
15s x6
20s x6, 6
30s x6, 5

Standing Calves
4 x16
Seated Calf
3 x20

My hips were a little tight and achey this past week. I think I went a little deeper than I was ready for front squatting last week. It was feeling so nice at the time. This week I tried to keep my glutes and hips tight tight for everything and front squatted on the box to limit the hip flexion.

Also, this short workout has been taking forever. I guess I wasn’t paying attention to how long I was waiting around between sets. Last night I was able to go through everything with 15 breaths between sets pretty easily, so I’ve been slacking and I need to cut those rests down.