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Clockin' A Grip


For abs core…and much more

RKC/captain morgan Plank circuit

Start in a side plank and do rkc captains Morgan planks for 10 seconds each leg(so do both legs, that’s 20 seconds), then transition to a rkc single leg/arm front plank (thats two more transitions, up to 40 seconds), then transition to the other side for rkc captain Morgan side planks (two more transitions, up to 60 seconds) then finish with a 10 seconds standard rkc plank.

I start my workout with a series and it makes my hips feel so damn good. Then I finish my workout with another series.

Great preventative maintenance strength builder for adductors, abductors, hips, shoulders, core/abs.

If the description is confusing I’ll try to get a video for you next time I train.




Side plank- 10 seconds on “top” leg
10 seconds on “bottom” leg

Face down - 10 seconds in a “bird dog” kinda plank, opposite elbow/foot up
10 second on other elbow/foot

Then 1 leg planks for other side

Then 1 regular one

Ok, no problem.

8-3. Chest/Bench

Bench Press
95 x7, 7
135 x7, 7
185 x7, 7
205 x4, 4

PJR Pullover with Dumbbell
55 x20
65 x15
75 x15
70 x15

Hammer Strength Decline Press, 1 arm, push across chest
1 plate x 15 reps x 3 sets

Dip/Tricep Press Machine
1.5 pps x20
2 pps x15 reps x 3 sets


Boom. Then profit.


Oh man, a week already. It was something like this;

Day 1

Incline Bench Press Machine 4 x12ish
Iso Pulldowns / Rear Delts 4 x12ish each
Iso Shrug Machine / Dumbbell Curls 4 x12ish

Day 2

Stiff Leg Deadlift (work up to 265 x6)
Short Step Ups/ Calves 3 x12
45 Degree Back Raises/Facepulls 3 x12

Day 3

Floor Press (work up to 205 x6)
Glass Dummbell Rows / Rear Delts 3 x12
Wide Grip Barbell Curls / Narrow Grip Incline Bench to Chin 3 x20

Day 4

Plank series/Facepulls
SSB Box Squat (up to 185 x12)
Sled Drag (power walk forward, backwards drag back) x4 trips

Weak, fat and poorly conditioned.


What did you think about the planks before the squats? Am I special snowflake and they really suck??? :thinking:


I thought the planks were pretty good. To be honest, they were probably just slightly too difficult for me. Especially the 1arm/1leg position. I had to think and concentrate pretty hard to make my body do it. There is definetly lots of room for improvement in terms of tightness and getting straighter and not sagging my hips.

Even half-assed, they worked. It felt like sidebends, hip hikes, band monster walks plus adductors all knocked out in one go. Especially inner thigh/crotch or adductors. I could really feel it on the sled drags. My feet were closer together and I was standing up taller, using my legs “better.” Less bow legged, I guess. Is that internal hip rotation?

Final Grade, I like the planks. That doesn’t make You any less special.


There’s a quick learning/strengthening curve on them. Glad to hear they were worth something!


My pussylegs are sore.

8 -13 Upper Reps?

1 light set x25 of pulldowns, pec-dec, side Delt raises and tris to get into it.

Plate Loaded Incline Machine
4 x13

1 Arm Dumbbell Shrug 4 x15
paired with 1 Arm Rear Delt on Cable 4 x15

1 Arm Pulldowns, Plate Loaded Machine
4 x12

Tricep Pushdowns, Elbows out 3 x20
Dumbbell Curls, Elbows out 3 x15 then 10 reps hammer curl

Bench Press Monday! Half the gym was doing some kind of bench press then pulldowns, rear delts and shrugs. Every lift was like going set for set in a 3 bro rotation in the midst of a 4 team round robin.


Good to see squats and deadlifts back :slight_smile:
How is your back feeling?


Thanks man.

My back is feeling great after not loading it up for awhile. I can tie my shoes and do every day normal stuff no problem. After last week my leg muscles felt sore in the good way with no tightness or pain. The plan is to do some more today.


8-15 Lower?

Hip Flexor stretching. They were tight tight.

Plank series and ball crunches.

Bent over row then stiff leg deadlift
45 x15/15
95 x15/15
135 x10/10
185 x10/10

Rows felt great. I was really pulling with my back instead of just my arms. I meant to do just a few light warm up reps. This was probably a little excessive.

Stiff Leg Deadlift
215 x8, 8, 10

These were tough. My excuse is too many reps working up.

Step Ups

Seated Calf Raises between sets

45 Degree Back Raises
bw x13 x 4 sets

Standing Calf Raises between sets


8-16 Shoulders Push

Dumbbell Shrug, Lay on High Incline Bench

Paired with Rear Delt on Cable. Like reverse fly, single arm
4 x15

1 Arm Dumbbell Row
4 x15

Paired with Seated Side Delt Dumbbell Raises
4 x15

Seated Machine Overhead Press
4 x15

1 Arm Cable Tricep Pushdown
3 x25

PJR Pullover
3 x15
1 x12 Up to 80 DB

Cable Curl
3 x15

Preacher Curl Machine
4 x12

I drank some pre workout go juice. Then my woman was taking all night chit-chatting. I ended up doing a bunch of junk.


8-17 Legs

Plank Series and some hamstring curls. Planks were slightly less grab-asstic.

Saftey Squat Bar Box Squat
165 x10/12/15

Box lower than last week. Trying to use some quads on these. Fun challenge to keep tight and not sit back back.

Tried some reverse hypers but they hurt the front of my left leg. I couldn’t find a comfortable groove. Something is tight in there.

Sled Drag
5 trips, power walk forward going down. Backwards drag coming back.

Quads were burning.

Short workout.


8-19 Sunday

Laying Leg Curls x75 x3 sets

Walk up (2 minutes first time) and down (2 minutes first time) medium steep hill wearing ankle weights. 7 trips in 30 minutes so I must have slowed down a little.


8-20 Upper?

Single Arm Pulldowns on Lever Machine
Working up x20, 15, 12
2.5 plates per side x8 x 2 sets

Rear Delt Destroyers
20 x50 reps
25 x45
30 x40
20 x50

Glass Dumbbell Row
60 x20
70 x15 x5 sets

Close Grip Bench Press
95 x20
115 x15
135 x10 x 5 sets

Not too well thought out but not easy.


8-22 Hamstrings

Plank series and leg curls

Barbell Row then Stiff Leg Deadlift
45 x10/10
95 x10/10
135 x10/10
185 x10/10
205 x10/10

Stiff Leg Deadlift
225 x8, 8, 10

Seated Calf Raise
5 x15
Paired with Dumbbell Step Ups
25s x12
35s x12
45s x12
35 x12

45 Back Raise
bw x12, 12
hug 15 pound medicine ball x12
25 medicine ball x12, 12
Standing Calf Raises between sets

Weights are still puss, but I felt stronger than last week.


8-23 Other Upper

Pec Deck, hands on Elbow pads
a couple easy ones
3 hard ones x15

Dumbbell Lateral Raises, 1 arm at a time
a couple easy ones
3 hard ones x12

Dumbbell Front Delt Raises, 1 arm at a time
an easy one
3 x15

Rear Delts on Reverse Pec Deck, 1 arm at a time
3 x15

Incline Dumbbell Press
35 x15
45 x15
50 x15
55 x12

1 Arm Cable Pushdowns and 2 arm Cable Curls
3 x20

Alternating Dumbbell Curls and 2 Arm Tricep Pushdowns
3 x15

Winging it was fun for awhile but its starting to feel like just drifting around. I’m getting kinda bored with standing around between straight sets so I did a bunch of stuff 1 arm at a time to rest while working. Sort of a blah bunch of exercises but I was working hard.


8-25 Rare Saturday morning squats

Some warm up junk

Plank series and leg curls

SSB Box Squat
95 x15
115 x15
135 x15
155 x15
175 x15
185 x15
195 x16

Seated Calf Raise, 2 count pause at bottom and top
4 x15
Paired with Single Leg Deadlift with 1 kettlebell
25 x8
30 x8 x3 sets

Standing Calf Raise
3 x20
Paired with Sidebends
3 x15


So, you’re back healthy and have decided to set down the stamps for good?