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Clockin' A Grip


7-3 Upper Body

A couple stretches, some band serratus stuff. Then a lat activation drill from john meadows.

Rear Delt Extensions on Cable.
4 x12-10

Double D Handle Tricep Pushdowns.
4 x15. Another one from john meadows. THE CHRONIC!

Pulldowns on Iso Leverage Machine. Lat activation drill between sets.
4 x12. Alternated arms for better 1 arm at a time contraction.

Hammer Strength Incline Chest Press. I sat side saddle and pushed across my chest. I was trying to hit the middle/bottom part of my pecs. I was feeling myself up with the other hand.
4 x15-12.

Rear Delt Destroyers
20/30/35 dumbbells x 30 reps

Overhead Tricep Extensions on Cable with Long Rope
3 x20-12

Dumbbell Rows, Charles Glass Style.
55 x15 x 3 sets. Also The Chronic!

Incline Dumbbell Fly
3 x12. Pedestrian.

Great workout.

John Meadows lat activation drill.

Double D Handle Pushdowns

Dumbbell Rows like Charles Glass.

Slap on some clay.


I just found the John Meadows stuff on the you tubes also. Great stuff


Fire works and drinking.

7-5 Legs

Seated Calves
4 x20, hold at top not bottom this time.

Standing Calves
4 x20

Single Leg Standing Leg Curl
4 x12

Band Good morning
4 x20

Leg Extension
4 x25

Ab/Hip Raise
3 x12

Kinda hung over. After the gym we went to see my girlfriend’s Grandfather at bag pipe camp. At an old monestarty in the mountains. Traditional instruments and places of quiet contemplation are cool. But bagpipes, no AC and small, super uncomfortable wooden furniture were tough conditions for a hang over. Plus lots of old guys continuously approaching my hot young blonde gf with bag pipe jokes. RPE 10.

7-6 Upper Body

Cable Rear Delt fly action.
3 x10

Seated Cable Row with Medium Width handle
4 x12. Lat activation drill between sets.

Double D Tricep Pushdowns
4 x15

Dumbbell Incline Bench
4 x12. Trying to keep elbows out more. Really killing my pecs.

Rear Delts on Reverse Pec Deck.
3 x15

Pulldowns, grip outside shoulders
3 x12. Not feeling these very well.

Tricep/Dip Machine
3 x15. Again, trying to get elbows out more than tucked to sides for more tension.

Chinese Row
125 x10 x5 sets with 40 second rest.

Mind muscle connection is improving. Its getting easier to feel muscles and keep tension on without high high reps or holds at top or slow lowering.



Walked pretty fast up to the top of the ridge behind the house.

7-9 Legs

Seated Calf Raise with 2 count stretch at bottom
4 x20-15

Standing Calf
4 x15

Donkey Calf Raise, Dip Belt for weight
3 x25

Leg Curls with hold near top
4 x12

45 Degree Back Raise
4 sets of 20. Held a 35 plate for 2 Sets

Step Ups
3 x12 each leg


7-10 Back

Seated Chest Supported Iso Row
4 x15-10

Cable Rear Delt Extensions
4 x12. Off hand on working arm. Hung a 5 pound plate on the weight stack pin for last set. Hardcore!

Iso Pulldown Machine
4 x12. One arm at a time. Used Fat Gripz.

Dumbbell Row, Glass Style
3 x15. Up to 65s.

Rear Delt Destroyers
3 x25. Up to 40s.

Chin Ups
x7, 7, 7, 6. The Best these have felt in forever.

Iso Leverage Preacher Curls. 1 arm at a time.
3 x12. This thing killed my biceps.

Alternating Dumbbell Curls with Fat Gripz.
3 x15-12.


7-12 Push

Stretch shoulder with wrist in band stretch/ arm circles against wall/hand serratus pushes
Two times around

Side Delt Dumbbell Raises
2 light light feeler sets, then 3 x15 with 15s.

Double D Handle Tricep Pushdowns
4 x20, working down the stack

Seated Overhead Press Machine
4 x15. First time using this thing. The machine moved in an arc and the handles ended up almost behind my head. Didn’t hurt and I could feel my shoulders. Will use for a few weeks.

Dip/Tricep Press Machine
3 x15.

Hammer Strength Incline Press
3 x12. Sit side saddle and press across chest.

Bench Press
95 x20 x3 sets

Bench Press felt different. I could feel my weak right pec and my weak right tricep working, and then trying to quit. For the first time I was aware of my right shoulder trying to rotate in and raise up and wing my elbow out to shift pressure on to my front delt. The light weight let me stop it from happening. That’s cool.

My girlfriend is trying out a new routine “12 week explosive strength make-over” from a Josh Bryant book. It’s got olympic style lifts and speed bench/squat and fun stuff like that. Today was snatch day and we spent some time using internal then external shoulder rotation to get the arms straight and back flat. I’m sure that helped my shoulder positioning during presses/benching.

It was a fun day at the gym.



Seated Calf Raise, 2 count hold at top
4 x20-15

Standing Calf Raise
4 x15

Band resisted front shin move between sets

Jim Williams Shrug (mid back shrug on chest supported that row)
5 x12

Plate Loaded Shrug Machine ( try squeeze back and up)
4 x12 with 2 count hold at top

Seated Dumbbell Clean with Fat Gripz
3 x15 with 20s

No abs today.


Good to see stamp collection is gong well


Thanks man. I’m kinda enjoying this change of focus. With new movements I get to make workout to workout straight linear newbie gains.

7-16 Legs

Left thigh and hip going around to my upper butt area have been tingly and tight. For a few days I was worried I was having some kind of disk related nerve issue. But then I decided to believe my quad tendon was irritated and inflamed from too many leg extensions and step ups. So no quads.

Mc Gill 3 and Dumbbell suitcase walks to get going.

Leg Curls
Band Goodmornings
3 x20
45 Back Raise
3 x20

Sled Drag, power walk forward
Work up to 4 plates. Then 4 lengths with 4 plates and a 25. Just enough weight to almost get side to side wobbles. Use enough weight to expose the weak leg, then do some work with that.

I rested between drags, even with just 1 plate. Definetly made it feel more like lifting and less like conditioning.

7-17 Push

Band shoulder stretch. Shouler extension-rotation move against wall. Bench shrugs instead of band serratus pushes.

Rear Delts on Reverse Pec Deck.
4 x12

Side Delts with dumbbells
3 or 5 x15. These felt good my first two sets turned into too low to count feeler sets.

Tricep Pushdown on Cable
3 x20. Elbows are starting to feel the extensions

Pec Deck, Hands on Elbow Pads
4x15. Felt great today. More elbow driven and better aligned movement.

Incline Chest Press Machine
3 x15

Chinese Row
185 x6 x6 with 40 seconds rest. Didn’t exactly fit in, but something I was working on from before.

Bench Press
95 x20, 20, 20

Right side still feels weaker.

More single joint motions on machines. What will happen to my upper stabilizers?! Shoulders feeling stable, rear delts pecs are improving.


We got some heavy rain Tuesday night and a tree fell across the duck pond, crushed the fence and blocked the road. I used the chain saw to clear the road at 6am Wednesday, but used the axe in the evening to deal with what was left in the pond and over the fence. My gloves got wet pretty quickly so they protected my hands but made the axe handle slippery. I had to hold on extra hard and it crushed my poor grip. I had to use straps for everything today.

7-19 Width Specific Pull

I did a couple sets of the lat activation drill to get started and a few more sprinkled into the workout.

Iso Leverage Pulldowns, 1 arm at a time
1 easy feeler warm up then 3 x12. Up to 2 plates per side.

Iso Leverage Chest Supported Row, 1 arm at a time
1 light one, then 3 x15-12. Up to 3 plates per side.

Glass Style Dumbbell Row
1 feeler, then 3 x13. Up to 75s, the last dumbbell on the top row of the 2nd rack.

Double D Handle Pulldowns
1 light then 3 x15, still kinda light.

Iso Leverage Preacher Curl, 1 arm at a time
3 x12. The ROM on this is so short but bicep contraction is severe.

Connection to lats continues to improve. I was able to pretty much get the squeeze I wanted ever set without any holds or slow lowerings. Except on preacher curls, which were almost like flexing. I hit some fun benchmarks. On to 4 plates per side and the 100 pound dumbbells.