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Clockin' A Grip


I got into rythmic gymnastics for awhile.

I have been thinking about getting into a more muscle/body part based scheme. Like BB, only not calling it that, so I don’t dis for-real bodybuilders. Both upper body days were fun last week. I’ve been wanting to try out some of these clusters my homeboy Kenny Crox was been talking about.

I was just making some progress though! A couple years ago I was worried every time I had to step sideways into the shower. Just 3 weeks back I was able to pick up my lawn mower and step over the fence so I could mow around the duck pond.


By the way… we haven’t had a duck update in a while now!


Wouldn’t that mean you could get infinitely strong?


It would atleast mean that you get to see the absolute human potential without injury or the bone structure being the limiting factor.


In a much quicker time frame too I’d imagine


What about my poor tendons? Maybe some kind of futuristic woven fiber that can’t become shortened through overuse?

Duck Update

Duck look to be full grown. They are bigger than their mother and fatter than their mother. We hatched 12, and my neighbor donnated 2 little duckings he bought elsewhere. One of the donated ducks had some problems and I had to escort him to the big farm in the sky. Another duckling was killed by Daryl (drowned!) the duck-dad. 14 total ducks remain. It should be egg-city around here soon.

Back Update
Yesterday I was doing some pull thrus. It was hard to bend over with a wide stance because my right hamstring/adductor was tight-tight. When I dug my fingers around in there( it must have looked like I was scratching my under-self) I found a big lump/knot or tight area. Later at home I iced this area a bunch. This loosened me right up and allowed my pelvis to move more naturally. This allowed my back to relax and now I feel 200% better.


Thx for the duck update. They look like a squadron of air force plans coasting on the pond. And the image of you digging around in your backside while doing pull through a was tmi…


If the control room guys had looked on Saturday they’d have seen me doing something similar with a torch for my hamstrings


At least he just uses his hand. Yikes scared of a guy digging his backside with a torch…


The hand wasn’t enough, and it was only a medium sized torch.


Words are fun! First I pictured a torch. Then I pictured a torch. Then I finally pictured a torch. When I typed " torch" to tell you guys about it, this icon popped up :flashlight:. That was the 3rd one I thought of.


Awwww… they are so cute! Thanks!
Sorry about your poor tendons, but the are fabulous!


6-12 Shoulders

A little stretching.

T-Y-I Raises with dumbbells, chest supported on Bench, 6 count hold. I also put the dumbbells down behind me kinda to the sides.

Rear delts on Cable, extension style 4 sets of 12 with brief hold at top. Alternated arms, opposite hand on working rear delt.

Iso Pulldowns 4 x15 or so reps
Paired with Seated Dumbbell Side Delt raises 4 times 12 reps

Shrug Machine 4 sets of 15 with hold
Paired with Rear Delt Destroyers 4 sets of 15

Seated Overhead Press Lockouts (like 2 inch ROM) x20
Paired with Seated Overhead Press, Lower to Nose, with Bamboo Bar x12

Man o man, good one today! The silly hand serratus move is helping the lower trap/rhomboid activation move. The cable rear Delt Extension is like a moving version of the Iso rear Delt Extension I had been doing. Elbows out on the pull downs is hitting my lats and keeping my chest up and shoulder stable. Moved up in weight (up to 17.5s!) on side delts. I went backwards in weight and reps on rear Delt Destroyers ( trill name). This MUST mean I was isolating more rear delts. My overhead pressng must have looked absurd, but I enjoyed it. I used to love pressing overhead.



McGill 3 Back stuff. A couple stretches.

Cable Tricep Pushdowns, Long Rope, Pull Handles Apart.
1 little feeler set, then 3 x15-12. Brief hold, slow lower, aim for failure.

Paired with Cable Curls
1 feeler then 3 x15-12. Hold at top, Lower slow, try to failure.

Tate Press with Fat Gripz on Dumbbells
1 feeler then 3 sets of 15. Worked up to 35s.

Paired with Fat Gripz Dumbbell Curl, sit down, no back support.
1 feeler then 3 x 15-12. Up to 30s.

Neutral Grip Tricep Extensions on slight decline
3 x15, then press out

Paired with EZ Bar Curls
3 x 12. Biceps were feelin’ it!

Wrist Roller, roll knuckles up, then knuckles down, then knuckles up = 1 rep
3 times with 70 pounds

Worked into
Mini Band Pushdowns 2 x100
Mini Band Curls 2 x die around 60.

All guns All day. From pipecleaners to pythons.

I think I was trying to use the Mountain Dog style. I’m a little out of practice in reps to failure. I’ve been doing some many interval/cluster/ go to near failure then brief rest -type work that it was natural to just pause mid set, rest at the bottom and take a breath.


time for roast duck?


Oh! A typo! Ducks are bigger than their mother and fatter than their father. They are loud-loud too. One starts quacking and the rest join in.

No roast duck. They are strictly ornamental, for my woman to look at and feed by hand. Also they are probably attracting coyotes.


6-15 Hood

Couple few stretching. Band Serratus Pushes/Cable Face Pulls x3

Pec Deck, Hands on Elbow Pads 4 x 15 or 12ish, working up
Paired with Seated Cable Kelso Shrug then Row 4 x8 shrugs then 10 rows

Pulldowns with Medium Width Neutral Handle 4 x 12
Paired with Fat Gripz Dumbbell Incline Bench 4 x 15 or 12. 60s for last 2 sets

Really High Bench Press Lock-outs. Like 2 inch ROM 4 x20
Paired with Bamboo Bar Bench(100) 4 x 15. Got 17 on last set

Chinese Row
165 x 6 x 6. 45 seconds rest between sets.

Friday Fun.


How is the back feeling?


It’s feeling better since I stopped trying to mess with it the last few days. The lower body stuff I was doing last week felt good while I was doing it, but seemed to make me tighter and worse afterward. It feels like everything is loosening up and I think I’ll be back to normal pretty soon.

Thanks for asking.

What about you? How are you feeling? It seemed like sore backs were going around for awhile.


Glad to hear that you are getting better!

Yeah my back is okay right now but conventional deadlifting (even from blocks) still is putting a huge strain on it. I have deadlifted on Tuesday and my back is still sore (muscular, not spinal) on Friday evening.
Once I am done with this program I am most likely going back to almost exclusively sumo but I think I will add some trap bar pulls/ elevated trap bar pulls and car deadlift simulator pulls, to get me ready for next season. I am pretty jumpy with my ideas though, so nothing ist set in stone, haha.