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Clockin' A Grip


4-16 Heavy Lower

Inverse Curls
Five sets of 3’s down to +70 × 3( I need better records for this, that can’t be improvement) these were supposed to be first, but came after hack squat and rack pull.

Smith Machine Hack Squat
5 x15

Pin 2 Pause Sumo Rack Pull
185 x10 x 3 sets

Reverse Hypers
160 x25, 4 sets

Bunch of pre-activation before set hip hikes, 3 sets of Hip/Ab Raise and 3 sets of Sidebends worked in there.

Almost everything in this workout was selected, or effected because of some Gym Joker being in the way, taking up equipment, leaving his shit around or finding a way to be underfoot. It felt like a hidden camera show. Still a pretty good workout for being disorganised and vaguely pissed off.


4-18 Heavy Upper

Warm up Garbage

Close Grip Bench
A few going up
235 x1
250 x1
260 x1

Straight Arm Pull down x12 then Seated Cable Row x15
4 super sets

Rear Delt Dumbbells x12 the Low Incline Dumbbell Press x20
4 super sets

Bamboo Bar Upright Row x25
Mini Band Tricep Pushdowns x50
Barbell Curls x20
3 loops, plus 1 set of shrugs with Bamboo Bar at the end

+5 pounds on close grip. EZ press, big leg drive today, after benching with Bamboo Bar last week. For straight arm Pulldowns I used the upside down, or pinkies high grip Dave Tate showed in So You Think You Can Bench. It was good. Upper back was killed.


Looks like you didn’t leave any prisioners tonight.
I like that pulldown with row SS.

I may have to build myself a bamboo bar with pvc


4-20 Light Lower

Bad Girls with Band/Hip Hikes/Psoas-Ball Sit ups/Leg Curl to get ready.

Box Zercher Squat
125 x2 x10 sets

Pin 1 Sumo Rack Pull
165 + 90 Chains x2 x12 sets

Band Bad Girls x15
Band Through Belt Walk x15 per leg
Reverse Hypers x25
4 loops

Single Leg Curl x15
Leg Extension x30
Suitcase Walk
Psoas Ball Sit ups

I used the extra thick manpon on zerchers and they were good. For the hip abductions, I sat on a low step, hips below knees. At first it didn’t feel like much, but when I pulled my heels close and sat upright with vertical shins it was Better. Band Thru Belt Walk felt like a band resisted hip hike. Just extending the hip, making my short leg longer and standing up straighter. After that legs and hips felt super locked in and reverse hyper felt really strict and effective.

As I did light weights on silly exercises I thought of Alexeyev

“Other times, honest, I think to myself: train with weights of 150 to 200 kilograms, how will I push 250? But I firmly believe in success…”



Duck Update

This is an arm circle thing I’ve been doing for a couple weeks, outside the gym(in addition to shoulder extensions with light dumbbells and some bamboo upright rows in the gym). When I get “stuck” I push my wrist against the wall and try to adjust my shoulder and back, trying to relax lats and lower back and use rear Delt/upper back, until it can move around again.

At first I found my shoulder pinching a lot in my daily life. Reaching for shampoo, putting on a jacket, whatever. At first I thought I was fucking up, but then I realized I had been avoiding all those Reaches for a long time. They kinda hurt, but at least my body was trying them. Now, 3-4 weeks later shoulder ROM has improved. I still get Pinched Up at the ends of my range, but the “middle” is expanding.


4-22 Light Upper

Band Pullapart motion - squeeze scaps together
Straight Arm Pulldown- pull bar out of hooks with back tight
Lay on bench and bend pic pipe like horse-shoe -back tightness and triceps tension
3 times to get ready

Decline Bench Press
155 + 44 Chains x3 x9 sets with different grips

Band Pullapart x15
Shrug Against Bands anchored low and in front x15
Fat Man Chin up x15
Incline Bench with Bamboo Bar x20
4 times around

Mini Band Pushdown x25 for 4 sets


I think I’m going to try front squat with reverse bands today. With the bar hanging, the weight will be become less at the bottom. Theoretically I should be able to maintain good hips/back/knees and not rip my hip flexors off down there. Then my brains will be like, “Oh, that’s a good way to squat down, using all the muscles, let’s always do that.” I never really messed with this setup before, but I think if I get the correct bands (kinda small ones) I can go without a box for these.

Now I get to be excited for something new at the gym. Feels like the first time! If it works OK, I should be able to bench the same way.


4-23 Heavy Lower

Warm up junk

Reverse Band Front Squats
I used mini bands Triangle style over the 2 widest band pegs on the top of the rack with the bar hanging in the middle. At the top the bands had slight tension so they never moved or came off the bar. At the bottom 45 pounds or the empty barbell hit the saftey rails, so the bands probably took 30 pounds off the bottom of my front squat.

This turned out to be pretty cool. Once I found a good weight I was really able to feel “pushing my hips forward” and keeping my knees in one place at the bottom. After a few sets I was able to hit parallel and stop myself in the hole and drive out instead of bottoming out trying to bounce out of the bottom.

I hadn’t felt these sensations in awhile. My abs and quads and glutes are in shock now. I should have tried these sooner. I did a bunch of 2’s around 195 and forgot to work up to a heavy one.

Pin 2 Pause Sumo Rack Pull
185 x 10 x 3 sets. These were all good, I’ll add some weight next time.

Smith Machine Hack Squat
4 x12
Reverse Hyper
160 x25 x 4 sets

Leg Curl x15
45 Degree Back Raise x15
4 pairs

Leg Extension
Standing Psoas Raises
2 sets each, many reps

Good workout. I’ll reverse band squat again for sure.


Thanks for this. Learning about accessory lift and what they provide is awesome info for me as a noob lifter!


Damn those ducks grow fast


4-25 Heavy Upper

-Pull Aparts and upside down grip straight arm pulldowns(Dave Tate stuff)
-Lay on Bench and Bend PVC Pipe(alpha bench tip) with tiny orange band around wrist (Dave Tate tip)

Bench Press
-I got up on my traps, squeezed shoulders together and got stable and tight. I got nice leg drive without over arching and lifting my butt off bench. My arms felt straight. All of this is better.
-Hitting the sticking point with new technique was an Abrubt Shock. I could feel my setup collapse. It was like I’d never done the lift before.
-It made me grumpy

Bench Setup Back Attack
Dumbbell Y- Raise (5’s)x15
Mini Band Pull Aparts x15
Chest Supported Seated Row, Remove Seat and Stand Up(ramp weights) x15
5 times through. I liked this.

Calmed down and talked to my girl about benching. She said it looked good, blah blah blah, “Sticking Point” blah blah blah “where you always get stuck” blah blah blah “2/3 of the way up.”

4 Board Press(just below sticking point)
135 x10 (holy shit, where do my elbows go?)
155 x10 ( where does my back go?)
155 x10 (how do I hold my back to put my elbows there?)
155 x15 Like That!

Bench Press is not a Tricep extension over the chest, it’s a press off the chest! Duh! When these are closer to my bench press, I think my bench press will be higher.

Cable Curls x15
Cable Tricep Pushdown with Long Rope x15
4 pairs

Fat Gripz Dumbbell Curls x20
Cable Face Pull x20
3 pairs

I don’t know. I missed a bench press, but for once I feel like I failed because I was too weak. Not because of some physical hunch back fuck up or faulty placement B.S. Warm up must have been effective. 4 Board press feels like it was invented for me. Rows felt good.

Today, the next morning, my ill shoulder feels extra good.

Training has kinda felt like going nowhere for awhile, but maybe that allowed me to not mess things up.


Amazing how much changing form fucks with the lift. The Tate form is rock solid and my should is getting better and better every week. My setup is still weak but improving. Imaging 6+ months using this when the body auto regulation takes over…shit will be flying off the chest


Positive Attitude! Thanks, I needed a little pep talk.

Duck Freedom Day

Most ducks seem OK.

This one has a jacked up leg and may be a non-hacker.


4-27 Light Lower

Reverse Hypers/ Hip-Ab Raise/ Band Hip Abduction

1 Reverse Mini Band Front Squat (135)
2 Box Zercher Squat (115)
8 of those

Pin 1 Rack Sumo
205 + 90 Chains x2, 10 sets

Band Hip Abduction x15
Side Plank x plank
Reverse Hyper (160) x25
4 times around

Band Thru Belt Walk x40
Standing Leg Curl x12 each leg then 12 more each leg
Twice each

Good workout. Reverse Band squats felt more natural. Just squatting down instead of having to think about pushing hips forward.


4-29 Light Upper

Band Pullapart/Straight Arm Pull down/Long Rope Tricep Pushdown/Stretch Pec and bicep

Decline Bench
155 + 34 Chains x3 reps x 9 sets with 3 grips

Cable Face Pull x25
Straight Arm Pulldown(upside down grip) x20
Seated Cable Row x15
4 Giant Sets, I lost a few reps here and there.

Bamboo Bar Incline Bench -4 hanging 25s x 15 reps
Rear Delt Extension/Side Delt Riase/Y-Raise - 5 pounds x what I could get
3 pairs

Cable Curl x20
Dumbbell Curl x20
Psoas/Ball Sit up x15
Twice around


4-30 ME Lower

Warm up junks.

Pin 1 Rack Sumo
A few doubles
435 x1
455 x1
475 x1

Leg Extension x20
Smith Machine Hack Squat x13
5 super sets

Standing Leg Curl x12
45 Degree Back Raise, short mini band around knees x12
3 super sets

Seated Calf Raise x20
Standing Calf Raise x15
3 super sets

+10 pounds on pin 1 Sumo. I haven’t done that lift since October and have been lifting small weights for weeks, so it was nice make progress. That shit was pretty hard and I skipped pause deads and reverse Hypers.


Nice PR, huge weight!


Thanks man. One more step forward. It’s reassuring when the weights go up.


5-2 Heavy Upper

Warm ups didn’t get me loose or warm.

I was planning to work up to a heavy 8 or so on dumbbell bench but it felt like something would tear off with the 50s.

4 Board Press
2 sets working up
165 x8, 8, 10

Paired With Regular Grip Pulldowns, Slightly outside shoulder width
5 sets working up

Pec Deck and Sit ups on Ball
5 sets of each

Hips are crushed from Monday, shoulders and back feeling it from Sunday. Pretty much everything felt like shit, but I did get like 12-15 good reps in there between Pulldowns and board presses. Pumping up the pecs felt nice.


5-4 Light Lower

Hip hikes, Peterson Step ups/Sidebends then suitcase walks/Sideways shuffle with bands

Box Zercher Squat (balls to box)
130 x2 x12 sets

Pin 1 Sumo Rack Pull ( Squat the weight up)
185 + 90 Chains x2 x12 sets

Shrug on Chest Supported Row x10
Reverse Hypers 160 x25, 25 and 180 x20, 20
Shrugs then reverse Hypers 4 times

Laying Leg Curl x12
Standing Leg Curl x12
Leg Extension x20
3 times

Left hip has been tight and uncomfortable since Wednsday night. This morning I used this rolling pin kinda hand held foam roller on my quads and felt way better. I forgot about that little stick roller thing for like a year but it worked great on tight quads. Today’s workout was no problem. Assistance work wasn’t super intense.