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Clockin' A Grip


4-16 Heavy Lower

Inverse Curls
Five sets of 3’s down to +70 × 3( I need better records for this, that can’t be improvement) these were supposed to be first, but came after hack squat and rack pull.

Smith Machine Hack Squat
5 x15

Pin 2 Pause Sumo Rack Pull
185 x10 x 3 sets

Reverse Hypers
160 x25, 4 sets

Bunch of pre-activation before set hip hikes, 3 sets of Hip/Ab Raise and 3 sets of Sidebends worked in there.

Almost everything in this workout was selected, or effected because of some Gym Joker being in the way, taking up equipment, leaving his shit around or finding a way to be underfoot. It felt like a hidden camera show. Still a pretty good workout for being disorganised and vaguely pissed off.


4-18 Heavy Upper

Warm up Garbage

Close Grip Bench
A few going up
235 x1
250 x1
260 x1

Straight Arm Pull down x12 then Seated Cable Row x15
4 super sets

Rear Delt Dumbbells x12 the Low Incline Dumbbell Press x20
4 super sets

Bamboo Bar Upright Row x25
Mini Band Tricep Pushdowns x50
Barbell Curls x20
3 loops, plus 1 set of shrugs with Bamboo Bar at the end

+5 pounds on close grip. EZ press, big leg drive today, after benching with Bamboo Bar last week. For straight arm Pulldowns I used the upside down, or pinkies high grip Dave Tate showed in So You Think You Can Bench. It was good. Upper back was killed.


Looks like you didn’t leave any prisioners tonight.
I like that pulldown with row SS.

I may have to build myself a bamboo bar with pvc


4-20 Light Lower

Bad Girls with Band/Hip Hikes/Psoas-Ball Sit ups/Leg Curl to get ready.

Box Zercher Squat
125 x2 x10 sets

Pin 1 Sumo Rack Pull
165 + 90 Chains x2 x12 sets

Band Bad Girls x15
Band Through Belt Walk x15 per leg
Reverse Hypers x25
4 loops

Single Leg Curl x15
Leg Extension x30
Suitcase Walk
Psoas Ball Sit ups

I used the extra thick manpon on zerchers and they were good. For the hip abductions, I sat on a low step, hips below knees. At first it didn’t feel like much, but when I pulled my heels close and sat upright with vertical shins it was Better. Band Thru Belt Walk felt like a band resisted hip hike. Just extending the hip, making my short leg longer and standing up straighter. After that legs and hips felt super locked in and reverse hyper felt really strict and effective.

As I did light weights on silly exercises I thought of Alexeyev

“Other times, honest, I think to myself: train with weights of 150 to 200 kilograms, how will I push 250? But I firmly believe in success…”