Clockin' A Grip

4-7 Arms

Arnold Curl with Fat Gripz x 12ish
Neutral Grip Band Pushdown x 15ish
4 pairs

Incline Zottman Curl x 15
Close Grip 1.5 Pushups x 12ish
4 pairs

COC Gripper, Trainer x 6 reps with slow open
Reverse DB Wrist Curls x 15
4 pairs

Pinching x COC Sport x 12 x 3 sets

I drilled holes in a couple pieces of 2x4 and slid them over the handles of a gripper so I could do some pinching. I stole the idea from German guy COC #3 closer, Robert Baraban (who the hell is Baraban Robert?). Shout Out!

I started pretty easy to make sure my thumbs don’t fall off or anything.


4-9 Deload Legs

TKE x 1 minute
Step Down x 1 minute
Seated Calf x 1 minute
4 rounds

Donkey Calf x 15
Standing Tib Raise x 15
4 pairs



I’ve been doing incline DB bench on a narrow board leaning on a cinder block. Last week I decided that sucked and found a slightly wider board to use. Pressing felt less shitty immediately.

Later, I saw Simo DB benching on a big-ass (Thompson?) Fat Pad. The bench was so big it made dude look kinda small.

That was enough to make me wonder what the hell I was doing, laying on the floor, balancing on a plank like the victim of pirates.

Blah blah blah, I built this bench.

I’m pretty pleased. I didn’t want to spend any money until I saw how it came together, so there is no fancy hardware or padding yet. And I probably make a tweak ot two after using it. But it’s totally sturdy and legit, not too heavy and the bench is 14 inches wide vs the 6 inch board I was using last week.


5-10 Deload Push

Incline DB Press x 25
Side DB Raise x 25
Straight Bar Pushdowns x 25
4 rounds

Arnold Press x 12
Band Face Pull x 12
Miniband Pushdowns, switch hand positions x 60
3 rounds

Bench is cool, seat is a little crooked.


The engineer in me is concerned on sideways stability - sturdy enough left to right?


The engineer in me is impressed! But I am a shit, duck-tape variety of engineer after all.


That fat pad bench is next level. Once you go fat, you never go back.

Loving your diy bench mate. Being on the gainz

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What do you think man?

The feet aren’t wide enough and the whole thing will tip over? The bench is 17 inches tall, the feet are 14.5 inches wide. Should they go out farther? Or be beefier?

Or that the wide bench surface will teeter off the narrow legs? I tried to do some basic joinery shit so everything fits together, nothing (except the feet) is connected on just one surface.

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More so the connection from the verticals to the base horizontal feet. As long as that joint is secure you should be all ok! Test away and report back :slight_smile:

Which looks better?

Doubled up base

Triangular brace

Flying Buttress


I dont know about proper feet, but you should totally stack it on top of homemade boxes for extra sketchy seal rows


Flats - based on not undoing your work thus far, I’d suggest either of these options, diagonals or just extra pieces to lock that base to post.

Top post connection looks reasonable.

How does it feel with say a single DB chest press (offset load stability check)?



1 arm bench! That’s a good idea, way better than the nonsense stuff i was thinking about rigging up. Also, timely, 1 arm incline is my main pressing move this next 4 weeks.

And taking the feet off and attaching them sideways is probably how this will end up. The bench is already pretty tall and losing an inch and a half would probably help.

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Those boxes look legit! I made a similar pair, only shorter, less sturdy, without the rubber surface and no anti-rollers. Now they seem like junk in need of an upgrade.

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5-13 Deload Pull

KB Swing x 25
Band Ham Curl x 25
Seated Shrug x 25
4 rounds

1 Leg RDL x 7
Medium Width Pulldown x 12
3 pairs

Leg Curl x 12ish
Barbell Shrug vs Bands x 12ish
V Grip Pulldowns x 12ish
2 rounds


If my craftsmanship were better they would be a bit less wobbly when you set a heavy block pull back down.

Probably would remove the top 2x4’s and instead put a 3/4” piece of ply wood on the bottom to ensure it’s a flat surface. Boxes would be a bit lower in height then and be about perfect for block pulls below the knee. They aren’t bad now but a little lower would have been better.

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Some stuff

The other week I was walking the dogs with little daughter when a couple kids from down the street rode up on their bikes. Kiddo got all excited and wanted to run home to get her bike.
We had a Balance Bike (no pedals) from her 2nd birthday which she had outgrown. With the low low bike and her long legs she didn’t have enough room to kick off and push. She had to stoop to reach the handle bars and they kept turning sideways. It was a mess.
Then we went back to get her tricycle. It all plastic with a big handle coming out the back so I can push it around. When I removed the handle and she tried to pedal or turn the handle bars they weren’t “attached.” The pedals spun and the handles turned but they wheel didn’t move and she didn’t go anywhere.
My sweet daughter completely let down by my BS equipment and poor planning. I felt really bad. It was weird. Little bikes aren’t expensive or hard to get, so no big deal. But if that’s the case, I’m a bad dad for not having one. Not a good feeling.

I’ve been doing floor presses and DB incline presses on a board so narrow it limited my ROM. Jumping on the bench for the first time Greatly increased the amount of elbow bending I had to do for DB benching. Fuckin’ A! My biceps got sore as shit in just a couple hours. The next day my elbows felt all hot and swollen. Yesterday’s arm workout was just some band stuff with slow eccentrics to calm that down.

Non alcoholic beers are widely accepted now and getting more popular all the time. My woman has a meeting with one of the local breweries to see if they want to brew an exclusive NA beer for the bar where she works.

A Governor from the news graduated from my high school way back when.


5-17 Legs

Standing Knee Raise x 15
1 Leg Seated Calf x 20
Reverse Lunge x 15
2 rounds

Kickstand Squat x 15 x 4 sets

Spider Curl x 15
1 Leg Donkey Calf x 12
Hammer Curl x 15
Standing Tib Raise, heels elevated x 12
3 sets of each

4-18 Push

Low Incline Hanging DB Press, Alternate Arms x 25
Cross Body Front DB Raise x 25
Cross Body Tricep Extension x 25
2 rounds

1 Arm Incline Bench x 15 x 4 sets

Side DB Raise x 10
1 Arm Fly x 15
Side DB Raise x 10
1 Arm Pushdown with D Handle x 15
3 rounds

Great workout.

Big-ass incline bench is SOOOO much better than the BS substitutes I was using.