Clockin' A Grip

1-31 Legs

Side Lunge x 12
Ham Curl x 25
Ab Roll Out x 10
4 rounds, 1 minute rest

Belt Squat, heels up, 3-3 tempo x 10 x 4 sets

Ass Blaster, 3-1-3 tempo x 12
Kneeling Band Abs, 3-1-3 tempo x 10
2 pairs, 90 seconds between

Another good one.

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Left knee is irritated after squatting. Last week too. Not serious, just enough that I’m limping home at the end of dog walks for a couple days.

The bad news
My left quad sucks and when it gets tired I push/extend my hip instead of using quad to extend my knee. This whack movement hyper-extends my shit and hurts the back of my knee. This has been a weak point limiting me for awhile. So its time to back off the squats and do some 1 leg moves where its easier to target left quad.

The good news
I’ve been working with/through this all year, I can flex/engage my left quad at will and I actually have some meat (and stretch marks) on that thigh. Now I don’t have to learn how to do anything, I just need to do some TKEs and Touch Down squats.

The other good news is that I’ve been training for 4+ months with no derailments or forced lay-offs from douchey over-intensity. And if I can somehow control my ego enough to skip belt squats with a DB on my front porch next week I can probably go a little while longer.


2-3 Push

Close Pushup on Chair x 25
Chest Supported Row, Neutral Grip x 25
Supported Tricep Kickback x 25
4 rounds, 45 seconds rest

Floor Press, 3-1-3 tempo x 10 x 4 sets working up

DB Floor Fly, 5-5 tempo x 10
Side Lying Tricep, 5-5 tempo x 10
Once each was enough

Strenuous! Triceps love that slow motion.

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2-4 Pull

Swing x 25
Pullover x 25
Reverse Lunge x 12
4 rounds, 45 seconds rest

Deadlift, 3-1-3 tempo x 5 x 5 sets

Wide DB Row, 5-5 tempo x 10
Pull Thru, 5-5 tempo x 10

Knee was ill by the pull thrus. Good thing that was the last thing.

This would be a pretty nice time for a football game.

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2-5 Shoulders

Laying Int/Ext Rotation x 10
DB Face Pull x 10
Band Side Delt Raise x 10
Front DB Raise x 10
2 rounds, all with 5-5 tempo

Quick one.


2-7 Arms

Close Floor Press x 25
Tate Press x 25
Hammer Curl x 25
4 rounds, 45 seconds rest

Incline Curl x 10
DB Extension x 10
Band Pushdown x 10
Just once, 5-5 tempo

COC Grippers, 3-3 tempo
Sport x 6
Trainer x 6
.5 x 6
#1 x 4
.5 x 6


2-8 Legs

Side Lunge x 12
Seated Ham Curl x 25
Ab Roll Out x 10
4 times, 45 seconds rest

Terminal Knee Extension x 12
1 Leg Step Down x 8
4 pairs

Kneeling Abs x 10
Ass Blaster x 12
Once, 5-5 tempo

Good one. Nice weather. Step downs were less squirrelly than last time I did them. Knee felt better after the workout.

Recent family pic for other family dudes.

Country stuff.


Great snaps! Junior is 4-5 year old? (Ours just turned 6).

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Beautiful family you have there Flats!

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Cracking photo’s mate, so many smiles.

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Don’t rush me bro! Kiddo just turned 3 in December. I guess shes just jacked!

How was starting up at school or pre-school for you guys? Did you start early? What was the transition like? I think that’s our next big thing coming up.

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Thanks man!

Thanks man. It was a fun day. We had great weather at our favorite local park, a nice break in the middle of winter.

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We have playgroup sessions at the school she now goes to, so plenty of half days, early on with the missus with her. Great school and teachers so the transition was smooth and gentle for sure. She enjoys school (who wouldn’t at kindy - friends food and play!), but like any kind of change it might take a few days or more to get into the new rhythm of things. Kiddo’s are pretty resilient though!

Missus is full time at home and not working since she was born - so there were plenty of early play dates with other kids etc, getting both mum and kiddo used to the upcoming changes.

Whatever works for your family is generally the answer!? Enjoy!

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2-10 Push

Close Pushup on Bench x 25
Chest Supported DB Row, underhand grip x 25
Tricep Kickback x 25
4 rounds, 30 seconds rest

DB Floor Fly x 10
DB Floor Extension x 10
4 pairs, 1:15 rest

Fast enough to be tough, yet fun.

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2-11 Pull

KB Swing x 25
Straight Arm Pulldown x 25
Reverse Lunge x 12
4 times, 30 seconds rest

Elbow out Row x 12
Pull Thru x 12
4 times, 1:15 rest

No tempos the last 2 workouts after 3 weeks of increasingly slow tempos. Lifting normal feels strong.

Woke up to a flooded yard, I had to put on the boots and pull some branches out of the ditch to get things moving again. Then I had to take my shit off, wade into the stream and get elbow deep to clear out a blocked culvert.

Not a super tough ordeal, just a reminder its easier to handle shit Before it’s a problem.


2-12 Deload Shoulders

Laying Int/Ext Shoulder Rotation x 10
DB Face Pull x 12
Band Side Delt Raise x 12
DB Front Delt Raise x 12
Twice Around

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Man, it almost sounds like you’re saying not to rush it or stress about it. And to lt it happen naturally/gradually I like that advice. Thanks!

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2-13 Deload Arms

DB Bench x 25
Tate Press x 25
Reverse DB Curl x 25
4 rounds, 30 seconds rest

Barbell Curl x 12
Overhand Band Extension x 12
4 pairs, 90 seconds rest

It rained super hard monsoon style for a little while last night. The water Scoured my recently cleared ditch, sweeping away tons of mud, leaves and rocks that had accumulated behind fallen branches and backed things up.

Score! That’s like 10 wheel barrow loads i wont have to shovel and move, easy.


Every cloud my friend.

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