Clockin' A Grip

Well I guess I gotta unfollow…

Lol kidding. Glad you enjoyed man. Happy cake day!

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It’s all 2-A-Days from here on out!

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10-26 Deload Legs

Seated Calf x 25
Step Down x 10
Band Thru Belt March x 25
4 rounds

A couple sets of Sissy Squats so I don’t forget how.

Standing Calf x 20
Donkey Calf x 25
Tib Raise Against Wall x 22
3 times

75 degrees with blue skies, nice day for a workout


BW 213 Shit!

I was replacing the ancient toilet fill valve in the hallway bathroom toilet and accidentally broke off the ancient toilet fill tube. Apparently that shit was made of egg shells. To replace the tube I had to remove the water closet. So yada yada, I drank a bunch of beers as I learned about toilets last night. Then woke up this morning a little dehydrated. I think I’ll do a bonus weigh in tomorrow to see if I’m still on track.



BW 212.6

Fuck! I was like 218 before bed last night. I guess I gotta get some more cheesecake.


10-28 Push Peak Week

DB Incline x (15s,/20s) x 25
Side Delt Raise x (10s/12s) x 25
Straight Bar Pushdowns x (Monster + Micro/Monster + Mini) x 25
2 rounds

Floor Press
1 x 10
1.5 x 10
1.75 x 9
2 x 10

1 Arm Arnold Press x (15/20/25) x 12
1 Arm Rear Delt Row x (15/20/25) x 15
3 rounds

Last week of the “block.” Lowest volume of the block, like the first week, only with the biggest weights.


10-30 Pull Peak

Bent Shrug x 25
Laying Leg Curl x 25
DB Bendover x 25
2 rounds

Stiff Dead, superset with medium width pulldowns x 10
1 x 10
1.5 x 10
1.75 x 10
2 x 10

Barbell Shrugs x 1.5 blocks + Monster Band x 10ish
Wide Pulldowns to nose x light + mini x 12
Standing Calf x 20
Standing Leg Curl vs Ankle weights x 8 + hold at top
4 rounds

Browned Leafed Vertigo
Where Skeletal Life is Known
I Remember Halloween

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I was feeling confident after fixing the hall toilet and decided to replace the fill valve on another one. While working on that I discovered the shut off valve to the toilet no longer shut off the water. After crawling around under the house to find the main shut off to deal with the Fucking Geyser in the bathroom and watching a video or two I was able to run out and get a new valve.

Once I had all the pieces in hand and tools laid out it was like 10 minutes to switch out the two parts and get everything put back together.

The water bill has been fucked up. I’m hoping to save like $20 a month now.

Then woman and kiddo returned from Trick or Treating (dressed as witches) and I got a Kit Kat.

Solid Evening.


11-1 Arms

Feet Up Crunch x 20
Reverse Wrist Curl x 12 then Reverse Curl x 12
Cross Body Tricep Extension x 12
3 times

Gnar Pump

Standing Hip Flexor vs Ankle Weights x 15
Incline DB Curl x 12
Overhead Straight Bar Extension x 12
3 times

Leg Raise off Bench vs Ankle Weights x 10
Barbell Curl x 12
Close Pushup x 12
3 times

Hand to Hand Brick Toss x 20 x 3 sets



Pre Weigh-In Safety Weigh-In: 214.4


BW 214.8

43 days, 20 workouts (counting today’s)and + 2.4 pounds into the gain phase. The original plan was to lift every other day, it looks like I’m 3 days behind. I was starting to think about going back to lifting 4 days per week, instead of the extra rest day, 8 day training week. Looking at it now, I think it will be better to just hit compliance with the EOD first. Shit’s working, so I’ll let it keep working another 40 days before I stress picking up the pace.

I’m sort of dreading these upcoming Sissy Squats. I’ve been training in silence, maybe I’ll hook up some music for extra enthusiasm today.


11-4 Leg Day

Band Thru Belt Walk x 25
Step Down x 10
Seated Calf x 25
2 rounds

Step Down x 10 paired with Sissy Squats x 10 x 4 pairs

Standing Calf x 25
Donkey Calf x 20ish
Tib Raise Against Wall x 25
3 rounds

Raised the step for step downs, quads were feeling it.

My shoulder was a tight and pinchy so I did some stretching yesterday. It’s been awhile, so it was a workout! My chest is sore like I lifted and my mid back and neck are exhausted, like they finally unclenched after being pulled on all week.

Next phase I Isolateral. Be ready for lots of 1 arm, 1 leg stuff.


11-7 Push

Incline See Saw Press, Hanging DBs x 25
Cross Body Tricep Extension x 25
x 2

1 Arm Incline Press
15 x 15
25 x 15
30 x 15
35 x 15

Low Trap Raise x 8
1 Arm Tri Pushdown x 15
1 Arm Side Delt Raise, Thumb Up x 10
4 rounds

Nice pump in the “hood” and shoulders!


11-9 Pull

1 Leg Reverse Hyper x 25
1 Arm Incline Shrug x 25
1 Leg Seated Band Leg Curl x 25
x 2

1 Leg RDL x 10 paired with 1 Arm Pulldown x 10
x 4 pairs

Dead Bug Kinda Crunch x 15
More 1 Arm Pulldowns x 10
4 pairs

If anyone is keeping track, This is the 1st week of the 2nd “block” or “meso cycle” of the Mass Phase. Isolateral, 1 side focused

Surprisingly pleasant and effective! My ass has gotten flat enough to upset me, I was thinking about adding some Ass Blasters or BSSs. Not necessary! The 1 leg reverse hypers ( a lot like a Bird Dog, Dr McGill ) and 1 leg RDLs gave my glutes all they could handle. That was nice.

Incline shrugs really lit up my Low Traps, which I’m trying to build up to get ready for overhead pressing next block. That was nice.

Last month I was doing straight arm pulldowns, lat focused, close griped. Now it’s wide pulldowns, upper back/rear delt focused. They felt nice and fresh, like they loosened up my shoulders and they is room for easy improvement. That was nice.



Body Weight: 215

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11-11 Arms

Arnold Curl
20 x 12 reps
25 x 12, 10

Incline Curl
20 x 10
25 x 10, 10

Block Curl
19 x 10
38 x 6, 6

Meadows Pushdown
x 15 x 4 sets

1 Arm DB Extension
10 x 12
15 x 12, 12

1 Arm Pushup on Railing
x 8, 8, 8

DB Reverse Wrist Curl x 12
Band Wrist Curl x 12
CoC Trainer x 10
3 rounds

Football Saturday Isolateral Arm Day. Super-setted with 12 oz curls in the non-working hand. Arthur Saxon Shit! Glorious!


11-13 Legs

1 Leg Seated Calf x 20
Band Thru Belt Walk x 25
Front Foot Elevated Lunge x 15
2 rounds

Step Down x 8 x 5 sets

1 Leg Donkey Calf x 12
1 Leg Band Tibialus Raise Sitting on Floor x 10
3 times

Now I need to make some dinner and try to get the woman and baby into bed by 8 so I can watch the Bills on Monday Night Football.


11-15 Push

Hanging DB See-Saw Incline Press x (10/12/15) x 25
Y-Raise x (3/3/5) x 25
Cross Body Band Tricep x (Micro/Micro/Mini) x 25
3 rounds

1 Arm High Incline DB Press x (15/25/35/35) x 15

Side Delt Raise, Thumb Up x (7/10/12/12) x 10
1 Arm Band Pushdown x (Mini) x 15
DB Fly x (15) x 12
4 rounds

Bills fire Offensive Coordinator Ken Dorsey! I’ll always remember him as the skinny Miami QB who won the '01 National Championship and 34 games in a row. Good luck man!


11-17 Pull

1 Leg Reverse Hyper x 25
1 Arm Incline Shrug x 25
1 Leg Band Curl x 25
3 rounds

1 Leg RDL x 8 superset with 1 Arm Band Pulldown x 10
5 pairs

1 Arm Band + DB Shrug x 15+
More 1 Arm Pulldowns x 12
DeadBug x 15
Standing Calf x 20ish
3 rounds

Seemed like a lot of pulldowns.



BW - 215.6

Forgot to weigh in yesterday. Looks good today. Psychologically I’m feeling bigger, the scale agrees.


11-19 Arms

Iso Arnold Curls x 8 x 3 sets

Iso Incline Curls x 8 x 4 sets

Iso Meadows Style D-Handle Pushdown x 20 x 3 sets

Iso DB Tricep Extension x 12 x 3 sets

Iso Standing DB Curl x 8 x 3 sets

Iso DB Floor Press x 10 x 3 sets

It was a super still fall day with no squirrels, birds, bugs or even wind. Between sets I was scraping old paint. Left arm, right arm, scrape-scrape. Long sleeves so I couldn’t even see my muscles bulging.

Fucking Boring!

I tied a couple DBs together to make a 30 and 35 pounder so I was able to go a little heavier than the usual 25s. It worked OK, and it was nice, it just wasn’t as exciting as I hoped.


11-21 Legs

Band Thru Belt Walk x 25
Forward Lunge x 15
1 Leg Seated Calf x 25
3 rounds

Step Downs x 9 x 5 sets. Beginning to add some little DBs to some sets.

1 Leg Donkey Calf x 15
1 Leg Band Tibia x 12
3 pairs

PM workout, it rained most of the day.