Clockin' A Grip

5-3 Outside Upper

Side lying Rotator x 12 x 3 sets

Side Incline Rear Delt x 12 x 3 sets

Face Down Incline Rear Delt x 15 x 3 sets

1 Arm Teres Focused band Pulldown x 15 x 3

Cross Body Band Tricep x 15 x 3

Band Hammer Curl/Spider Curl/Curl x 15/15/15 x 3

Shoulder stuff from some therapy guy for Pinched Nerve/Frozen shoulder. Partial ROM moves to keep tension on the rear delts and teres and off the neck and traps. Partial ROM shit is perfect for home workout with bands because you don’t have to worry about moving into the part of the move with no band tension.


No love for goldens or labs? staffy?

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5-5 Outside Lower

Standing Hip Flexor

1 Leg RDL

Step Down

Seated Calf

Pallof Press

5-6 outside Upper

Side Lying Rotator Move

Rear Delts with DBs and Bands

Band Triceps

DB Arnold Presses

Straight Arm Band Pushdowns

3 or 4 sets for 12-20 reps. Or fewer reps with 3-3 tempo. Blah blah blah.

I was pretty strict with carbs during April, I just had rice or oatmeal mostly. Gluten free without thinking about it.

Then this past week I got a little lazy and had some cereal, a couple biscuits and noodles one time. Over the past two days dry skin has started peeling off my face and an irritated red patch has formed on my chest.

I’ve had outbreaks like this the past and thought maybe it was something stress related. But maybe I’m just one of those annoying gluten sensitive people.



Chopped some wood. My favorite work as exercise move. Logs I was working on were thick and I broke an axe handle chopping a little too sideways trying to widen the notch. Then the head on my backup axe started coming loose.

Hopefully I’m old and grizzled enough to replace the handles properly. Last time I tried I couldn’t get the head on tight.


Foward Big Tire Drag x 50 steps
Backward Big Tire Drag x 50 steps
Chest Press Small Tire Drag x 50 rows
Row Small Tire Drag x 25 rows
Tricep Extension Kettlebell Drag x 25 extensions
Rear Delt Kettlebell Drag x 25 pulls
x 3 rounds

I got a pair of 12 foot chains and some D handles for upper body stuff sled stuff. They are like twice as long as the tow strap I used before so everything felt smooth and nice.


Tire Hops x 1:15, brief rest x 4 times

Battling Chains x 1:15 brief rest 4 times

Trying out some new stuff. Tire hops came from muay thai, they were cool and a nice workout for feet/ankles/knees. Just what I was looking for.

Battling chains were like battling ropes, only shorter. Felt nice on shoulders. I need to figure up some kind of handle, holding just the chain wasn’t ideal.


could you just wrap it in gaffer tape

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That seems like a pretty easy solution. Or duct tap e seems easy, I don’t know if we have gaffer’s tape in these parts.

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5-16 Push

DB Floor Press x 25
DB Medial Delt Raise x 25
Band Tri Pushdown x 25
2 rounds

DB Floor Press x 10 x 5 sets working up by adding bands

DB Arnold Press x12
Wide Upright Row x 15
Close Pushup x 15
3 times

Home workout with some colored DBs and a pair of 25s. Not bad.


You probably call it something else, just cotton cloth tape

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5-17 Outside Pull

Band GMs x 25
Seated DB Shrug x 25
Laying Band Leg Curl x 25
x 2

Band Thru Belt + DB Stiff Leg Dead x 12 x 5 sets. Ramp up by adding bands
superset with Band Straight Arm Pulldowns x 10

Stand on Band + DB Shrug x 15+
Band Wide Pulldowns x 15+
Laying Band Leg Curl x 15+
3 times

Great weather today! 70 degrees, comfortable with a nice breeze. It was low 80s with high humidity last week when I was bustin’ my ass doing yard work.


5-19 Outside Legs

Seated Calf Raise, 3-3 tempo x 20
Peterson Step Up x 21
Lunge x 12
twice around

Lunge x 12 x 3 sets working up
superset with Peterson Step Up x 15 vs band
3 pairs

Standing Tib Raise x 20
Seated Calf x 20
3 pairs

Pretty good one. Quads were feeling it, knee was fine.


5-19 Forgotten Biceps

Band Curl x 15ish x 2 sets
Band Hammer Curl x 12ish x 2
Alt DB Curl x 15ish x 2

5-20 Outside Push

DB Bench x 25
Side DB Raise x 25
Band Pushdown x 25
twice around

Feet Up Pushups x 10 x 5 sets, bands for resistance

Arnold Press, 3-3 tempo x 12
Rear Delt Row x 15
3 times


5-23 Sweaty Time

Tire Jumps and Battle Chains x 100 each x 5 times

5-24 Outside Pull

Band GM x 25
Band Seated Ham Curl x 25
Seated DB Shrug x 25

Band Thru Belt Stiff Leg Deads x 12
superset Band Straight Arm Pulldown x 15
5 pairs, working up

Band Pulldown x 20ish
DB + Stand on Band Shrug x 15ish
Standing Leg Curl with Ankle Weight, 3-3 tempo x 10ish
4 rounds


I got the axe handles replaced and turned the old handles in grips for the battling chains. They’re OK.

I also planted some pumpkin seeds, only some critter came and dug up my pumpkin patch in the night. I put some fertilizer stuff in a hole under each seed. I guess whatever did it got excited by the smell of crab-shell.


5-26 Outside Legs

Slant Board Step Up x 15
Seated Calf, 3-3 x 20
Lunge x 14

Lunge x 14 x 4 sets with DBs
superset with Slant Board Step Up x 15 x 3 sets

Tib Raise, Heels on Board x 15
Seated Calf x 20
3 pairs

Another one “in.”


5-27 Living Room Push

Pushup on Coffee Table x 25
Side DB Raise x 25
Band Triceps x 25
twice around

Pushups, feet on coffee table x 12 x 5 sets. Added bands for a couple

Rear Delt Row x 15
Rear Delt Pulldown x 20
Arnold Press, 3-3 tempo x 12
3 times

Left elbow has been irritated, I guess my hands were too close on close grip pushups last week. Felt OK today.


5-29 Outside Pull

Standing Leg Curl with Ankle weight x 25
Seated DB Shrug x 25
Band GM x 25

Stiff Leg Dead x 12
superset with Band Pulldowns x 15
5 pairs

Standing DB Shrugs x 10 L, 10 R, 10 Both
Standing Leg Curl x 20
Band Pulldown x 15
4 rounds

I found myself watching videos of dudes working out a couple times. I guess I’m starting to miss the weights.


6-1 Outside Legs

Incline/Decline Step Up x 25
Seated Calf, 3-3 tempo x 25
Lunge x 15
2 times around

Lunge x 15 x 4 sets working up with DBs

Tib Raise x 20
Seated Calf x 35
3 times


6-2 Outside Push

Band Pushdown x 25
Side DB Raise x 25
Pushups x 25

Pushups x 12 x 5 sets. Progressively harder with handles for ROM and feet elevated.

Rear Delt Row x 15
Arnold Press x 12
3 pairs

Friday! Time to get this protein shake out of the whey and find a beer.


Outstanding pun!

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6-5 Outside Pull

Standing Leg Curl x 25
Seated Shrug x 25
Band GM x 25

DB Stiff Leg Deads x 12 x 4 sets. Adding abnds around neck.
susperset with Band Pulldowns x 15

1 Arm KB Shrug x 15
Standing Leg Curl x 20
Band Pulldowns x 15
4 rounds

First really good outside Pull day.