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Clockin' A Grip

Yeah, they were great. It’s crazy how much info pours out of Dave. Thanks for mentioning the squat vid the other day, I might have missed those.

Part 3


1-2 Ass-Legs

Get Loose.

Band Ass Shuffle x 10
Nordic Eccentric Action x some
Leg Raise Off Bench x 16
Band RDL x 16
4 rounds

Sumo Iso Deads in Rack
Pin 2,1,-1 x 3 sets per position

Laying Adductor Raise x 22
45 Degree back Raise x 17
3 pairs

1 Leg Tibia Raise x 8-9
1 Leg Calf Raise x 10-12
1 Leg Reverse Hyper x 20
4 pairs

Many little knee circles made between sets to work all of hip joints . I stood on some plates to get a slightly lower height for rack iso deads. No hip pinches. Pigeon stretch on the incline bench continues to be a good one.

One more in the books.


Learned men say I need more brachialis. I’m hype to get down on some Zottman curls.

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1-4 Chest/Biceps

Get Loose

Decline Smith Bench
x 10 x 4 sets

Converging Incline Chest Press
x 12 x 3 sets + a bonus set where I got 9 reps

Cable Christos
x 20ish x 3 sets

Wrist Rotation x 10-12
Arnold Curls x 12
4 pairs

Wrist Roller x backward/forward twice
Zottman Curl on Preacher Bench x 20
3 pairs

Chain Incline Curls x 12/13 with big chains

Good one today. I finally felt the outside of my chest working on the smith bench! It took like 11 months to get that stretch/squeeze of the chest with a fixed bar.

Arms are getting strong too. 40 x 10 on the Arnold Curls, 80 on the wrist roller and the Big chains for incline curls.

Maybe when my arms are 19" and I can reverse curl 135 x 10 my shit will be strong enough to bench press again.


1-5 Traps/Tris

Loosen Up

DB Shrug, hold + slow down
x 22 x 3 sets

Chinese Row
x 10 x 4 sets

Nomad Rows
x 15 x 3 sets

Neutral Grip Band Pushdowns
x 25 x 4 sets

Board Pushups
3-3-3-3 x 3
4-4-4-4 x 3
5-5-5-5 x 3
6-6-6-6 x 3
then back down

DB Tricep Extensions, rotating like a zottman curl
x 20 x 3 sets

Bench Dips x 17
Overhead Band Triceps x 20
3 pairs

Trap part was kinda blah. Tricep part was cool.


I slept shitty two nights ago and had to get up and eat pre-breakfast last night. Referring to my records, I’m 2 days past deload time. Hey Oh!


1-7 Quads/Deload

Stretches to get loose

Tib Raise x 30
Standing Knee Raise x 20
Nordic Hinge x 16
Front Foot Elevated Lunge x 16
2 rounds

Heels Up Goblet Squat
x 8 x 3 sets

Plank with elbows up x longer than normal
Band Seated Hamstring Curls x 35
2 pairs

Reverse Hyper x 30
Seated Calf Raise x 50
2 pairs

Wenning style deload- cut sets in half and double the reps.


Other people’s workouts!

Big dude who coaches (throwers) at the olympic level trains with dude who trains world champ level MMA fighters.

Part one is the warm up. With some walking moves to stretch hip flexors and hams and get glutes, calves and tibs going. Lat stretching, external rotations. Sideways jumping, jumping to the feet from the knees. Combinations. Box jumps. A bunch of stuff.

Part 2 is some lifting. Max Effort floor press with chains on the football bar. Then some rows with a twist and back extensions on the glute/ham machine. Finishing with intervals on the air dyne.

The two dudes also chat for awhile.

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I’ve been doing these before squatting. I’ve been messing up bending my back leg too much, like a lunge instead of the “split-squat” action.

The sideways bend over always fucks me up. I can feel my QLs are worked just from leaning over to the side while standing up one time each side yesterday.

One I haven’t listened to yet from Dr Mike on re-twerking your techique.

Dude who did some specialized work on technique and bracing 2 weeks ago squats 700.


1-9 Deload Shoulders/Biceps

Get Loose

Rear Delt Row
x 35 x 2 sets

Lean Away Side Delt
x 30 x 2 sets

Arnold Press
x 25 x 2 sets

Wrist Rotation x 22
Band Spider Curl x 40
2 pairs

Zottman Curl on Preacher Bench x 35

Wrist Roller x 4
Alt DB Curls x 30
2 pairs

Nice Sunday workout. Now the Titans and Bills just need to take care of business.


1-11 Deload Lats/Triceps

1 Arm Machine Row
x 20 x 2 sets

Close Pulldowns
x 24 x 2 sets

Straight Arm Pulldowns
x 50 x 2 sets

Wrist Lever to pinky side x 24
Cross Body Tri Extension x 40
2 pairs

PJR Pullover x 30 x 2 sets

Band Pushdown x 40
Bench Dip x 25
2 pairs

This didn’t take very long. I had a really nice bagel before the gym.

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One of Bryant’s guys went 6 of 9 at a powerlifting meet and hit the 2nd highest total in the history of that weight class/Fed. Josh talks about some training concepts they used in the prep. Like do heavy squat and medium conventional dead one week, then heavy sumo (dude’s comp stance) and medium squat the following week. They also pushed the Volume of squatting Up along with intensity over the training cycle to build work capacity. And used short rest times somewhere to build conditioning.

there’s an article on Joshstrength too

Application Point

The more complex “smart” a lift is, the more often you should train it. Fast gainers need less volume and frequency than slow gainers; as a slow gainer, your genetic equalizer is your ability to train more frequently, with more volume and more intensity. Take heed to The Law of Individual Differences : We all have different abilities, bodies and weaknesses, and we all respond differently (to a degree) to any given system of training. These differences should be taken into consideration when designing your training program.

Application Point: You do not need to be ready for the Boston Marathon, but you need to build the work capacity to pull PRs after squatting and bench-pressing big weights.

Application Point: Do not be a pussycat and skip your CAT sets. CAT sets build limit strength, absolute strength, technique, work capacity and are a hell of a lot of fun.

Application Point: You cannot keep just adding weight on the bar, if you bench press 200 today and added five pounds a week for three years, you would be bench pressing 980 pounds. Look at other variables, heed Kaz’s wisdom and build your strength and work capacity by busting out the stopwatch.

Application Point: Your upper back can take a licking and keep on ticking! The upper back recovers quickly. REMEMBER, the lower back recovers very slowly, when increasing upper back frequency, use things like pull-up variations or lat pulldowns and keep rows chest-supported or on a cable. BENT OVER ROWS WILL TAX YOUR LOWER BACK, THEY ARE NOT A ONE-TO-ONE SUBSTITUTE FOR CHEST-SUPPORTED ROW

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1-13 Ham Legs

Stretch out a little

Band Ass Move x 3
Leg Raise off Bench x 20
Nordic Hinge x 15
DB RDL with front pulling band on right arm x 15
4 rounds

Rack Sumo Iso
Pin 4-2 x 3 x 3

Laying Adductor x 15/15/20
45 Back Raise with 3 count hold x 10/10/15
3 pairs

Seated Claf Raise x 25
Single Leg Reverse Hyper x 15
4 pairs

QL Iso x 3.
I got on the back raise bench sideways and tried to find my QLs and get some tension. Right side needs work.


1-15 Chest/Bicep

Get Loose

Smith Incline Bench
35 x 8
45 x8

Converging Bench Machine
60 x 8
85 x 8, 8

Chain Fly
3 tries to get the shit set up right
22 x 8, 8, 8

Wrist Rotation x 12/10/10
KB Arnold Curl x 10, 8, 8
3 pairs

Zottman Curls
x 15 x 3 sets

Wrist Roller x 3 total rolls
Incline Curls with Chains x 15/20/22
3 pairs

Good workout! No more pre-exhaust and lower reps meant heavier weights which was fun. Chain flies were cool! Huge ROM and stretch at the bottom then a nice pec-squeezin’ press out at the top.

I did a few external shoulder rotations Poliquin/Kneesovertoes style between incline benches and a few reverse curls between sets of flat bench. Gotta bring that stuff up!


Check out these blokes.

“Down and Back” are just words. What you’re Reaallly trying to do is squeeze the mid traps to Posteriorly Tilt your scapula. Or make your shoulder blades lean back to create room for your arm bones. Brilliant!

Dudes show a neat move with a stick, similar to paddling a canoe to activate lower trap. Then they do an underhanded pull apart or No Money kind of move while laying down on top of a foam roller. I did the stick move with a broom for a few seconds then just held my arms in the position of a No Money and got hellacious low trap, especially on my shitty right side.

The Slack Pull Deadlift

It’s like a pause, but on the floor.

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1-18 Traps/Triceps

A few stretches and two shots at the half kneeling stick trap move. Then some leaned over barbell shrugs trying to use low traps.

Chest Supported T Bar Row
135 x 6
115 x 11
90 x 15

Standing DB Shrug
85 x 10
70 x 16
55 x 25

DB Trap Circuit
20s x 8
15s x 10
12.5s x 12

Wrist Lever to Back x 12
Wrist Lever to Front x 12
3 pairs

Neutral Band Pushdown x 20
Bnech Dip x 20
3 pairs

Zottman Extension x 15
Close Grip Bench, no plates just chains x 10
3 pairs

Great workout! It really just felt like liftin’ and not some therapy session.

“Breakdowns,” (like a drop set kinda intensity thing) for just the traps this time.

Close Benching with just the chains (44 per side) felt pretty good. The spot where the chains deloaded on the floor was just a couple inches above my chest. Perfect place to stop a close grip bench. Wrist levering on the front/thumb side has knocked out front elbow pain during pressing!

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1-20 Squat Legs

Get Loose

Tib Raise x 20
Band Hip Flexor x 10
Nordic Hinge x 20
Front Foot Elevated Lunge x 10
4 rounds

KB Squat, Heels Up x 3 x 8 sets

QL on backraise bench x 3
Seated Hamstring Curl x 30
3 pairs

Reverse Hypers x 15
Single Leg Calf Raise x 15
4 pairs

Plate Loaded Gripper x 12
Donkey Calf x 20
3 pairs

Leg day!


I would posit that one of the reasons the lower back “recovers slowly” is that people baby it too much

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There’s Jefferson curls for the back of the lower back. I’m working on this QL move for the side-lower back. Leg raises for the front.

What do you have your guys do train their backs and still run around?

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I look at it more like exposure to spinal movement, than necessarily training spinal movement. If I were training, I would consistently give them the same stimulus and chase progressive overload. Instead, to chase wide exposures, I consistently vary the stimulus similar to how you rotate max effort movements in a conjugate plan.

I generally categorise between exposing to positions of flexion, extension, lateral flexion, flexion+rotation and extension+rotation.

Like you, I train deep flexion with Jefferson curls. I also very much like doing zercher Jeffersons as an alternative. To train flexion+rotation I like doing Jefferson curls “with a twist”, lowering to one side and then the other. This loads the crop out of QLs.

To train extension, I like back bridges, GHR sit-ups and reverse Nordics with hands overhead. I train extension+rotation by doing “twisty” GHR sit ups and back bridge “flows”

To train lateral flexion, I do deep side bends and my personal favourite (or least favourite), a deficit Side Plank Taps (video below). I also use single-arm or alternating pulldowns or shoulder presses, which combine trunk side-bending with shoulder flexion/extension.

Finally, I regularly expose my athletes to wrestling, rolling, hanging, handstands, cartwheels, climbing and crawling. Although these aren’t to “train” the spine, they expose the spine to a variety of awkward positions in a controlled environment, which is useful for me.