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Clockin' A Grip


Squatting, laying down to close grip bench and military pressing were to much for my poor back. I had some kind of spasm or some shit making the bed. I either knocked my SI out of whack lifting the other day, or got too tight from lifting then jacked it up bending over. Either way, it slowed me down for a day. This morning (1-8) I did some deep breathing 90/90 stuff and got things realigned. I felt way better after that.

1-8 Lats and Biceps, Moderate Intensity

Get loose

Close, Semi Supinated Pulldowns, 1 Count Hold At Bottom
x 10 x 1 set to get ready and 2 busters.

Cable Row, Lean Forward, Medium Width Neutral Grip
x 10 x 1 warmup then 2 work sets

Straight Arm Pulldown x 10
1 Arm Neutral Grip Row Machine x 8
3 pairs

Cable Curls
x 12/11/10

Incline DB Hammer Curls with Fat Gripz, focus on Bottom Half
x 12/11/10

1 Arm Preacher Curl Machine, Focus on Top Half
x 12/11/10

Unreal MMC my lats today. I pulled until my elbows were even with my ribs and really kept the tension on. Plus I was trying to stay really tight through their section so I didn’t explode my lower back. I didn’t need many sets to find the groove or much weight to kill the muscles.

One of these days I need to start working grip stuff back in.

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Some stuff from the Postural Restoration Institute that popped up.

One position for the whole left side of the body. All the other moves I’ve seen from these guys are done laying on your back, working one area at a time. This one looks way more full body.

A less cool one about reaching and sucking in those flared ribs. Still on your back, only feet not on the wall.

1-10 Hamstrings, Calves

Get loose

Seated Band Hamstring Curl
x 25 x 3 sets

1 Leg Reverse Hyper
x 15 x 3 sets

Nordic Hinge x 8
45 Degree Back Raise x 15
3 pairs

Seated Calf + Band
x 15ish x 4 sets. Plate loaded gripper machine between sets

Standing Calf Raise on 1 Leg
x 12 x 4 sets. Behind back wrist curls between sets

Sort of a rehaby feeling workout. Back was OK. I got a little grip BS in there.

1-11 Triceps/Pecs, Volume. Or maybe it’s metabolic stress?

Get loose

Tricep Kickbacks on Incline Bench x 12+
JM Press x 12
4 pairs, 2 were busters

Blast Strap Upper Back facepulls or Ys x 5ish
Overhead Band Extensions x 20ish
PJR Pullover x 12
3 times

Hammer Strength Decline
x 12 x 4 sets with Blast Strap Upper Back actions between sets

Dumbbell Incline Press, 2 count pause at bottom, emphasize stretch x 12
Pec Deck, Lean forward for upper chest and emphasize squeeze x 12ish
3 pairs

Dumbbell Bench Press
x 15, 12

Lots of burning. Tricep kickbacks facedown on the bench really let me squeeze my shoulders back, that was neat.

1-13 Traps/Biceps, Moderate Intensity

Get loose

Wide, Neutral Pulldowns
x 8 x 2 sets then one drop set x 8

Chinese Row
x 8 x 2 and one drop set

Chest Supported T-Bar
x 8 x 2 sets

Barbell Curl
x 8 x 3 tough ones

Cable Curl, Face away from pulley, elbow behind body
x 10 x 2 sets + 1 drop x 10

Spider Curl
x 12 x 3 sets

Not great, just OK workout. Little treasure has been a little fussy at night and we had an early appointment with the doctor yesterday and it’s thrown me off slightly. Boo-whoo!

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1-15 Quads

Hip/back was feeling OK and I didn’t want to mess it up some skipped legs.

1-16 Shoulders/Triceps, Moderate Intensity

Get loose

Rear Delt Hip Huggers
x 8 x 2 sets after a couple warmups to get a feel for the move. Strong rear delts contraction!

Lean Away Side Delts
x 8 x 3 sets

Front Delt Raise, Barbell x 10 x 2 sets
Front Raise, Single DB, Glass style x 10 x 2 sets
I’m not sure if one was better than the other

Smith Machine Seated Press
x 8 x 2 sets after a few working up

V Handle Cable Pushdowns x 12
3 Board Pushup against mini band x 8
3 pairs

Overhead Band Extensions x 20
Close Spoto Bench, slow eccentric x 8
3 pairs

Good workout, solid inroads! NFL Playoff games with the baby later. Nice little Saturday. Let’s Go Buffalo!

1-17 Volume Lats/Biceps

Stretch out

Straight Arm Pulldown
x 12 x 1 tough one + 2 drop set

Single Arm Neutral Row on Machine, 2 count hold + 2 count eccentric
x 12 x 3 sets

Single Arm Pulldown Machine x 12
Seated Cable Row, Lean Forward, Medium Neutral Grip x 12
3 pairs

Alternating DB Curl
x 12 x 3 sets

Barbell Drag Curl
x 12 + 2 drop sets

Single Arm Preacher Curl Machine x aim for 12
Band Hammer Curl x aim for 40
3 pairs

Good Sunday workout. There were a couple of in shape women who looked to be in their mid 30s which was a nice change from the regular regulars.

12’s (volume) day is cool. With reps that high I don’t really need warmup sets, it’s easy to squeeze and lower slow and make the first set mostly “Effective Reps.” From there I just keep rests between sets short and everything burns. I think that’s what “Metabolic Stress” is, and that’s what I’m trying to emphasize. It also works out nice that 12 sets of 12 reps doesn’t take all day working this way.

I’ve been avoiding booze and taking ibuprofen for a couple-few days so my hip/back is feeling back to normal. Time to pop many bottles!