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Clockin' A Grip

10- 7 Lower

Band Hamstring Curl x 15
Clamshell x 10
Leg Raise off Porch x 15
Alternating Toe Touch x 5
3 rounds

Tire Drag
Small Tire +1 Kettlebell x 20 steps forward and 40 backwards drag back
Big Tire x 20/40
Big Tire + 1 Kettlebell x 20/40
Big Tire + 2 Kettlebell x 20/40

Tire Drag, Lean Forward for Hamstrings
Small Tire x 40
Small Tire + Kettlebell x 30
Bg Tire x 20 x 2 drags

Backwards for Quads
Big Tire x 40
Big Tire + Kettlebell x 30 x 2 drags

Sideways for Hips
Small Tire x 20 steps
Small Tire x 26 steps

Outside workout at home. I made another tire/sled to drag around. It’s like 3 times the size of the old one so I don’t have to mess with adding dumbbells too.


10-9 Upper

Get scaps moving

Internal/External Shoulder rotations with upper arms parallel to ground x 5
Band Overhead Extension x 25
Seated DB Clean x 12
Landmine Press x 12
4 rounds

Rack Z Press, Bar at Eyebrow
Failed at 140. This move always pisses me off. I used to fail at 130 so I’m stronger!

Chest Supported T Bar
155 x 6
135 x 8
115 x 13

Pushups with Hands Elevated (+various chains for intensity) x 10
Press Behind Neck (barbell) x 10+
3 pairs

DB Tate Press x 15
DB Hammer Curl x 15
3 pairs with 20/25/30

Band Tomahawk x 50 (miniband)
Band Uppercuts x 50 (micro miniband)
2 pairs

Seemed pretty solid.


Interesting…might steal this!

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Give them a try, as long as you can roll your DBs against each other they are pretty cool. Also PJR Pullovers, they are a great DB triceps move.

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10-11 Lower

Hamstring move x 20
Quad Move x 20
Bend Over Move x 10
Knee Bend Move x 10
4 rounds

Belt Squat x 50 + band x 5 x 5 sets

RDL x 95 + bands x 2 x 10 sets

Band Hamstring Curl x 30
Reverse Hyper x 20
Upper Back Extension with SSB x 15
Close, Semi Supinated Pulldowns x 15
3 rounds

Seated Calves x 3 sets of 12+
Standing Calves x 3 sets of 10 strict, 10 loose

Left periformis tight tight. Hopefully this loosened it up.


10-12 Upper

Shoulder stuff

Band Triceps x 20
Pull Aparts or Y Raises x 20
Dumbbell Press, different angles x 20
4 rounds

Bench Press
150 x 3 x 9 sets using 3 grips

Chinese Row x 12ish
Earthquake Bar Incline x 20ish
DB Rear Delt x 15+
4 rounds

Facepull Action on Fat Rope x 12ish
Earthquake JM Press x 20
Fat Rope Chin Up x 4
3 rounds

Machine Row x 15
DB Curl, seated lean forward then seated lan back then standing/alternating x 10 each
2 times with one more set of rope chins

The gym’s Bamboo Bar has been replaced with an Earthquake bar, which is the same thing with some marking on the “bar” and grooves on the “bar ends” so it’s easier to use.

With chalk on my hands I got 6 rope chins, I think a PR.

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10-15 Lower

Get loose

Glute Move x 15
Hamstring Move x 15
Leg Extensions with Band x 25
Bend Over x 15
4 rounds

Zercher GM x 140 x 3
Leg raises off bench between sets

Neck Harness Extensions, Standing x 20
1 Arm KB Row x 12
Suitcase Walk x 20 steps
4 rounds

Back Raise on GM x 12
Reverse Hyper x 12
3 pairs

Almost went up to 150 x 2 on Zercher GMs, then thought, why? Standing neck extensions felt good for posture and proper bending over. Maybe I’ll try some neck harness GMs in the future.


10-16 Upper

Scap stuff

Overhead Tris x 20
Fat Man Chin on Smith Machine x 12+
Pushup on Smith Machine Bar x 20
4 rounds

Floor Press
Up to 240 x 2
175 x 8 narrow grip
165 x 8 wide grip

Rear Delt Swing x 15+
Kirk Shrug with DBs x 12+
2 Board Pushup, 2 count down, 2 count pause, 2 count up + some chains x 5-6 maybe?
4 rounds

PBN x 12+
Arnold Curl with KB x 10+
DB Hammer Curl x 10+
Band Tricep, turn knuckles in for lateral head x 30+
3 rounds

2.5 weeks in and already progressing! Estimated bench press is up 10-15 pounds. Average bodyweight has dropped 3-4 pounds. Resting heart rate is coming down from mid 80s to upper 70s. Blood pressure back into range for a 19-40 year old man. Lifting has also been a lot of fun. Picture Me Rollin’!


Some stuff I saw

Speed bench workout with Matt Wenning. During the Wenning Warm Up, Matt is DB incline benching, rotating hands from neutral to overhand. Last week he said it was overhand rotating to neutral. Mixing up the little stuff to prevent overuse. I meant to work in reverse grip DB presses this week. Maybe I’ll remember now.

During the speed benching Wenning changes the move set to set. Ballistic reps, then paused reps, then paused with feet up. That’s new and cool.

Back workout with Charles Glass. Rows and pulldowns, with different angles and elbow positions to hit rear delts, mid back, upper or lower lats. And you can see them all in action. I meant to start doing more sled work, including high, medium and low rows and rear delt action, just like in this video. Inspiration!

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10-18 Lower

Loosen Up

Glute x 15
Hamstring x 15
Quad x 25
Bend Over x 15
4 rounds

Belt Squat
60 + miniband x 4 x 5 sets

Frog Stance Isometric Deadlift
4 heights x 4 pulls

Pulldown x 12+
Ball Upper Abs x 12
Hanging Leg Raise, 1 Leg x 5
Reverse Hyper x 20
2 rounds

1 Arm Pulldown x 12
Ball 1 side crunch x 8
Hanging Both Leg Raise x 5
1 Leg Reverse Hyper x 15
2 rounds

Solid workout, only my shoes have had it!

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10-19 Upper

Scarecrows, band uppercuts x twice

Band Y Raise x 15
Band Triceps x 25
Band Straight Arm Pulldown x 25
DB Press at different angles with Underhand Grip x 25
4 rounds

Bench Press
155 x 3 reps x 9 sets with 3 grips. One round paused one round feet up

DB Shrugs on Incline Bench x 15ish
Combo Delt Raise x 15 each way
3 pairs

Shrugs on T Bar Row x 15ish
Tate Press x 15
3 pairs

Plate Loaded Gripper x 25
Overhead Band Triceps x 30
Band Curls x 30
3 rounds. Plus an extra set on the gripper, 170 x 24

New kicks were lookin’ Fly!