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Clockin' A Grip


great solid sessions you had the last two workouts. I remember watching Mark bells podcast when they first started up so I know what you mean by listening to them in the background since they are long sometimes


Thanks man. I feel like I’m starting to pick up a little steam.


Hey @FlatsFarmer just saw this. Well it’s 3x4-week blocks. I just finished the first block today. I like it so far. I def need to follow a program for the progression aspect. As in when to add weight, as opposed to using the same weight for a block and going up (or down) in reps or sets. So that’s really been helpful for me. The excersizes sometimes aren’t my default go-to selections so it’s helping me mix it up a bit. Also CT puts a lot of thought into the intensity techniques so that’s all planned out for you as well.

I actually didn’t take his Neurotype test although I will one day, I just feel I’m pretty clearly a 2A since everything tends to work for me for a little while but I get attracted to the “shiny new” program quite easily.

After this next 8 weeks I’m gonna jump into some 5/3/1. I’m learning about it now and got the forever book. I may need to get one of the earlier books too just to understand it better as suggested by @T3hPwnisher.

But yeah so far so good. I’d say the best way to find out if you like it is just get one and try it. Then you’ll know if you should spend the money next time or not. But I’ve been doing CT’s free stuff off and on since I started lifting so I figured why not support some of his paid content. I also got his power building program which I didn’t give a real run at (work got crazy and I missed too many workouts). So I just did something else. And I bought the abs add on program that’s decent but I think awesome abs 1-4 series by Ian King is actually better. But now I have both and will rotate them.


Why is my post in such a weird format?

Lol I fixed it


You can get a pretty good idea of the original plan here.

There are lots of 5/3/1 templates for free right here and you’ll probably figure out the lingo through those and Jim’s forum.


I’m pretty convinced the original is still the best. FSL is probably the only thing I really like from Beyond. Combined with either Triumvirate or Periodisation Bible I don’t think its gets much better.


Much appreciated


I know what you mean about not needing the Neuro type test. There’s no doubt I’m a 2A. And if I wasn’t, I wouldn’t care because that’s how I’ve always trained. All the strength guys I’ve followed over the years have recommended that kind of strategy.

Also all the coaches/authors that I’ve been into are just a step or two away from Russian/Conjugate stuff. Mixing things up is cool.


Also 5/3/1 should be good after the Thib’s plan. Wendler Also uses “blocks” and 5/3/1 teaches you loading/progression in a simple way that you can use to run any other program in the future.


Yeah I’m looking forward to it. Lifting super heavy for me back in my 20’s burned me out for a little while on powerlifting. But now with CT’s programs doing clusters and stuff off of pins and iso holds and what not, I’m like can’t I just do some straight sets of the basics lol!


3-11 Pull

Pulled a Kansas City Shuffle and re arranged exercise/intensity technique pairings as a deload today.

Close, Neutral Grip Pulldowns
2 going up
180 x8, 6, 5 Rest/Pause

Mag Grip. Keep ribs down! Mark’s old DL cue is the new Memphis pull down cue.

Chest Supported Iso Row, Neutral Grip
2 up
120 x6, 110 x8, 100 x10 drop set. The chest supported t-bar row was getting upholstered so I had go use the Other

Dumbbell Shrugs
2 sets feeling it out
75 x 8 mTor reps

Seated Calf Raise x15
Cable Curl x15
4 sets each

Alternating DB Curl, Fat Grip x10
Donkey Calf Raise x20
3 sets each

1 Arm Band Curls, band anchored low and behind
x40 x 2 sets

x3 reps x4 sets


3-13 Legs

45 Back Raise
x10 x 2 sets
x10 hugging medicine ball x 4 sets

Sit ups or sidebends between sets. True medicine ball, bigger than a basketball, soft and lumpy but pretty light. I hugged the shit out of it using a cue from old cam. It really helped tightness from back through glutes and legs.

Step Ups (higher step this week)
x10 hugging medicine ball x 3 sets
Paired with Dimmel Deadlifts
105 x25 x 4 sets

Seated Upper Back GM with SSB
115 x25
125 x25 x 3 sets
Paired with Reverse Hyper
110 x25 x 4 sets

Band thru belt walk
Monster mini x 75 steps x 4 goes

Inspired by jmaier I did some of this for a little hip traction before I left. I didn’t bend over so far.


That’s a good rule


Safety First!


You never know when the gym will have an ex-convict looking for some prison love memory lane. Or perhaps try to execute an Alaskan pipeline maneuver


3-15 Push

Trap circuit with 30 dbs
Trap circuit with 35 dbs

Rear Delts, leaning forward on low cable, no handle
3 x 12 reps (killed rear delts!)

Side Delts, Leaning away, on cable with Fat Gripz
3 x 10 reps (killed side delts!)

Close Grip Bench
210 x 6

Plated Loaded Dip Machine
x15 x 3 sets (210 worth of plates)
Paired with Bottoms Up Kettlebell Alternating Clean and Press
x 10 x 3 sets (30s for 2 sets)

Mini Band Pushdowns x100
Rear Delts on Pec Deck x25 or 20
3 pairs

Glorious workout! Very positive!

Followed by Jameson + Baileys + Guiness. Erin Go Bragh!


Some junk.

Dave Tate says don’t do back down sets of the ME movement after your heavy stuff.

Round back stuff.

The Jefferson Curl to practice “rolling” every portion of the spine.

Rounding and driving with your back in squat warm up sets (4:00 or so).

Neck extension with upper back rounding/extension.

With dumbbells

With SSB.

The boring move I get to skip when I do this stuff.


Back off sets doing conjugate I think depends on the weights lifted in ME movements. If near max potential and squatting 5-600+ I can see where a ME lift wouldn’t leave much meat on the bone for back off sets.

With my level of strength I think I need more stimulus to produce results.

After running conjugate for the last 8 weeks or so I’m beginning to think it is better served by an advanced lifter with big numbers and limits the wear and tear on a lifter near maxed potential


I can empathize!

For me it was tough to shut it down after a new ME record. It feels so good/rewarding to make the PR. And if you do things right you have plenty of juice left. It sort of feels like pussing out to hit a solid rep then immediately strip all those plates off and move on.

I also know what you mean about it feeling like a program for somebody else. Sometimes you’re sticking to the plan and it feels like you’d get there faster by just squatting/benching for more reps, doing more heavy lifts or whatever.

Sometimes the progress is faster other ways. Other times I get injuries, or burn out and have to take extended rest, or just drift around aimlessly not getting anywhere for awhile.

It’s like you mentioned a few weeks ago. You gotta sell out, burn the ships, and totally buy in. Realise the grass isn’t greener somewhere else and stick to the path. It seems like every good program slows you down and every good lifter says to take your time. “If it comes fast, it doesn’t last” (Ed Coan).


3-18 Pull

Close Neutral Pulldowns with MAG Grip
200 x 8, 4, 4

Sit Ups between sets.

Seated Iso Row
Get ready
127.5 x6, 117.5 x8, 107.5 x10 strip set

Dumbbell Shrug
2 sets to feel it
85 x 8 mTor reps

Sidebends between sets.

Seated Calf x 4 sets of 15ish
3 sets of cable curls x 15 between sets

Alternating Dumbbell Curls with Fat Gripz
30/40/45 x10
4 sets of standing calf raise x15

Band curl x 50 reps x 2 sets
2 sets of single arm straight arm Push down for traction x20