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Clockin' A Grip


3-13 Legs

45 Back Raise
x10 x 2 sets
x10 hugging medicine ball x 4 sets

Sit ups or sidebends between sets. True medicine ball, bigger than a basketball, soft and lumpy but pretty light. I hugged the shit out of it using a cue from old cam. It really helped tightness from back through glutes and legs.

Step Ups (higher step this week)
x10 hugging medicine ball x 3 sets
Paired with Dimmel Deadlifts
105 x25 x 4 sets

Seated Upper Back GM with SSB
115 x25
125 x25 x 3 sets
Paired with Reverse Hyper
110 x25 x 4 sets

Band thru belt walk
Monster mini x 75 steps x 4 goes

Inspired by jmaier I did some of this for a little hip traction before I left. I didn’t bend over so far.


That’s a good rule

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Safety First!


You never know when the gym will have an ex-convict looking for some prison love memory lane. Or perhaps try to execute an Alaskan pipeline maneuver


3-15 Push

Trap circuit with 30 dbs
Trap circuit with 35 dbs

Rear Delts, leaning forward on low cable, no handle
3 x 12 reps (killed rear delts!)

Side Delts, Leaning away, on cable with Fat Gripz
3 x 10 reps (killed side delts!)

Close Grip Bench
210 x 6

Plated Loaded Dip Machine
x15 x 3 sets (210 worth of plates)
Paired with Bottoms Up Kettlebell Alternating Clean and Press
x 10 x 3 sets (30s for 2 sets)

Mini Band Pushdowns x100
Rear Delts on Pec Deck x25 or 20
3 pairs

Glorious workout! Very positive!

Followed by Jameson + Baileys + Guiness. Erin Go Bragh!


Some junk.

Dave Tate says don’t do back down sets of the ME movement after your heavy stuff.

Round back stuff.

The Jefferson Curl to practice “rolling” every portion of the spine.

Rounding and driving with your back in squat warm up sets (4:00 or so).

Neck extension with upper back rounding/extension.

With dumbbells

With SSB.

The boring move I get to skip when I do this stuff.


Back off sets doing conjugate I think depends on the weights lifted in ME movements. If near max potential and squatting 5-600+ I can see where a ME lift wouldn’t leave much meat on the bone for back off sets.

With my level of strength I think I need more stimulus to produce results.

After running conjugate for the last 8 weeks or so I’m beginning to think it is better served by an advanced lifter with big numbers and limits the wear and tear on a lifter near maxed potential

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I can empathize!

For me it was tough to shut it down after a new ME record. It feels so good/rewarding to make the PR. And if you do things right you have plenty of juice left. It sort of feels like pussing out to hit a solid rep then immediately strip all those plates off and move on.

I also know what you mean about it feeling like a program for somebody else. Sometimes you’re sticking to the plan and it feels like you’d get there faster by just squatting/benching for more reps, doing more heavy lifts or whatever.

Sometimes the progress is faster other ways. Other times I get injuries, or burn out and have to take extended rest, or just drift around aimlessly not getting anywhere for awhile.

It’s like you mentioned a few weeks ago. You gotta sell out, burn the ships, and totally buy in. Realise the grass isn’t greener somewhere else and stick to the path. It seems like every good program slows you down and every good lifter says to take your time. “If it comes fast, it doesn’t last” (Ed Coan).


3-18 Pull

Close Neutral Pulldowns with MAG Grip
200 x 8, 4, 4

Sit Ups between sets.

Seated Iso Row
Get ready
127.5 x6, 117.5 x8, 107.5 x10 strip set

Dumbbell Shrug
2 sets to feel it
85 x 8 mTor reps

Sidebends between sets.

Seated Calf x 4 sets of 15ish
3 sets of cable curls x 15 between sets

Alternating Dumbbell Curls with Fat Gripz
30/40/45 x10
4 sets of standing calf raise x15

Band curl x 50 reps x 2 sets
2 sets of single arm straight arm Push down for traction x20


Teaser trailer for a Josh Bryant remix of a Fred Hatfield scheme called Breakdowns.

Basically a “heavy” set of 4-6 followed by a “medium” set of 8-12 then a “light” set of 20+ reps. Here Bryant keeps it simple and calls it a “Holistic” approach.

(Somewhere)In this interview Dr Hatfield goes into more detail about the “Breakdowns” setup.

Dr Squat says to use Compensatory Accerlation on the “heavy” set of 4-6. This rapid forceful movement will recruit the most 2a fast twitch fibers.

Then a steady "bodybuilder"execution on the “medium” set. To get after the 2b fibers.

Last the high rep “light” set to get the slow twitch type 1 fibers.

Hatfield said that while you work one fiber type the others recover, so he said to do the heavy, medium, light sets in a series without much rest. Then repeat that 2-3 times.

In the interview Hatfield talks about using the same exercise with 3 different weights, but I think Bryants way of using multiple exercises is more fun. I’ve messed around with CAT dumbbell bench, medium dips then light Pec Deck machine In a circuit and it was cool.

I like the idea of Bodybuilding or hypertrophy training with “strength” training methods. At first it seems crazy, but then it’s like a no brainer. Pro bodybuilder Stu got me excited about this when he talked about getting more recruitment with less weight and less reps using CAT.


3-22 Legs

Some glute stuff.

Standing Hamstring Curl x 8
Then Dumbbell Hip Thrust
40 x 6 left, 6 right 6 together
55 x 6, 6, 6
70 x 2 sets

Dimmel Deadlift + double mini bands
Bar x 25
120 x25 x 4 sets

Leg raises off bench or medicine ball sit ups between sets

Seated SSB Upper Back GM
95 x25
135 x 25 x 4 sets

Paired with Band thru Belt Walk
Monster Mini x 90 steps x 3 goes

Reverse Hyper
90 x 35
140 x 25 x 4 sets

I was moving a little slow today. I’ll switch up some moves next week. Ribeye and scallops for dinner tonight.


Oh so you working out with the glute girls now…

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They’re way less grumpy than the powerlifters.

Also I’m gaining many Instagram followers this way.


Flats always seeing the angles (get it!?)

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3-23 Push

Dumbbell Trap Circuit
Twice with 35s

Cable Rear Delts Leaning Over
3 x 13

Dumbbell Side Delts, Leaning Away
3 x 15

Seated DB Press with Fat Gripz
Ascending in 7’s
50 x 5 x 5 with 1 bonus rep on 5th set, short rest between sets.

Bamboo Bar, Hanging 25s x 10 close grip bench, 10 JM Press, 10 close grip
Then rear delts on reverse peck deck x 15
4 times around

Cable Curls, slow eccentric
x 15 x 4 sets

Alt DB Curls with Fat Gripz
25, 35, 40, 40 x8

Good pump, I saw some veins too. Trap circuit makes my back want to piss its pants.


Your program looks like it will be a fun go…i have a program that is a block set just not polished ie original everything for the author put finishing touches

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At 3:30 this dude shows a move he calls “Hip Torques.” Basically using/training the glute (med and max) and adductors (gracilis?) to pull the femur back into the socket.

At 3:30 this dude talk about Tripod Foot to get ankle and tibia right. Then glutes to get upper leg and knee right. So you don’t get knock-kneed or flat footed.

Right in between those two would be the prefect place for a video of someone using clam shells and reverse clam shells to train their glute to “centrate” the femur in the socket. But I lost it in the suffle of recommended ewe tube vids and can’t find it. But they all go along nice with the “psoas eccentric” move and the idea of avoiding the “hip clunk” from a couple months back.

Anyway, I did some of this stuff this morning before I went out to bend over and pick up all the damn sticks in the yard. I was really feeling my hamstring and ham/glute tie-in area on my right side (my bad hip side) instead of feeling it all in my lower back/QL. And hinging on both legs instead of putting all my weight on the left side. I swear I could feel shit working.

Looking forward, I want to take this improved adductor/groin use into the frog stretch with a band.

Instead of blasting my groin and just getting pulled apart I want to Train my abductors and lower glutes to work properly in the stretched position. I need them to lengthen, but stay in the fight and keep my femur head in place instead of giving up and letting femur glide and impingment happen.


3-25. Pull

200 x 10, 5, 4 rest/pause

Seated Iso Row
135 x 6, 125 x8, 115 x10 drop set. No reps were left.

Dumbbell Shrug
95 x 9 mTor reps

Seated Calf
3 x 20
Donkey Calf
3 x 25

Bunch of ab junk worked in. Rainy day, I was sorta not hype during the workout. Shoulda had 1 more espresso. Maybe some cake will cheer me up.


Depends on the cake


Some kind of raisin-nut loaf or dry pound cake would probably irritate me.

Sadly, it was the cook’s day off and there was no cake around.

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