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Clock Turned Back on Aging Muscles, Researchers Claim



The 'Good News' excerpt:

"Scientists have found and manipulated body chemistry linked to the aging of muscles and were able to turn back the clock on old human muscle, restoring its ability to repair and rebuild itself, they said today."

Of course, there's never only good news :wink:

"Importantly, the research also found evidence that aging muscles need to be kept in shape, because long periods of atrophy are more challenging to overcome. Older muscles do not respond as well to sudden bouts of exercise, the scientists discovered. And rather than building muscle, an older person can generate scar tissue upon, say, lifting weights after long periods of inactivity."

See the article for more/specifics.

That there may someday be a therapy to keep muscles 'young' is interesting.


I saw that. I kept looking for anything positive in the article, but I never found it. They proved that they could make young muscles heal worse, but didn't say how they could make old muscle heal better.

BTW, whose behind IS the Giant Rat of Sumatra?


This looks positive:

"In practical terms, we now know that to enhance regeneration of old human muscle and restore tissue health, we can either target the MAPK or the Notch pathways," Conboy said. "The ultimate goal, of course, is to move this research toward clinical trials."

It's probably a long way off.

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Here is the PDF of the actual research publication: