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Clive Barker's Jericho on XBOX 360


Got through a few levels of this last nite, and I gotta say this is one bad ass game. The graphics and story are so good, playing at night actually started giving me the creeps! During the day, I was in awe of the automatic weapons!

Definitely a good game to play just with Halloween around the corner, it might just be me but I get amped up for Halloween. Just as morbid as anything Clive Barker comes up with, impaled body's burning as torches and when you get close you hear the sizzling and popping pretty sick shit!!

Graphics are great, music sets the atmosphere, and gameplay is good as well. I don't really have any complaints at the moment. Lighting effects are awesome, flashlight looks good, lightholders that have holes in them cast specks of light shoot them and they move as does the light. Voice acting I think is on par as well, as is the sound effects.

Was gonna buy it, but the store I went to was sold out so I settled on renting although I might still buy it. I mean automatic weapons, supernatural plot, and great graphics on an HDTV....my favorite!!

Well worth the $60, although we shall see how long the game lasts.

I'm more into single player missions than deathmatches, and this game has no multiplayer so that does kind of suck as once you beat the game what do you do? Although I can tell if I owned it and beat it, I'd definitely be playing it over and over again, or whenever I feel like I want to get creeped out.

I started off on Normal but switched over to Hard once I learned you get more achievement points for it. And it is alot harder, I didn't die once on Normal but died a few times so far on Hard = more intense gameplay and adds to scareing the shit outta you!!

You don't know when the button sequences are going to pop on so you got to stay on your toes about that too. Which also is a very cool addition to the game, and look awesome.

I'd give this game a 9/10 just since it lacks multiplayer, but everything else is done right so if you don't care about it then 10/10 so far. For being a game that doesn't get the hype like Halo 3, it should have. Clive Barker fans will be impressed, especially Hellraiser fans.


I remember actually being spooked out by the old Clive Barker's Undying game. I'm looking forward to checking this one out. He writes pretty cool books too.


Damn straight. Imagica and Weaveworld are two of my favourites. I don't play games much but I may well check this out.