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Clips of Lu Xiaojun Training


Video clips of our favourite chinese 77kg lifter training. Lu Xiaojun!


I'm close to a 120 snatch, at a bodyweight of 105. Seeing him man-handle that 120 for a triple makes me slightly angered... lol.


Watching him power snatch my front squat for a double makes me a sad panda.

Although I can always use the "I'm in his weight class" excuse.


90kg muscle snatch....I'm speechless.

An amazing lifter.


freaky power man...

90kg muscle snatch, strong mofo!



Another clip of him doing handstand push ups a few days out from competition:


i cant believe you guys are soo impresses with a 90kg muscle snatch, its big, but its only like 51% of his best snatch, every single one of you can do that same %age, if not way more.

awesome clips btw, such beautiful technique on the 140


It was just the way he did it.

Yes I can muscle Snatch 60kg...the % doesn't mean much as I'm not anywhere near 177kg!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

The 140 was very slick.



I was thinking more in comparison to his BW.


You just can't compare yourself to these guys, or it'll get to you sooner or later.

Me, I prefer to compare my lifts to those of the international level women lifters. My current long-term goal is to lift more than every woman in the world (ie beat the superheavy women's world records).


Shit, I can't even compare myself to the women. At least not beyond the 53 kilo class. But in all fairness, I haven't lived at an Olympic training facility since the age of 8 and take really cool drugs for most of my life.