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clips 12th

Pushpress clip

165lbs 3x3 - looks a lot easier than it felt that’s for sure…

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Sure lose pressing strength fast I must say.

here are my ugly powersnatch practises from yesterday

I’m trying to improve my form, to something closer to what I see on the ironmind tapes :slight_smile:
Much work to do, I tried popping my hips more forward to meet the bar, but I don’t think that’s how they are done. Need to get my legs more involved. I have power which I can’t seem to use.

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Where is she?


Your push-press seems to lack the explosiveness that characterises most of your lifts. Just watched your snatch and they seem alot quicker!

The leg drive to press seems somehow disjointed and the bar doesn’t seem to have much speed as it leaves your shoulders. Is this a relatively new exercise for you? Cause IMO I reckon that once you get the coordination of legs with shoulders you’ll smoke 165lb.

Also watched as you set your hand position… are you using a hook-grip?

Kieran - I think she died :stuck_out_tongue:

Creed -
it’s my 2nd time doing them with leg drive. They felt heavy. And 3rd time pressing since a long time ago - 2 months, seems benching and dipping doesn’t maintain pressing strength at all.
I can jerk fine, but push pressing should feel similar at a guess, but doesn’t for me.
No hook grip, just tried to put it in the same grip I use for jerking, but when I lower it, becomes more like typical pressing stance.

More normal pressing with some leg drive to kick start it.

Creed -
yeah powersnatches are faster, but the weight isn’t exactly that heavy though :slight_smile:

woktout that day

Deloading week

Overhead Press in Oly Shoes

Warmups - Bar x 3 position Iso hold for 6 secs each then x10, PushPress 95lbs x3, 115lbs x3

Tempo - 30X0 - alternating sets with Chins 1.5mins rest between each

PushPress 135lbs x3, 155x3, 165lbs 3x3

MilitaryPress Triple Cluster set - Tempo 20X1
125lbs - 3 reps, rerack/rest 10seconds, 3 reps, rerack/rest 10seconds, 3 reps --> 10sec Lockout hold on last rep then lowered in 3 secs

Weight not feeling much lighter since last session unfortunately.
Maybe I need to warmup better. Anyway whole entire upper body was pumped like hell

Shoulder Width Chins

warmups - shoulder width chin style pulldowns to sternum - 35lb x3 position 6 sec ISO hold then x5, 45x3, 45x3

Tempo 30X0 - alternating sets with Press 1.5mins rest between each

Square Bar - partial L shaped grip - BW 2x4

felt much easier than last session

45 degree Supported Rows- palms down grip

Warmups - 45lb x 3 position 6sec ISO hold then x5, 105lbs x1

Tempo 30X0 - alternating sets with press 1.5mins rest between each

105lbs 2x5

Tempo - 3010 55lbs x12


Did lots of stuff working up to 109lbs, working on my power snatch form mostly, but some powercleans and clean and snatch hang highpulls too. Time to get back to basics and relearn it.

Damn shoulders, traps and forearms were exhausted and pumped like a balloon!

Some idiot asked which bodypart does Snatches hit…