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Clip Weight?


I went to a new gym today (im on vacation), and did my workout. I am running SS so that Is why I had a question about the weight of the clips. At home we just have the normal metal clips (olympic spring clips???) that you just squeeze over the bar, that weigh practically nothing. This gym however had some pretty beefy clips. To tighten them, you actually had to tighten wing nuts on them.

I was wondering if these were designed to weigh 2.5 lbs each? It would make sense, and it might be the reason I had to grind a few reps out and even missed one on my last set of overhead press. I am purely wondering this because of how SS works (5 lbs per workout increase). Thanks for the input.


Edit: Im a dumbass. Ill just weigh them myself next time I go to the gym. In the meantime anyone care to venture a guess? Its late. I should go to sleep. Thanks for your patience.



Mine weigh 2,5 kg or 5,5 pounds.


I have been looking on this here webbernet and it has been saying that, but when I picked them up at the gym, I dont recall them being that heavy (11 lbs total). This also would mean that I added 16 lbs to my lifts on a day when my program only calls for 5 lbs. Either way, I made progress, but I am paying very close attention to the weights so that I dont stall in my progression. The ones I found on the internet that look the same are made by york. Thanks for the response.



Confirmed. 5.5 lbs each.

Thanks bro.