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Clip of My Squat Workout


Here's a clip of my last squat workout. I squatted:

275 8
275 8
285 8

@ 165 bodyweight

The video is from my first set.



The video was a little screwy on my computer but I got a pretty good look.

One thing, nobody is going to accuse you of not going deep enough... good job on that. However, in the bottom position your chest is practically touching your knees and your falling forward somewhat coming out of the hole... particularly on the latter reps. Now, you may well be keeping your back flat despite this situation, but your lumbar disks may start to object after awhile!

I would like to recommend that you check out some videos of Olympic lifters squatting to see how they remain upright throughout the movement.

It takes a lot of balls to post a video... keep working hard!


That is intense. I'm currently at the same body weight but no where near that weight for reps.
How do you maintain your flexability without sacraficing elasticity?


Hey mate, big strong legs, but your back must be killing you from that form. down is ok, but coming up, your backside comes up first, then you raise your back...try nad keep it straighter and you will hit heavier loads...

nice work tho...


It's hard to tell if you're leaning too far forward from the front angle, but the others are right, your hips are definately rising way before your shoulders. Throw your traps back against the bar and engage your hips sooner and you'll probably fix it right up.



I have problems when I get fatigued, my hips come up fast and I use my back to muscle the weight up. I compete in powerlifting so my squat is a bit different than an olympic lifter's squat. From what I understand:

OLY squat:
1. Narrow stance
2. High bar

Powerlifting squat:
1. Wider stance
2. Low bar

I think it is easier to keep the torso more upright with a high bar position.



I think your form looks pretty good bro. You can't really force your chest out much more, unless you try and stand a little more erect from the start. Remember that you finish where you start, so if you're a little leaned over at the top that's where you'll be throughout the movement.

BTW, you might want to get a better spotter next time! He didn't seem too interested....

Keep up the good work!

Stay strong


Second what Mike said. With a couple good spotters, I can put up about 450.



I do a combination of dynamic flexibility and static stretching between my warmup sets. I also make sure when I do my warmups I do them with the same 'bounce' out of the bottom.



yeah, you're definitely doing a squat/good morning combo there... you're just asking for problems with the lower back. maybe not with that light weight, but when you start going heavy, you WILL feel it in the lower back and not in a good way....

to fix this you can try keeping the bar higher up on your traps. this will help keep your torso more upright which will take some stress off the lower back and throw it onto the legs.


Even with the "Power" style (wider stance, lower bar placement, sitting back/shins parallel) you would not want to have your hips rising faster or before your torso... doing so will definitely put tremendous stress on the lower back.

Perhaps you can experiment with different squat styles, bar placement, etc. while also working on the flexibility issues (already pointed out) and lower back strength/endurance improvement... reverse hypers are great. Good luck!


Your downstroke is a little fast for me. I like down slow up fast and I also agree you need to be more upright.



On your next workout, could you get a clip from the side? If you are going deep but keeping your lordosis/neutral spine, I think you're good. However, if you round at all in the bottom, then I'd have to agree with the rest of the comments.

Get us a clip from the side so we can evaluate depth, torso lean, etc.

Regradless, it takes "cahones" to put yourself out there; keep training hard!

Stay strong


Is there a reason that you're using the 3x8 set-rep scheme?



I am doing a 4 week block.

Week 1 2x10
Week 2 3x8
Week 3 5x5
Week 4 8x3



Ouch, You definitely have to look at your set up mate. Like mike said you seem to be leaning too far forward at the top and i would take a wider stance if i was you. One of the Boys that i train squats the exact same, i had him bring his elbows up under the bar more, chest up and a wider stance, and worked on some arched back good mornings. He is now squatting alot more upright with more weight and his back is injury free. I am no Louie Simmons, but thats would i would have my boys do.



Hey Beef,

You are alittle more forward than you normally are at a meet -- I am sure the suits pull you back alittle and that could fix it completely.



Even though mike's the powelifting brainiac, I am going to disagree with him on this one. You are indeed leaning too far forward and you are also bouncing off of the pins at the bottom. You need to be under more control at the reversal of the squat.


That set was intense! I can't image how you were able to get 2 more, good job. What do you estimate your 1RM is based on this performance?



I can assure you, there was no 'bouncing off of the pins'.