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Clinton Campaign, DNC Funded Russia Dossier?!

This is actually a huge story and I haven’t seen it talked about. I was going to add it to another thread, but I thought it a big enough deal to deserve its own. This totally flips the script on the Russia investigation in to Trump’s alleged collusion with the Russians. While I am not in love with the guy, he always seems to come out smiling on the other side and I think shit like this is why…

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WP is fake news.

Thanks Chris! :slight_smile:

Let’s throw Uranium One into the mix too…

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Perhaps, and I know your being sarcastic, but I chose unfriendly to Trump sources on purpose, because this is everywhere right now. Even CNN cannot squash it.

This is so fucking crazy. My prediction: Clinton and the DNC funded the pee tape rumors. It really happened. It’s Hillary peeing on Trump. At this point anything as possible.

The DNC is looking very corrupt lately: Sabotaging Bernie, giving debate questions to Hillary, hiring Ukrainians, and now paying a guy to write fake news. Nixon is laughing in his grave.

Let’s take this back just one presidency. Can you imagine Condi Rice’s campaign and the GOP funding Obama pee tape dosiers?

The next time Trump screams “fake news” there’s a 50/50 shot he’s right.


I’m 100% on board with ripping Dems open for all of this. This sentence is a hard nope. Both sides being shitheads doesn’t absolve the side that was accused first.


Maybe not, but it ‘begs a lot of questions’ so to speak, on the matter.
What I meant wasn’t that Trump did or did not do something, rather the white-hot spotlight is now focused on the Clinton Campaign, Podesta, the DNC, etc. I always thought the blocking of the dossier was an attempt by the Trump administration shut the investigation down. I didn’t know it was the Clinton Campaign and DNC, etc. trying to block it. Perhaps I should have paid more attention to who was trying to block the dossier’s source from coming out.



Also agreed.


When it comes to Russia, at least, the score is Trump 1, Media 0.

Actually Fusion GPS has worked as an agent of the Russian government through a US law firm. The information they collected was used to lobby against the Magnitsky act. They were involved with the attorney Trump Jr. Got in trouble for meeting with. It was a trap, paid for by Hillary and the DNC.

Kind of disingenuous for them to cry about Trump Jr. meeting with a Russian attorney on their payroll. No?

“It has also done work for an American law firm defending Prevezon Holdings, a company owned by the son of a senior Russian government official. The U.S. government sued Prevezon in 2014, alleging fraud.”

From the article I posted:

"As the Russians gradually assumed control of Uranium One in three separate transactions from 2009 to 2013, Canadian records show, a flow of cash made its way to the Clinton Foundation. Uranium One’s chairman used his family foundation to make four donations totaling $2.35 million. "


Sorry I read this and couldn’t quit laughing. Got in trouble how exactly?

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Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee were among those who paid a firm for research that led to a dossier of unverified allegations about President Donald Trump’s activities and connections in Russia, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Marc Elias, a partner at law firm Perkins Coie who was paid by both the campaign and the DNC, hired the research firm, Fusion GPS, in April 2016 and concluded the contract before the election, the person said.


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Fusion GPS had been conducting research on Mr. Trump before then, funded by at least one Republican donor, according to a letter dated Tuesday from Perkins Coie to a Fusion lawyer that was filed in court on Tuesday. In March 2016, as the Republican presidential primary was winding down, Fusion GPS approached Perkins Coie about continuing the research. The firm hired Fusion GPS a month later to “perform a variety of research services,” the letter said.

The letter describing the Clinton campaign and the DNC’s role was filed in federal court in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday by Fusion GPS, which is fighting a subpoena of its banking records from congressional investigators seeking the identities of the donors who funded the firm’s research.

It is common for campaigns and political parties to pay outside firms to seek potentially damaging background material to use against their political opponents.

In the letter, Perkins Coie general counsel Matthew Gehringer authorized Fusion GPS to release the law firm’s identity.

“We recognize the importance principle of client confidentiality, and we appreciate your efforts to fulfill your obligation to maintain client confidentiality,” he wrote. “In the circumstances, however, we believe it is appropriate to release Fusion GPS from this obligation as it relates to the identity of Perkins Coie.”

Mr. Gehringer also called for Fusion GPS’s other clients during the presidential campaign to void the firm’s confidentiality obligations. It remains unknown who the Republican donors were who initially funded the firm’s research on Mr. Trump during the primary.

The Clinton campaign and the DNC paid Perkins Coie a total of $12.4 million for legal and compliance services during the 2016 campaign, according to Federal Election Commission filings. The law firm’s involvement in funding the dossier was reported Tuesday by the Washington Post.

Fusion GPS was founded in 2011 by former Wall Street Journal reporters. A Fusion representative didn’t immediately return a request for comment.

While Democratic donors’ role in funding the dossier was already known, the extent of the Clinton campaign’s involvement wasn’t. The revelation is likely to intensify partisan debate over the federal probes into possible collusion between Trump associates and Russia—conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and congressional investigators—as part of their examination of Russian interference in the 2016 election. Mr. Trump has denied that his campaign colluded with Moscow.

The Trump-Russia Investigations: Who Are the Russians Involved?
U.S. investigators are looking into contacts between several current and former associates of Donald Trump and Russian individuals—some with direct ties to the Russian government or state-owned entities. WSJ’s Niki Blasina provides a who’s who of the Russians at the center of the investigations.
On Wednesday, after reports about the Clinton campaign’s role in paying for the dossier, Mr. Trump tweeted a quote from Fox News that noted Mrs. Clinton’s role and said: “The victim here is the President.” He has previously called the dossier “fake news.”

U.S. intelligence agencies and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have spent months trying to substantiate claims in the dossier—including that the Kremlin colluded with the Trump campaign and that Russia has material that could be used to blackmail the president. Senior U.S. intelligence and law-enforcement officials deemed the material sufficiently significant to summarize them in a two-page addendum to the classified briefing Mr. Trump received in January about Russian efforts to influence the U.S. presidential campaign.

The Wall Street Journal earlier this year identified Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence officer who is now a director of a private security-and-investigations firm, as the author of the dossier. The dossier consists of memos that appear to have been written between June and December 2016.

Brian Fallon, a spokesman for the Clinton campaign last year, said he didn’t learn about Mr. Steele or the dossier until after the election, but added: “If I had gotten handed it last fall I would have had no problem passing it along and urging reporters to look into it.”

Hillary Clinton addresses her staff and supporters in New York last November after losing the election to Donald Trump.
Hillary Clinton addresses her staff and supporters in New York last November after losing the election to Donald Trump. PHOTO: /CARLOS BARRIA/REUTERS
The DNC didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

Sen. John McCain, who late last year received the dossier alleging contact between the Trump campaign and Moscow and passed it on to the FBI, said new information about who funded the research hasn’t made him reconsider having passed it on.

“I received a document, I looked at it, I thought that it ought to be seen by the proper authorities and I took it immediately over to Mr. Comey, ” he said, referring to then-FBI Director James Comey. “Who else was involved or whoever else, players there were, it was my duty to give it to him and not to do anything else with it.”

Last week, two partners at Fusion GPS invoked their constitutional protection against self-incrimination, declining to answer questions after being subpoenaed to appear behind closed doors with the House Intelligence Committee. Joshua Levy, an attorney representing Fusion GPS, said at the time: “No American should be required to appear before Congress simply to invoke his constitutional privileges.”

According to a January report from the U.S. intelligence community, Russia’s interference in the 2016 election was directed at the highest levels of its government. Its tactics included hacking state election systems; infiltrating and leaking information from party committees and political strategists; and disseminating through social media and other outlets negative stories about Mrs. Clinton and positive ones about Mr. Trump, the report said.

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The Fusion people came into the Senate Intel meeting last week and pled the Fifth on every single question.

Florida Rep. Tom Rooney put the Fusion attendees through a series of questions not out of spite but to clarify finally just what topics the firm is refusing to talk about. The Fifth Amendment doesn’t provide protection against answering all questions. It only protects against providing self-incriminating evidence. It is therefore revealing that Fusion took the Fifth on every topic—from its relationship with British spook Christopher Steele, to the history of its work, to its role in the dossier. - WSJ


I apologize. That should read “got accused of treason for”.

The lady he met with (Natalia Veselnitskaya) was employed by Fusion GPS in the smear campaign against the Magnitsky act lobbying and research. The meeting happened while the DNC, Clinton campaign and Russia were paying Fusion GPS.


Ah ha! So that’s why the Clinton campaign was pushing the dossier so hard prior to the election!

Oh wait…

I see. And the Clinton campaign decided to sit on the meeting revelation until after the election because…?


Eight years of “Making America Great Again”!

Get used to it, folks!

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Good question. Perhaps Steele hadn’t published his findings. Perhaps, like everyone else the Clinton camp thought they’d win.

What we do know.

  1. Natalia Veselnitskaya was here to lobby against the Magnitsky act and hired a prominent Democrat Ronald Dollums to help with that.
  2. She had anti Trump themes and rants on her Facebook account.
  3. She worked with Fusion GPS to get information to slander Magnitsky and exhonerate Preveson Holdings.
  4. At the time of the meeting between her and Trump Jr. Fusion GPS was being paid by the DNC and the Clinton Campaign.
  5. Loretta Lynch granted Natalia the rare “immigration parole” status when her visa expired. The parole was set to expire in Jan 2016, but she was still in the country in June 2016 to meet with Jr.

We can use any number of cliches to reach a hypothesis with these known facts.
Correlation does not imply causation.
There are no coincidences.
Or Occam’s Razor: What is the simplest conclusion you can come to with all these facts?

I’m not sure how much of that we actually ‘know.’ But I do know two things:

  1. It would make no sense to set up Trump Jr., and then not use the event to one’s electoral advantage. That’s all risk, zero benefit.
  2. Even if Jr. was set up, he took the bait of his own free will. In other words, he knowingly attempted to receive Russian info maligning HRC on behalf of his father’s campaign.
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The pee tape is 100% real. Its the only thing that will join this country back together. Hard core Trumpers will realize hes a gross fuckstick as we all laugh together as a country. Then we will all collectively remove our heads from our asses and come back to the middle. You gotta believe bro the truth is out there