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Clinton Admits US Blame on Drugs



Is America finally waking up to this fact...


Heck, yeah! Secure the border for Mexico's sake! I'll champion that.


The gun accusation is ridiculous. Drug lords don't shop at Cabelas. I'm sure they can get guns from say... Columbian Drug lords maybe? International arms dealers. Mercs.

She's a tool. but she is right, if no one tried to buy them , these guys could go back to washing cars or something useful.


Oh I fully agree that the guns thing is bogus. Just an excuse to try to tighten US gun control.

But it cracks me up that the US news is banging on about how terrible it is that drug gang related violence is spilling over the border without taking the time to talk about the US citizens who are buying all the drugs or the US laws that make the activity criminal and bring the profits to the cartels.


I hate that uppity bitch. All is right in the world when the cartels pay the government do their business and no fucking crusaders try to stop cycle.


The USA are destroying the popi feilds in afgan one of the reasons being a war on drugs, shouldn't they send troops and aid to Mexico to help with the problem they indirectly created?


Ahhh the wonders of prohibition. Most shootings get done with AK47's but they're American guns, lol.

These politicians fill agenda after agenda every time they open their mouths.


From my limited understanding which is just what I have read on the BBC is that these AK's are being bought from the usa.


That is very true, if people didn't buy, they wouldn't sell.


Bullshit, unless it's an arm's dealer, not a regular joe gun store owner. Aks are foreign weapons. there might be a company or so making some, but most are foreign. And it they are fully auto, they were not from any gun store.


Well the BBC begs to differ both the doco they did and the news paper version stated that they are buying assult rifles over the border and taking them to the U.S becasue U.S customs is only worried about what comes in not what goes out. Since they did that story the U.S tightened the security but not alot.

And to be brutally honest and with out trying to be Yank basher but the U.S has been aware of this problem for along time an haven't stopped it something dosnt add up.


That is BS, crossing the border from the US into Mexico you are thoroughly searched mainly because Mexican Customs wants to tax the shit out of you for anything you are bringing in.

That said, it is very easy to cross the border without going through a check point or to bribe someone at an airport or other point of entry to bounce a bag through.

Realistically with the length of the US / Mexico border there will never be full control of crossing without a ridiculous investment of money. Neither side wants the tax hike necessary therefore it won't happen.


The BBC must have got it all wrong then... the the fire arms are just turning up on there own


Well the Taliban and others are armed to the teeth with AK47's too. I guess the USA supplied them with those also. Yeah, the rpg's too.

The US consistently asked for the serial numbers of the guns taken off the dealers and cartel soldiers. Mexico refuses. Ever wonder why?

For one, the USA is not to blame. Second, alot of the weapons were sold from the USA to the Mexican Army. Which in turn via corruption sold them to high paying dealers in their arms black market.

Now that's not to say some weapons didn't make it from the USA, but in reality the number would be in the low end single digits on a percentage scale. They're making it seem the USA allowed loaded trucks with Automatic machine guns by the tens of thousand to flood Mexico. That's absurd.

Also the spin given to it is specifically designed to further the agenda of abolishing our 2nd amendment rights.


Agreed. I would also add, neither side wants to give up the supply of cheap labor that comes across the border.


I almost thought she was going to say something smart, but alas,the forecast for hell is still very hot.

We need to legalize drugs, period. We do that, the violence will stop and the drug lords will go broke. Problem solved. Damn that was easy.


Actually, the drug lords will not go broke, they will go legit but I fully agree with the sentiment of what you are saying.


Not unless they become legal residents...If we make all our own drugs domestically, they will get paid for their drugs in pesos. Ah, but your probably right we'd import and they'd go legit, but they would make muuuuch less.


If the US just made drugs legal the pharmaceutical companies would take over and the drug lords would be out of business.


The gun issue is just ridiculous. Drug lord types can get their guns from plenty illegal sources, they won't shop at a gun store.

200 kilos of coke or heroin and they can't find some mercs, guns, arms dealers? Seriously this line of reasoning is retarded.

How about from the Russian mob? Columbian cartel? middle eastern sources? Nope, I'm sure they go to www.cabelas.com .