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Clinton About to Quit?




Very smart. Senate experience, extensive foreign policy experience now, and if she wins governor seat, executive experience. I would not be surprised if she ran an insurgency campaign in 2012 - more a "draft Hillary movement" from the New Democrat/centrists who will be emboldened especially if 2010 proves to be a shift in Congressional seats to the GOP.


I believe the article. I think Obama did an exceedingly dumb thing in marginalizing the Klintons because his poll numbers are already plummeting as independent Obama voters realize the extent of Obama's racialism and Marxism. By 2012, we're going to be way deeper into this recession and he'll be even more unpopular. He should have tried to keep her on his side.


it would not surprise me, but she will need a lot of ammo to take him down as a renegade.


If she gets it, he will be her supplier.


I agree. Hillary's ambition is limitless, and Bill Clinton has never appreciated his marginalization to make way for Obama. As a further matter, I think Bill Clinton is damn angry at the coalition he helped build being shattered. Clinton was a liberal, but he was a New Democrat that saw the importance of a broad party that appealed to independents.

With that approach being undermined and attacked at every turn, the New Democrats are not going to go gently into that good night. In my neck of the woods, I hear Democratic chatter that the internal "battle for the soul of the party" has to come soon, because this battle can't take place after the confused and weakened GOP regains its bearings.


I don't see the GOP regaining its bearings anytime soon, but they may not have to. Simply being "not those guys over there" might be enough.

The only thing Obama has going for him in a Klinton vs. Obama power struggle is that Obama is much younger. Of course, Obama does smoke (and drink) and Bill gets laid a lot more often (clearly), so Bill may yet outlast Obama. And you're right, Hillary's ambition is limitless, as is her appeal to single white women.

The Hispanic vs. Black crack in the Democratic party is already starting to emerge (as it long-ago emerged in the gun battles for Los Angeles gang turf), so that could be another angle for Hillary to exploit.