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Clint Emerson's "100 Deadly Skills"

Is anyone here familiar with this book?

It gets good reviews on Amazon, but I’m not sure how much weight that carries. It does seem to focus on practical and potentially useful advice rather than, say, indulging the fantasies of guys who want to think they’re as tough as Seals. Thoughts?

I can’t comment in detail due to ongoing litigation and national security concerns, but this book is a farcical imitation of my comprehensive guide to deadly techniques they don’t teach in Navy SEAL school.

My five part instructional e-book will grant you proficiency in thousands of deadly techniques you can employ on aggressive adults, teenagers and many different species of wild animals.

In all seriousness, I have no strong opinion on the book. It seems like a lot of deadliness for one book, but maybe it delivers.

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The title of the book is off-putting (I rolled my eyes when I first saw it since it sounds like those old magazine ads for Count Dante’s “touch of death”), but the content seems more down-to-earth. The author is, or at least claims to be, a former Navy SEAL; if he is, I assume he knows at least something about getting out of tough situations.

I have his second book “100 deadly combat skills” . Each chapter has a different instructor outlining their fighting style and methods. I bought the book because I have trained with three of the instructors in the book. It is geared toward civilians who have no situational awareness, fighting skills, or weapons training. I have met the author and he is legit.

The book has a “bar code” for the lack of a better word, for each chapter. The instructional drawings showing the technique can be viewed live through your I-Phone camera.

Damn, I haven’t seen that name in forever. He was a staple of Blackbelt Magazine covers for years.

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Count Dante is exactly what my brain went to when I read the title. I couldn’t resist the urge to riff on it a bit, even though they guy could probably kill me quite easily.