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Clint Eastwood to Direct American Sniper



Looks like Clint Eastwood might be taking over for Spielberg, directing the Chris Kyle biopic.


Wow I think Eastwood could do this justice. I think he would do the ending of the Chris Kyle story really well.


Mr. Eastwood will do it justice.


Looks promising, look forward to this and Lone Survivor as I have read both books..


Happy to hear Eastwood is directing it, pretty much everything he's involved with is well done. Not sure how you can fit Kyle's story into a sub-3hour movie, but i will for sure see it. Same with Lone Survivor.


I was three quarters of the way through his biography when I was vacationing in Cuba last winter. I got it specifically for the trip. Third day we were there I had CNN on and read the news he was killed.

Haven't read a word since. It really bothered me, still does.


I don't know .... I love Clint, and he has directed some awesome flicks, but Flags of Our Fathers was (IMO) very poorly done, as compared to the book .... Way to much time devoted to the stateside tour, which was a minuscule part of the book. I remember the high expectations I had when I heard he was directing it ...

Maybe war pics aren't his thing


So never read the book or anything but is the Sniper like mentally distrought after his service? Like PTSD? Then i can see it becoming a good character drama if not then I can't see how it would be a movie tbh.




read the book....


Some ppl might not have time