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Clint Eastwood flicks

I’m watching Unforgiven right now. One of my favorite movies. Actually I’m a fan of most of the Eastwood westerns. How come none of these are in the T-man’s list of movies. I think they are filled with ample loads of testosterone. Am I wrong?

I think there were some of Eastwood’s flicks that have been included in past lists (do a search).

Before any of the forum editors chime in I would like to point out that I should’ve put a question mark at the end of the fourth sentence. My bad. :frowning:

I agree, JP! His movies are a curious omission…(I think I’ll rent “Unforgiven” this weekend!)

I don’t know if it’s done on purpose. Perhaps everyone just assumes his stuff is high T. Or maybe they’re still burned from the bridges of madison county. But Clint is the F’n man! He has better one liners than Arnold, and that’s saying something. And since no one responded to my Blood work thread (sniff sniff), see it. It’s really good.

Roger Ebert had written a beautiful review of “Unforgiven” in his “Great Movies” column. Here it is: www.suntimes.com/ebert/ greatmovies/sho-sunday-ebert21.html (space at “/” and “greatmovies”)