Clinic Protocol, 2x/wk: Test C 100mg, HCG 250iu, Anastrozole .5mg

So I found a tele clinic that was much more reasonable price than my local and starting my TRT journey once everything ships. How does this protocol look for just starting out, seems a little much to me based on my research here, I feel like skipping the AI and maybe cutting the T dose in half when it arrives?

Test C 100mg x 2/week (200mg total)

HCG 250iu x 2

Anastrozole 0.5mg x2

Your protocol is terrible, Total T is low and Free T is better than mid-range, I expect great suffering on this protocol! You will not need Total T more than 500 ng/dL to have Free T in the optimal ranges. This protocol is going to shoot your Total T into the supraphysiological ranges and life will suck.

Your SHBG is low, you need frequent smaller injections preferably 25mg EOD for starters.

You need to spend a little more time self educating, you shouldn’t start TRT with a bunch of other compounds, you should start TRT in isolation and add the HCG later. HCG dosage is too low to show benefit, sorry but you struck out on this TRT clinic, be prepared to figure everything out on your own.

Your AI dosage is a little high and I expect problems, these 1mg pills were made specifically for women with breast cancer, not men. Men typically start out on .125 once or twice weekly when adjusting the dosage frequency fails to deliver results. Of course you’re not expected to show good results on TRT with TSH at 4.79 regardless of where thyroid hormones currently sit.

I appreciate the input (no sarcasm)

That’s why I’m here, and why my initial thought was to skip the AI and cut the T dose. I’m still learning a lot but one thing that seems consistent is that everybody reacts a little different. Besides, I don’t have to take everything they send and since it seems most doctors don’t know what they’re doing I fully expect to be my own advocate on this road.

Thyroid is right up there on my priority. I’m doing the iodine/selenium protocol right now and will check bloodwork to see if I need to treat it with meds.

Edit: also wanted to add I’m waiting on blood from last week that has complete thyroid with rt3 etc.

I agree. The short version is start on about 100mg a week split into several doses (At least 3, and even as much as daily) and don’t use HCG or the AI. See how you do, add HCG later if needed and throw the AI in the trash unless you’re a female with cancer.

I didn’t mean to imply you weren’t learning. I’ve been helping out when I can and I have been researching/learning about TRT since 2017 and still haven’t got everything figured out.

The iodine supplementation will increase TSH and render it useless for diagnostic purposes, don’t be surprised if you find TSH very high on your next round of lab testing.

That was a similar protocol to what I started with defy medical. 100mg twice a week, .125 mg of AI twice a week and .5ml of HCG twice a week.

That all started over a year ago. My Total T was mid range, my Free T was on low side and my SHBG high.

On that protocol my Total T went to about 1450 (system lord would call this super physiological) my free T went to mid 30’s. SHBG came down a lot. I felt awesome!!! I still feel awesome even though I’ve went down to 180mg a week for acne reasons (and T numbers didn’t really change). I stopped HCG because of what all the experts say on here. My balls shrunk big time. I like my balls so I got back on it. Balls came back and I felt no different. I’m 46 and I feel fucking great. Sex drive high. Workouts great (gotta eat right, T alone won’t give you all the gym gains). Good attitude. Etc.

Don’t listen to these guys so much. You have to be smarter than they are and what they are saying. Someone just going “life is going to suck” with a one size fits all approach is horseshit. We are all different and respond differently. Get on that protocol. See how you feel and what your blood work says in 3 months. Then tweak as necessary based on how you feel. Go off of how you feel more than the numbers.

Only thing I would recommend is taking SLO Niacin (get it in Amazon) for cholesterol reasons on T. 500mg twice a day really helped my cholesterol.

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