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So.. I went climbing for the first ime the other night at an indoor wall. A workfriend is a really good climber and he invited me along, I'm not great with heights but thought I'd give it a go...

It was soo much fun, if you haven't tried it then I truly recomend it. Great workout for the grip as well, my forearms have never had a pump like it.
There were about 80 walls with multiple routes up each and a bouldering area, i had a go at a few fairly novice routes and messed about on the bouldering area.

There were some really strong (relatively :wink: haha!) mofos there, and a lot of SERIOUSLY hot girls.

Anyone here into climbing?

I think I will be a regular from now on.




Welcome to the club stu.

Been indoor climbing for a few years now. I can attest that its grip building properities alone are worth it.

Plus, it will put lats on you like wings.

And yea, every serious femlae climber Ive ever seen had a body to die for.


Yes, yes, yes, and yes (uber hot)!

Climbing is unreal. Only thing is, if you have serious strength/weight goals, be careful of doing it too much too fast and screwing your forearms up. I did that last summer's end, and I'm still recovering. I haven't been climbing except a couple times since then, and bench work is seriously limited (bad for a PL). It super-sucks.


Yes. You gotta get outdoors on a real mountain. Nothing like it. I don't get to go nearly often enough. Or to rock gyms for that matter. But it's always a great time when I do.