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Climbing Towers to Work


I think I'd shit my pants doing that


In order to understand your statement in the proper context, we would of course have to know how often you shit your pants while not climbing towers.


alright, alright you got me. I'm a frequent pant shitter.
But I would probably shit through the entire climbing process.


I'm sure the worker's comp insurance company also shits their pants knowing that they're insuring these people.

"Please don't fall... fuck, he fell. There goes 2 million."


Great quad workout.


What?? Shitting your pants?


So the guy only climbed 168'? Sissy! This one was in Northern MI. It was 426' and I climbed it on a 7 degree morning with 55MHP wind gusts. Never been so cold in my life.




half way up a tower in Ohio


What we do at the top is the best part


Well, the fall wouldn't be so bad. It's the landing thats the real killer.


video I took for my little brother



ok, so the video wouldn't load http://youtu.be/H7Uc9exwLRQ


I don't mean to whore up the thread, but ..........wait, I guess I do

last week, in Chicago


Nice. I lol'd


How do you build a tower like that?
How do you get the components to the top?


Damn, what is the pay for something like that?


I asked this in the last thread about this same subject and it was overlooked but - have you ever gotten to the top only to realise you left vital tools down in the car?


The pay can be really good depending on each specific contract. I usually end up doing audits for at&t. It is supposed to be 100% tie off, a cable runs vertically the length of most towers and your cable grab is attached to your chest. It slides up at any rate you climb and will descend at a pretty good rate also. IF you fall or slip it grabs the cable and smacks you in the face. When you get up top you attach a retractable lanyard to the tower and do your work. The harness weighs about 50 lbs, it's a great workout if your not trying to consume more calories than you burn :frowning:

Climb, drop a tape weighted tape from the top, measure the tower and the height of the antennas, take some pictures, diagram the coax and specific equipment model and serial #s, and climb down.

A typical 200'- 400' tower takes about 45minutes to 1.5 hours. I contract my own work at a rate of $150. per tower. On a good day, even in the dead of winter, I can climb 6 - 7. Mid summer of you don't die from exhaustion 8 - 10 is a great day.