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Climber with Insane Relative Strength


Couldn't really find a forum on this site that was appropriate for this video, but I found this climbers strength really impressive. It's a video of a Norwegian climber called Marius Midtbø, and in the video he does 5 pullups with one finger, 50 pushups with one arm and lots of explosive climbing stuff.


I thought this was going to be about a climber who had a crazy uncle or something as on the main page you can't see the word "Strength."


That dude has the finger strength of a rock climbing jazz pianist. That was impressive. I've read that rock climbers (as a whole) have the lowest bf% of any athletes.

Edit- just read the description and amongst the words in tags is "ballsack". Haha, what?


I'm impressed with the pull-up to another bar thingy. Nice!


holy crap. he would dominate Ninja Warrior.


That's a pretty sweet training studio


dudes got it all. built good, flexible, strong..


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While other elite climbing dudes can probably do this stuff too, I still think it's impressive!


awesome. climbers as a whole develop some pretty insane finger/grip strength. Jowett talks about them a lot in "molding a mighty grip" there's an exercise where you wrap your finger around another man's finger and "pull" whoever straightens the other person's finger "wins". apparently some of these mountain climbers had fingers like "steel pinions" or some-thing. what-ever the hell a "pinion" is. Anyway even huge strong-men probably couldn't win these finger wars with mountain climbers. He makes a big point of it in "molding a mighty grip" and any man that can pick up some giant anvil by it's horn, complimenting the finger strength of climbers, probably a good idea to take heed. Even some basic tree climbing will improve grip strength, a lot.

the guy in this video has insane fore-arm development (as you would suspect working the grip all the time) (well full body, but esp fore-arm)


This video proves that body weight training can develop staggering amounts of strength - as seen in both Climbers and Gymnasts. This is due to the fact that body weight exercises stimulate huge amounts of muscle fibers causing muscle growth and increases in strength. One of the main keys to huge amounts of strength is to decrease the leverage of your muscles - thus making the resulting exercise/movement much harder = muscles strain even more and larger amounts of muscle fibers are recruited to do the job!

This climber (although his form may be incorrect as stated) obviously has a insane amount of strength. Generally you find that compound exercises that work not just one muscle but systems of muscles cause increases in strength :slightly_smiling:

(We must factor in the CNS)


The one arm pullup thing he did was impressive, but he`s one arm push ups not so much, A true one arm
push up should be like a strict two arm push up, where only the chest touch the ground. If he did them
strict he would not be able to hit 50reps. My record is 4 strict reps with my right arm. He should probably
be able to do it, because I have no chance in hell of doing a one arm pullup and bet thats 200% more hard to do than a strict one arm pushup.


that was one legit motherfucker


the funky music made it even more cooler.


Eh he still does 50 reps. I'm sure he can do 25 reps or so with strict technique- so I wouldn't worry so much about what hes doing. Its like getting pissed at Matt Kroc for doing 300 lb dumbbell rows with lose technique.

... He's still rowing 300 lbs with one hand.


People here crack me up. This dude is doing one-armed pullups with a fucking finger, repping one-armed pushups FIFTY TIMES and throwing himself around like Peter Parker and some folks are acting like it's no big deal. Everything that dude did in that vid is unbelievably impressive.



Thought I'd contribute a cool free-climbing video. This has got to be the ballsiest sport on Earth...forget MMA, Big-wave surfing, etc. You fuck up, you die.


This is Alain Robert. He is considered one of the most elite climbers on Earth. He does a single "legit" climbers one-finger pullup, and you can see that he is straining to do so.

Bottom line: If you're lifting your own bodyweight multiple times with ONE FINGER, regardless if its from a strap or rock indentation, you possess elite level strength.


And Torn Up HAnds


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