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Clients Who are Slow with Reps & Possess Minimum Coordination


I have a client who has been this way since the day she began, just reached a year actually. Her form on exercises are spot on but she cannot perform explosive or quick movements (jumping lunges, mountain climbers) without being/looking off balance or how to be fluid with movements. She also is slow with reps. I’ve tried to articulate as best as possible without sounding too critical, but it gets very frustrating that I can hardly get what we need done because she moves slow with the reps. Imagine a negative being her idea of quick. Does anyone know how to address this or where I can further educate myself on this matter? Thank ya!


Sounds like you should get a trainer.


Being explosive is in line with her goal(s)?


Granny toss the medicine ball. Its a hip hinge movement, that doesn’t really work “slow”. To make the ball further/ farther the movement will have to be better timed and more coordinated.

Use the inverted row. To make the move “easier” she’ll have to develop full body tightness. Also, she’ll try to go faster to make it easier. But if she still goes slow, it makes the move more effective. It’s win-win.

Is she moving slow because the weights are too low? If you go a little heavier, will she be forced to move faster?
Or is she moving slowly because the moves are too challenging? Do you need to regress to less challenging stuff for her?