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Client With Fat Thighs...

I am CPT in the Lawrenceville/ATL area and I have a client that is really, really, lean…form the hips up. Her thighs and calves are not nearly as cut. I have been on her about her diet (she is doing a lot better)but do any of you ladies have any suggestions on workouts? Right now we are doing legs twice a week and upper once.

B/c she is a model (she will compete in figure in April)I am trying to not to work out upper torso that much. we are doing mostly compound exercises and ab work. A lot of non-traditional exercies.

You out there smarter than me (and from what I have been read here that would be all of you) have any advice?

Thanx in advance,

It is not possible to ‘spot-reduce’ fat (meaning there is no exercise that will burn fat specifically from the tighs or the stomach or anywhere)

Where the fat is stored on an individual and the order in which the depots are going to be used up is genetically predetermined and cannot be altered through training.

As long as there is enough visible fat left that you can actually talk about “fat thighs” you simply have to continue with a caloric deficit.

Be careful though not to reduce calories too much, as it will effect the base metabolic rate at some point and you will slow down any weight loss progress even though you’re actually consuming less calories.

Compound movements and focus on lower body (biggest muscle groups) sounds about right, don’t be shy to incorporate upper body exercises though, the more muscles worked more energy is going to be used and if you have a female on a caloric deficit i really wouldn’t worry too much about mass gains anywhere :slight_smile:

Also, even on a strict diet you should consume some carbs pre-workout, the additional energy will outweight the extra calories.

If she isnt already doing some, cardio (both HIIT and steady state) will aid in fat loss.

yeah i got her doing what i cal triathlons. she is doing 10 minutes on 3 different machines. and then on each machine she is doing HIT.

Charles Poliquin has written some material on a persons hormonal profile affecting the pattern of fat deposits on their body. People with low insulin sensitivity store proportionally more fat in their upper back, low testosterone in chest, high stress in the abdominal region, and high estrogen in the hips and thighs.

Petrichor’s right in the idea that there’s no such thing as spot-fat reduction, but we’ve all experienced that fat hangs on in certain places where in others it melts right off.

So… check her diet for the accumulation of excess estrogen.

That said, Charles Poliquin is sometimes viewed as… unorthodox or… crazy… but it’s worth checking out.