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clicking wrist

I have a clicking sound/feeling in my wrist when doing forearm extensions (i dont know what to call them, palm down, with dumbell). I only hear it during this one excercise, etc. I believe this stems back to when i was riding a bike drunk and fell off. For several weeks after that my wrist was saw, though still usable. It would heal and would get injured again. Though hasnt been a problem for a year or two.

Pronated wrist curls?
Anyway, if it doesn’t hurt when you do them, I wouldn’t worry so much.

Stop doing gay exercises!

P, I’m surprised at you.

Maybe strengthening the wrist is his attempt at “de-gaying” himself. Maybe he’s tired of being “limp-wristed” and is trying to do something about it. I say: “Good for you, wrist-clicking guy, because if the world wanted more fruit, we’d plant apple trees.”

Uh… or something like that. Still, you make a good point. There are a million times better ways to build forearms than with that weenie isolation exercise.

Its not gay. I’ve been working the crap out of my grip and although I don’t spend a lot of time on them, wrist curls and extentions are great for increasing wrist stabilty. And also a good idea to balance out the forarm stress on the clean and press.

Any exercise that helps you hang on to stuff is a good idea.
Do you have limp wrists P-dog?


thats a good point. wrist curls can actually be an anti-gay exercise.

anyways, if you want to build your forearms and grip strength, do some deadlifts and chins.

I have a friend in the steel and pipe biz getting me some 2"od pipe for a thick bar.

That’ll put some meat on my forarms.