'Clicking' Shoulders in daily life?

Alright. I was talking to a friend the other day, and they had been complaining of shoulder pain. I asked for elaboration and they illustrated that when moving their left shoulder along the sagittal plane (forwards and backwards… )it clicks… loudly. I felt it when they did this and it was pretty strange. I’d like to know if anyone else has experienced this in forward/backward movement, and what it could indicate? This person is also a working violinist, which makes me immediately think it has something to do with an imbalance in the trapezius muscles, along with possible anterior pelvic rotation. But I figured if there was a group of people who would have some worthy thoughts, it would be my t-brethren. I’d like to have ideas as to what caused it and what possible treatments could be. ART comes to mind, but i’d like to have more insight.


I have it in both sholders but it is more noticable in the left. I had x rays and MRI. They said I have severe tendinitis, bone chips and a partially torn rotor cuff. If I try to do militay presses even with light weight you can hear the clicks from 5 yards away. - It Sucks.

The MD who did the work up said that he could operate but I would most likely get the condition again. I have heard some people have had success for similar problems with ART.

Thanks specster - I had a feeling there might be some trauma back there. I’m also a working musician, and I’ve had some shoulder problems in the pass, but they’ve all but went away since i added pre-hab work into my routine in the gym.
Any idea how you acquired these problems? Was it training/sport related or just something that happened?

Source of sholder problems - I think the source could be overuse and abnormal movements. A good power lifter once told me any weight movement over the head (like a military press) is un-natural as few if any thing in life requires this movement. Personally, I thjnk I did a great deal of damage, when I was younger, and would lift heavy for ~45 minutes then without streching, would play handball for an hour. I would do handball just about every day which was really a bad idea. Pro pitchers almost never pitch 2 days in a row.