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Clicking Near Lat Area During Rows


when i do rows i can feel a clicking feeling like something is weak near my lats, im pretty sure my scapular setting is good but im wondering why i cant fire my lats during rows. ive done a bit of research and it seems i could have weak rotator cuff as these connect the scapular to the arm.

Maybe the teres major is weak, does this sound like the possible problem and is there any excercises i could do to strengthen this and help me get my lats fired again?


I know that this might sound retarded, but something that I have found to help my mind-muscle connection with my lats is to simply flex them individually while sitting in an arm chair.

I used to find it near impossible to flare my lats (like the BB pose). Then one night when I was reading, I realized that it was super easy to flare them while seated by just applying a little bit of pressure into the armrests. I practiced that for a while (both together and individually) and, soon enough, I could flare them on my own.

Once you can flare your lats hard, it gets a lot easier to feel them working during rows and other pulls. In my experience, developing a solid mind-muscle connection is more important for lats than for any other muscle group, especially for developing width.

I know that this does nothing to address the clicking, but I don't have a clue what that would be. Perhaps someone with more anatomical knowledge will chime in.