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Clicking in the Brain

When I do some external rotations with my arms with no weight, I hear a subtle clicking in my brain. I’m not worried by it or anything, but just wondering what the hell it means out of curiosity. It was hard to find info on the internet. Anyone got ideas? And no, I’m not crazy. I don’t think.

I used to hear some weird clicks somewhere in my skull when I was a child, if I was walking at a brisk pace.
It just disappeared at some point, long time ago.
I have no explanation.

I don’t know, but I would definitely see a neurologist and have it checked out. The brain is something you don’t want to injure. All of us have hurt our arm or leg or hand or some body part in one way or another, but the brain is serious business. Get it checked out man. I hope it gets better soon.

haha I don’t think I’m in any trouble. I never did anythin to my head and this isn’t caused by anythin broken in my body since I never broke a bone before. If I had to visualize it, it feels like motor units are connecting or something like that. Just when I move my arms around pretty much. Anyone else?

How does one hear anything in the brain? You hear in the ear, the brain processes the sound. The brain has no moving parts, hence, nothing to click during bodily movement. The only sound I think the brain can make is “sploosh”.

What he is hearing is likely a joint or bone clicking during the movement and the sound is traveling through the bones, aka bone conduction. It could be something in the ear clicking. There are a lot of parts in the ear. It could be cervical vertebrae clicking.

If there’s no pain or other symptoms, I wouldn’t be concerned.


Yea, I’m totally not worried about it or anything. Just curious. And so I think I understand what it is now. I asked my dad about who is a cardiologist and told me that it’s prolly just a tendon or muscle or something being irritated but is nothing to worry about at all.

But, it may be possible that it is because of all the heavy lifting I do but he told me that everyone has some clicks or things that happen to their bodies and it’s just a part of life. I knew I wasn’t crazy! haha

Clicks are OK…voices on the otherhand…you need to worry about those:)

[quote]hedo wrote:
Clicks are OK…voices on the otherhand…you need to worry about those:)[/quote]

Maybe he’s hearing Ethiopian voices in his head!