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Clicking Elbow?

Greetings T-Nationers,

I have a left elbow that when bent for an extended period of time, often takes a bit of effort to straighten out (ie: extend fully) and usually makes a very loud cracking noise (kinda like cracking knuckles, only run through a Marshall at 11). This usually happens when I’m chilling on the couch or in front of the PC or leisure sort of situations like that.

It’s never a problem in the garage while DL’ing or doing tricep kickbacks or barbell curls in my power rack.

I was just curious if any other fellow lifters have much experience with cracking, noisy joints. I don’t have any problems with old injuries or anything like that and there’s never any real pain associated with this either. Has anyone found that years of iron hoisting have resulted in clicking, noisy joints and that sort of situation?

Thanks for any feedback, advice, opinions, insults that may ensue.

Yes Max,
my elbow(esp. RHS) does much the same, it isn’t painful and there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with it. My left shoulder also “Pops” though I have had trouble with this joint. Also both knees behave like my elbow, i.e. they feel as if there is a little resistance to straitening then “pop” and they are fine. Never had trouble with knees and they have done this for years (~20+).
No pain - no worry?