Clicking Behind Knee (Outer Tendon) when Squatting in Powerlifting Shoes

Ive been having an issue as of late with squatting and my new adipower lifting shoes with the raised heel.

It seems that unless my stance is insanely wide practically sumo (which really doesnt seem optimal for heavier loads), I get this issue where the outer (hamstring?) tendon behind my left knee clicks in and out during my squat.

Prior to this I would just lift in chucks or vans, with normal form (maybe a little wide) and never got this clicking sensation.

I would really like to use my new power lifting shoes preferably, as they did cost me $160+ and do seem to help with mobility a bit. If I have to, I may just go back to my chucks. As my typical squat stance is fairly wide and I do low-bar squats for my back loaded squats.

Thanks for your time everyone. And cheers!

Are your knees worth $160?

“Don’t have $100 shoes and a 10 cent squat” - Louie Simmons.

I did a few reps today with my usual flat vans on and its still happening just to a lesser degree.

Its a lot less apparent with flat shoes, so maybe I’ve had this and just not noticed prior? And the lifting shoes made the popping really apparent? Looks like it might be something mild related to my IT Band I’m reading. No pain, just distracting and wierd to feel a tendon popping in and out when squatting.

Any thoughts on an IT Band popping during squats? Should I just work through it and ignore it since there’s no pain, maybe itll strengthen around it? Thanks.

Look up snapping knee/hamstring

I get the same thing on hamstring curls. Freaks me out so I don’t do them much (avoid them)

IMO tweak,experiment and try to minimise it but like a lot of things if there’s no pain (yet?) is not something to worry about.

Hi mate,

I’ve got a few questions.

Is this still happening?
Do you have a desk job?
What does your warm up look like?
What is your training age?
Do you do any direct glute work?
Do you do any direct hamstring work?

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Ive been having an issue as of late with squatting and my new adipower lifting shoes with the raised heel. It seems that unless my stance is …Snapping medial hamstrings usually occur cps test because one of the pes anserine tendons, either the gracilis or semitendinosus, will get caught in scar tissue and in the course of deep flexion or extension of the knee, and the tendons will slip over each other and often have an audible snap back into place.

A lot of clicking around the knee is because of unbalanced contractions around the knee but can be coming from the Hip/Pelvis as well. So try one or all of these four different things then I can give each person a different drill for the finding they have.:

  1. You can test to see if each hamstring is firing properly by doing a hamstring curl with either Internal Tibial Rotation (toes facing towards the middle) or External HS Curls (Toes facing out).
  2. Lay in the ground with heels on a bench and do a hip thrust up with one leg, again trying one with Internal and then External Tibial Rotation.
    If it feel weak in one position or the other, you likely have a tibial rotation issue.
  3. Do the same as above in a Nordic Curl as a test:

4. Do a single leg deadlift for 10-15reps with moderate weight. Report if the Hamstring gets tired and where or if the hip does.

Remember, you have two legs, so compare the findings of the involved leg (side with issues) with the non-involved side (non-issue side).

Lastly, if you want to shoot photos or videos to show the group, this could be very helpful.